Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: MNG669
  • Course Title: Managing And Running A Small Business Roehampton University
  • University: Monansh University
  • Country: A

Task – 1  

LO 1 Discuss how a small business or social enterprise plans and allocates resources to achieve objectives. 

P1 - Discuss the main considerations a small business or social enterprise needs to address when planning and allocating resources to achieve business objectives. 

Task – 2 

LO 2: Explain and evaluate the customer relationship management process for a small business or social enterprise, including understanding the benefits and challenges of transnational operation

P2 - Explain and evaluate different processes of customer relationship management for a small business or social enterprise.  

P3 - Explain how a small business can develop transnationally and determine the benefits and drawbacks.  

Task 3  

LO 3: Develop and analyse a cash flow forecast, budget and break-even analysis and interpret key financial statements. 

P4 Produce an annual itemised monthly cash flow forecast showing fixed and variable costs set against income for a specific organisation. 

P5 Explain how break- even analysis could be applied to an organisational situation. 

P6 Interpret key financial statements for an organisation in relation to how they contribute to the successful management of the organisation 

Task 4 

LO 4: Discuss the implications of regulation and legislation on a small business or social enterprise. 

P7 Discuss key legislation and regulations that have implications on small businesses or social enterprises. 

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