Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: PRM009
  • Course Title: Unit 7 Level 4 Operation And Project Management Regent College
  • University: The University Of Sydney
  • Country: Australia

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Review and critique the effectiveness of operations management principles

LO2 Apply the concept of continuous improvement in an operational context

LO3 Apply the Project Life Cycle (PLC) to a given context

LO4 Review and critique the application of the PLC used in a given project

Task 1: 

- Conduct a review and critique of the implementation of operations management principles within the context of the business scenario above or any other business scenario of your choice. 

- Elaborate your review by discussing on Six –Sigma methodology and lean principles and their significance in enhancing operational efficiency for the business you have chosen.

Task 2

- Discuss what is a Continuous Improvement. 

- Prepare a continuous improvement plan based on your review above within the organisational context you have chosen. 

- Use the continuous improvement plan for a business case and analyse its effectiveness using the organizational theories, concepts and models.

-  Develop strategies for efficient implementation of continuous improvement plan.

Task 3

Prepare a Project Life Cycle (PLC) to the project of developing a new product and provide the necessary supporting documentation for each stage of the project including:

A business case: This will explain the importance of the new product, its target market and cost benefit analysis of the project. 

Project plan: Explanation of each stage of life cycle in relation to your Project.  

Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for developing of a new product. 

Produce a Gant Chart based on the WBS above clearly depicting critical path and project completion time frame.

Task 4: 

Review and critique the effectiveness of the PLC in application to this project using appropriate theories, concepts and models. You will explain to the board of directors the significance of applying PLC by addressing the following:

  • Review and critique the effectiveness of the PLC in application to your project using the appropriate theories models and concepts used in the project management.
  • Why designing and implementing PLC is important to execute the project successfully?

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