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6 Dos and Don'ts of Assignment Writing

08 Oct 2018 4239 5 minutes
6 Dos & Don'ts of Assignment Writing

Every student has to complete several assignments that are assigned by university professors throughout the college tenure. Successfully completing those assignments on time results in good grades. But, for that you must know a few crucial things as writing an assignment is not an easy task as it seems.

So, here is the list of a few do's and don't that should be kept in mind while writing assignments:-


Before proceeding for writing an assignment, these are the important points which must be considered.

Use easy and simple language

By doing so, you can make your assignment comprehensive which is very necessary since it will be read by the professors of different age group. So, always try to write your assignment in such a way that it is easy to understand.

Paraphrase but with proper citation

It means that you can write any paragraph in your own words which is already written by other authors, but always keep in mind that you must acknowledge their work.

Use transitions in paragraphs

Your document should be smooth and coherent so that the readers can find connectivity in all points while reading. For that, you should use transitions. These are the phrases which help connect the preceding paragraphs with the previous one. Examples are despite of, however, moreover, etc.

Use appropriate vocabulary

Having knowledge of the topic is not sufficient to prepare a high-quality document, but the way you present that information in your write-up makes the difference. Using proper words will make your document look precise and meaningful.

Write simple sentences

Writing complex sentence doesn't show that you have a good writing style. Instead, it shows that you lack the skill to convey your message correctly to readers. Complicated sentences also lead to several typos and grammatical mistakes.

Do proper referencing

It happens many a time that you use images and tables of other websites in your document. So, you should include a list of all the sources you have taken the information from.

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There are several mistakes that students often do in writing their assignments. A few of them have been mentioned here that should be avoided to make your write-up an effective one.

Don't plagiarize

Every student should follow this rule. Plagiarism is a kind of academic misconduct and if you are found guilty of doing it, then you might have to face severe consequences.

Don't rely on spell checker

Although using spell checkers is a good way to proofread your documents, you shouldn't be entirely reliable on them. It's better to find out mistakes by own so that you won't repeat them from next time.

Don't use too many cliches

Remember that not all the cliches are good for your essay, and that's why they should be avoided. Due to cliches, your write-up may look very informal. While using set phrases, avoid overwhelming your assignment with cliches.

Don't overwhelm your document with unnecessary information

Your paper should be meaningful and full of facts and figures. So, learn to filter the important one and try to include only them.

Don't do typos

Although typos do not indicate that you lack language proficiency or grammar knowledge, they show that you were not attentive while proofreading your document.

Don't neglect formatting details

You should never forget to pay attention to the style and formatting details mentioned in the guidelines. They can be about word limit, font style, spaces, and paper size.

So, these were a few tips that you should keep in mind while writing your assignment. However, to draft a perfect paper, you need to put a lot of efforts. If you want to save yourself from this struggle, then seek help from our professional writers who offer assignment writing service to students based in Australia. They will provide you with an excellent document at an affordable price. You can get an exciting discount up to 30% on your first order.

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