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  • Course Code: FPX4060
  • Course Title: Organic (Vegetarian) Restaurant Business Plan
  • University: University of Newcastle
  • Country: Australia

Task 1 - Mandatory

Please note that once a business idea has been chosen, it cannot be changed. The same business ideas has to be used for all portfolio tasks that follow.

Part A   

What is the business idea of your pair? Clearly state with justification the business, the sector, location, how the business is going to operate (e.g. online, high street, both). Also, briefly state the reasons you think the business is a good idea, how it is going to meet the needs of its customers in a new and innovative way that is not already met by existing businesses. Include a table that identifies some of your key competitors, explaining why you consider them competition. Note that this first part is  all about justifying WHY you want to do this and should be supported with evidence wherever possible.

The business idea we have chosen is an organic vegetarian restaurant somewhere in central London. The name of the restaurant will be Full Flavours.

Part B

What are the four most important objectives for your new business?

  • Objectives should start with the word to. For example: To make it easier for people to find copies of older books and specialist literary novels
  • Objectives should be relevant to your business idea. Each objective needs to be briefly explained and the justification of the importance of each objective should also be given.
  • Out of the different forms of ownership (e.g. sole trader, partner), which one is the most suitable for your business and why?
  • State why this form of ownership is the most suitable, giving at least two referenced examples to support your justification. Failure to do so will not score a pass mark.

3 course luxury meal                    £5,0001

Task 4

In the lectures you were introduced to the key sections of a marketing plan. In this assessment you are going to develop content under some of the key headings for your proposed business.

  • The headings are
  • Marketing objectives
  • Target Markets
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marketing strategies for each target market

Answers that just state what you are doing will not score highly.

Marketing Objectives

  • How do you intend to position your product/service in the market?  Is it a luxury or a mass market offering?  What are the key brand messages you want to convey to customers, e.g. quality, service, low cost, value?
  • You should make sure that what you write here is consistent with your business description and objectives as stated in assignments 1 and 2.

Task 2

As part of portfolio task 1, you have clearly defined what your business is, its objectives and the form of ownership it will have. The next step is to complete a PESTLE analysis.Complete a PESTLE analysis for your chosen business. For each of the PESTLE headings, three or factors that could potentially influence how your business will operate need to be identified. However, only writing a list of factors would not be acceptable, discussion regarding impact and significance that each factor could have on the organisation is needed. 

Task 3

  • This assessment builds upon the activities assigned for portfolio tasks 1 and 2, where business ideas and objectives were established and a PESTLE analysis of the external environment was carried out.
  • This task is concerned with the launch event of a business. This is the moment you introduce the market and the media to your business, what it does and what it has to offer. This type of event can be very expensive, however, and it is important that you keep a tight control of costs.  To help achieve this it is important to establish a budget for the event.
  • It would be helpful for you to review the lecture and seminar on budgeting and managing cash flow.  Both the lecture and seminar contain example budget templates that you could use to guide your launch event budget.
  • Consistency with previous portfolio tasks is needed. For example, if one of your objectives was about high quality then you should make sure that your marketing plan is consistent with this objective. It is recommended that you re-read the portfolio submissions for tasks 1 and 2 before starting this task.

Part A Defining your Launch Event

You should make sure that you justify the choices you make in the context of your business description and its objectives that you submitted in assessments 1 and 2. 

  • If you intend to spend a lot of money on food and entertainment, for instance, how is this compatible with the business objectives and image?
  • If you choose to invite a celebrity, for example, why have you invited them and how they will help you achieve your business objectives?

You should also explain whom you intend to invite, including overall numbers, and why they should be invited.

Part B Producing a budget

Your budget will be judged on both whether it includes all of the major cost items your event will incur together with whether the costs you include are realistic.  You will need to carry out research to find realistic costs to include in your budget.

Whenever possible you should give notes at the bottom of the budget to explain and reference where your costs have come from.

For example, imagine you had a line in your budget (for a party of a hundred people) that stated

Target Markets

What are your target markets and why?  Are you, for instance, targeting young people, people with a particular belief (e.g. green consumers) or is the targeting based on wealth or gender (e.g. luxury clothing for men).  If you are going to be offering products that target all segments in a market then please state why.

Marketing strategies for each target market

For ONE of your target markets please explain your marketing strategy.  How are you going to communicate with customers in your chosen market segment and why?  What forms of promotion and advertising are you going to use and why?  Do you need to make any specific modifications to the marketing mix to reach the customers in this segment and why?

Marketing Mix

  • For each element of the marketing mix describe what your approach is going to be.  You should also explain for each element why your chosen approach is the right one.
  • You might find it helpful to set up a table like the one below (an example is given for place for a business selling pizzas that are delivered to your door within 15 minutes).

Task 1

Part A

Company Background

The current business plan is upon organic vegetarian restaurant somewhere in Central London. Now-a-days demand of such food has been increased and thus consumers prefer to consume organic food and it is healthy and possess low fat menu options which helps in attracting consumers towards firm. Through choosing such business is being profitable for owners as current lifestyle and trends of consumers are changing and therefore introducing organic food helps in increasing customer satisfaction (Thomas, Gudmundson and Suhr, 2014).

Part B


Objectives of Full Flavours which are as follows-

  • To promote vegetarian organic food for benefiting people and environment.
  • To inform wider community about different aspects of vegetarianism.
  • To raise the sales by 10% till 2018.
  • To influence consumers to consume slaughter free food and live healthy life.

Thus, all the stated objectives helps in carrying out relevant business idea and thus promote vegetarian organic food among potential customers in order to enhance vegetarianism.

Task 2

PESTLE Analysis

In regard to analyse the external environment of Full Flavours which results in carrying out greater necessity and thus helps in identifying the factors that affect the business functions. Also, carrying out such tool results in taking into consideration the crucial factors i.e. PESTLE so that its impact and significance upon each factor could be identified. Following is the PESTLE analysis which are as follows-

Task 3

Full Flavours aim to identify its target customers and thus fulfils their needs so that desired results could be attained. There is a large customer base who are willing to consumer healthy organic food and thus demand of such products are increasing day by day.

Part A

For any business to be successful and to gain awareness, it is required to incorporate sound launch event. In this aspect, Full Flavours also need to be focused on this concept so that it can able to reach large set of customers in appropriate manner. Launching is even essential as it supports in spreading awareness among target and potential customers. In order to make the launching of this event as successful, page of Facebook will be created with the name “Full Flavours” and invite will be send to internet users that resides in Central London and other associated area. From this, initiation of launching event can be done.

From this, a new experience will be witnessed by audiences that will certainly help in gaining a business in near future. In addition to it, invitation to locality will be send by the business in order to attract more of visitors. This will certainly lead to word of mouth marketing that will help in gaining more attention in near future. However, gift and coupons will be offered to customers in order to develop loyalty among them. Hence, above mentioned tactics will be focused for launching event of Full Flavours.

Part B

Task 4

Marketing objectives

Business identifies the needs of people who are following strict diet and thus offer them quality organic food as it is in great demand and therefore it results in building strong relationship with customers. Firm also aim to use social media campaign in order to fulfil the marketing objectives and thus fulfil the needs of customers.

Target markets

Selected target market of Full Flavours would be young customers of London. Business targets those customers who are concerned about their health and they are following strict diet. Thus, through providing them such organic vegetarian food results in influencing them towards business and results in satisfying their needs. With the help of offering products that target all segments in market and offers wide range of organic products so that needs of every individual could be attained. Full Flavours selects young customer because they are more conscious towards their health and therefore satisfies their needs. Restaurant also provides happy and lively atmosphere that encourages people to visit the restaurant and enjoy wide range of organic food. There are wide rang of dieting women are encourages to visit the restaurant as they are conscious about their health and thus visit such restaurant that does not offer them high calorie food. Full flavours chef tries to prepare organic food menu which is extremely delicious and thus as compared to other meals it is not at all weak.

Marketing strategies for each target market

  • While, adopting marketing strategy business aims to pay huge focus upon promotional strategy so that large number of consumers could be attracted. Thus, creating awareness among target market it results in focusing upon enhancing the business performance of Full Flavour restaurant. Business aims to keep economic pricing and thus focus upon attracting middle class customers who are concerned about their diet and eating habits.
  • Further, adopting promotion and advertising method it results in offering product and service quality so that specific modifications could be attained in regard to reach the customers in the segment and thus enhance the sales and performance of firm in market.
  • Also, using effective communication strategy will prove useful for firm to bring in relation to adopt marketing mix strategy results in reaching customers so that best results could be attained. With the help of using such method it results in enhancing the sales and profitability aspect so that best results could be attained.

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