Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: M004LON
  • Course Title: Managerial Resources Assignment Roehampton University
  • University: Monansh University
  • Country: Australia

Learning Outcomes

  • Select and apply appropriate accounting techniques to critically analyse financial data in a variety of business decision making scenarios
  • Critically appraise the techniques used and the information to which they have been applied
  • Understand the objectives of preparing management information and the need to adapt techniques in a changing commercial environment
  • Apply techniques to evaluate management decisions in relation to costing, pricing, product range and marketing strategy
  • Identify and apply appropriate budgeting techniques to enable management to control the Business


You will be required to write a management report to the management of Coco limited directors in which the following points should be discussed.

  • Provide an explanation on the different sources of funding the company can have and their advantages and disadvantages and make recommendations as to how the company can manage the same to help in the planned expansion program.
  • Analyse the Investment proposals by using NPV and provide recommendations. You should  also briefly comment on other investment proposal techniques that Coco may use, and the limitations of using those techniques
  • The use of management tools such as Breakeven analysis and Budgets.
  • A computation of your breakeven analysis and the cash budget for the first 3 months.
  • An evaluation of the estimated company performance or position during the same period
  • A detailed Literature Review of the tools you have used such as breakeven analysis and budgets and their importance to business.
  • Other issues for management to consider that you think are vital for them to survive and make a profit.

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