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Action Research Report

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Step 1 Start With Some Initial Information

In the current step it can be evaluated that the needs of teachers has been identified to improve their knowledge and skills, monitoring planning using BPP schools as well as theory of monitoring. All such theories assists in evaluating the requirements of teachers so that they can enhance their skills and knowledge and monitor the students effectively (Marlow & et. al., 2014). Through carrying out action plan i.e. Teacher self assessment for Learning Literacy Tool in order to identify the skills and abilities of teachers and assists them to improve their monitoring assessment so that desired results can be attained. Through undertaking different reviews and opinions it helps in improving the teachers skills so that adopting AFL method aids in measuring individuals performance so that best results can be carried out.

For obtaining appropriate information it is essential for teachers to undertake effective monitoring tool in relation to maintain the teaching tools and assists students to carry out best results. AFL learning model assists in improving the teaching methods of mentors so that they can help individuals in bringing positive outcomes.   

1.1 Document review-

Main purpose of undertaking such step is to provide an overview of the theoretical background and of relevant collected data so that project framework can be developed appropriately. It is essential to undertake effective documents in order to review the same so that proper assessment of teachers could be done (Lam, 2015).

1.1.1 The monitoring theory-

It is essential for teachers to undertake monitoring theory in order to improve their mentoring assignment help skills and thus judge the behaviour of students in an effective way. Through mentoring theory it assists in bringing positive results and thus provide proper guidelines to the teachers in order to help them and attain maximum results.

1.1.2 The existing monitoring planning-

Here, it assesses that the present monitoring planning needs to be improved which assists teachers to enhance their skills and abilities so that students can learn new ways to achieve goals. Also, it would help in identifying the ways through which current monitoring planning could be improved so that teachers learning literacy can be developed (Tompkins & et. al., 2014).

1.2 Teacher self-assessment-

Here, it can be assessed that carrying out self assessment which is a process of using reflection in relation to experience, context and examination of facts before making a crucial decision on future development. Thus, in regard to this appropriate Teacher Assessment Learning Literacy model has been carried out so that appropriate results can be attained. Through collecting the data it can be stated that teacher improves its mentoring skills so that best results can be attained (Mitton-Kukner & Orr, 2014).

1.2.1 Mentor evaluates the school leader and the teachers-

Mentor could be evaluated through adopting Teacher Assessment for Learning Literacy Tool so that school leader and teacher can be evaluated in order to perform the basic tasks required for implementation. Further, it also demonstrates acceptable performance enhancement by improving personal development. Through the result it can be identified that teacher is considered as the stakeholder partner so that it helps them to undertake different situations and implement learning and teaching methods so that best results can be attained (Lam, 2015).   

1.2.2 The school leader evaluates the teachers-

Further, it can be assessed that school leader and teacher could be evaluated by using AFL tool and thus easily adjusts the implementation of AFL in different situations and relies upon perception of each learning and teaching situation so that teacher could be considered as the effective stakeholder partner (Tompkins & et. al., 2014).  

1.2.3 Teachers conduct a self assessment-

Moreover, the AFL method is again undertaken in order to evaluate the results for teachers in order to conduct a self assessment and thus again the same result has been obtained in which teacher is considered as the effective stakeholder partner.

Thus, above all assessment it can be evaluated that it is essential for knowledge and skills of teachers to be improved in order to implement it and enhance their mentoring capacity. Through such evaluation it can be identified that teachers are consider as an crucial stakeholder partner and thus carry out best results so that success can be attained (Leask & Pachler, 2013). Obtaining the results helps in identifying the needs of the teacher and leader in professional development and thus using different skills and abilities by adopting AFL method and attain desired results.


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