Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: MG625
  • Course Title: HR7234 Leading And Managing Change Level 5 University of East London
  • University: The University Of Canberra
  • Country: Australia

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the strategic and operational importance of change in organisations

2. Critically evaluate change management theory, strategies and tactical options

3. Synthesise unplanned and planned change and organisational development approaches

4. Critically assess the key areas of organisational and individual resistance to change

Robbins and Coulter (2013) explore change management using two contrasting metaphors. Their 'calm water metaphor' assumes that change occurs periodically, temporarily upsetting a ship's otherwise steady progress across the water. Discrete change episodes have to be managed from time to time. By contrast, 'the white water metaphor' sees change as continuous and unpredictable, like a small raft having to negotiate wild and perilous rapids. Change has to be managed continuously. They go on to argue, as most management writers do, that across all industries, over time, the reality is becoming more and more akin to the 'white water metaphor' and less to that of the 'calm water metaphor.'

i. Write a report which explains the extent to which the ‘white water metaphor’ is apparent in an organisation with which you are familiar and evaluate whether it has resulted from planned or unplanned approach to change. Justify your answer.

ii. In the context of your chosen business evaluate why the shift from calm waters to white waters took place, considering both business strategy and also external factors impacting on the business.

ii. Drawing on relevant theory, explain the main implications this has for the Human Resource Department. Advise HR management of the strategic approaches available to them in handling this shift


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