Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: MNG009
  • Course Title: Unit 3.23 Knowledge Management Fundamentals Level 3
  • University: Monansh University
  • Country: Australia


Question 1

Consider five decisions you have made today. (Those decisions could be simple such as, taking a turn while driving or even choosing books at a library.) In each case determine the data, information, or knowledge that were involved in the decision. Now consider how those decisions would have been influenced by the lack of pre-existing data, information, or knowledge.

Question 2

Consider a high school with which you are familiar. How can Knowledge Management (KM) at this high school benefit from information technologies (KM technologies)? What kinds of KM technologies does it currently use, and how could they be improved?

Question 3

Tacit knowledge could be transferred from one person to another in two distinct ways. One possibility is to transfer it directly through socialisation. The other possibility is to convert it into explicit form (through externalisation), then transfer it in explicit form to the recipient (through exchange), who then converts it into tacit form (through internalisation).What are the pros and cons of each approach? If the purpose is to transfer knowledge from one person to one other person, which approach would you recommend? Why? If the purpose is to transfer knowledge from one person to 100 other individuals in different parts of the world, which approach would you recommend?Why?

Question 4

Critique the following analysis: “Our investment on knowledge management seems to be unsuccessful. The return on investment (ROI) decreased from 10 percent to 5 percent at the year of system implementation. Since direct measure of organizational performance decreased, we need to uninstall the knowledge management system right away.”

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