Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: MGT222
  • Course Title: Unit 2 Foundation Business and Management Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • University: Monansh University
  • Country: Australia

structure (checklist):

This is a recommended structure for each of the coursework components. It will be updated frequently so please note the version and date of the document available on UniHub. You can deviate from this but will need to include ALL 12 sections of the coursework as described in the module handbook. 

1.Cover page 

  • University Logo
  • Student Number & Name
  • Module Code & Title
  • Module Leader Name
  • Programme Title
  • Department Name

2. Scenario description

  • Description of the business (one paragraph describing the case study)
  • Key facts of the business operations (a list of bullet points and one line of explanation for information that is likely to affect the BIS development such as locations, legacy and existing systems and different types of system users)
  • Functions of the BIS that will support business operations and procedures/processes (a list of bullet points identifying the functions your BIS will provide to the end users)
  • The role of your proposed BIS for the business (one paragraph explaining how your BIS will benefit the business)

3. BIS methods/SDLC 

  • Brief overview of BIS methods (present some of the methods discussed in the slides of week 2 and 3 with emphasis on how they would help you in the development of a BIS for your case study)
  • Discussion of your chosen method (justify why you have chosen a specific method which might be also from Internet resources or a combination of several methods)
  • Impact of chosen method on your case study (explain how the chosen method will affect the development process and identify both benefits and drawbacks for your case study organisation)
  • SDLC overview and list of models (present a list of software development lifecycle models and discuss why these are possible options for you to use for organising the development of the BIS)
  • Discussion of your chosen model (justify how the chosen SDLC model will affect the way you will organise your work and which stages you will be using)
  • Impact of chosen model on BIS development (explain how the chosen model will affect the software development process for your case study organisation)

4.Feasibility Study

  • Executive Summary (provide in a single paragraph a brief description of the main areas of your feasibility study such as Organisational, Managerial, Technological, and Financial)
  • Scope (explain in a single paragraph the main benefits to your chosen case study from the Feasibility Study you are preparing)
  • Background (discuss in a single paragraph whether there are any existing systems in the organisation and whether you need to integrate your system with others)
  • Proposed BIS (describe a number of issues with respect to system functionality, user requirements, resources needed including funds and human resources)
  • Evaluation/Assessment (provide a list of measurable criteria that can be used to compare existing or competing systems with the one you are proposing)
  • Schedule (provide a plan with the main stages of the system development you are suggesting as well as a list of deliverables and proposed deadlines)
  • Recommendation/Conclusion (in all cases your recommendation must be to go ahead with the development of the BIS as it will provide significant benefits to the organisation but you will need to provide your justification in terms of why the project is deemed feasible)


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