Type: Business Plan Pages: 1
  • Course Code: BUS0495
  • Course Title: T5080495 Research Proposal
  • University: The University Of Sydney
  • Country: Australia

Learning Outcomes 

 1. Demonstrate comprehension and a thorough awareness of current thinking within an area specific to their research.

 2. Engage in critical analysis of literature and interpret information to enable the successful completion of a relevant project.

3. Evaluate and select appropriate methods for collecting, analysing and presenting business information.

4. Develop and present in written form appropriately reasoned and supported arguments to assess contrasting theories or explanations.

5. Reflect on their own performance in undertaking the research process and the achievement of research objectives in line with personal, professional or career interests.

  • Maximum word length: 4,500 words Project Submission Guidance: Students should provide a completed project cover sheet with all essential details. All projects should be submitted in electronic format via college systems on or before the submission deadline. The e-submission system will not allow late submissions
  • This will be the largest piece of work that a student is expected to produce as an undergraduate. The outcome will not only be the production of a sizeable piece of work to add to their portfolio, but will also guide the student towards achieving greater selfdirection, autonomy and personal satisfaction.
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