Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: MGT230
  • Course Title: Facilities Management Assignment
  • University: The University Of Canberra


The report must be in the form of a risk management report on any Facilities Management or WHS Management issue. The report is to be completed individually. It should be 2000 words long and be presented as an analytical summary of a topic or issue related to the Facilities Management Unit content.

The scope of the report should include:

A brief background to the chosen issue or topic
• An assessment of the problems of the issue to health, the environment or organisational stability
• How the adverse consequences of the assessment can be managed (controlled)
• A concluding section which provides a critical analysis of the issue including your perspective.
The report is to be referenced (APA Style) and formatted to the ICMS published standards and formats. You are expected to demonstrate wide research in this report. Do not use internet sites that are not independent and authoritative. Do not use secondary internet sources or sites such as Wikipedia that only offer opinions not substantiated facts. Do not cite your lecture material.

  • The report has a weighting of 30% of the subject. It is due on or before Sunday April 15th at 2355 (Sunday Week 9). An electronic copy must be submitted through Turnitin on or before the due date. No printed copy is required but a signed Student Declaration must be submitted by email, directly to me either in class or by other arrangement which has been formally approved by me.
  • Students are expected to locate their own source material for this report.

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