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Plagiarism V/s Paraphrasing: A Never Ending Debate!

20 Oct 2021 332 8 minutes
Paraphrasing V/s Plagiarism

Students from Australia often feel trapped with their assignments and homework. The deadline keeps approaching, and their procrastination pushes the work away, making it extremely difficult to submit on time. In such situations, students have no other option than to resort to unfair means. Sure, they have the option of getting academic help, but then again, money is also a point of concern. Those who can manage, order the document from the experts, but so many students have nowhere to go. What they do is they try to copy a friend’s document, which is inappropriate as plagiarism is an offense in Australian universities. Some smart ones who know what they are dealing with use paraphrasing to finish their document with the help of a friend. Many of you might be wondering what is the difference between the two as in both cases, a student is using someone else’s work? Well, that is the query that you are going to find an answer to.

In this blog, let’s discuss the differences between plagiarism and paraphrasing and understand why one is prohibited and the other one is acceptable if done right. You will learn how to handle them both effectively, so make sure you read the blog till the end.

Before we get into the comparison of the two, take a look at both of them individually and familiarize yourself with the concepts of paraphrasing and plagiarism mentioned in the upcoming sections.

What is Plagiarism?

The act of copying someone’s work and presenting it as your own without giving due credits is called plagiarism. When you write your answers from a source, same as to mention, your assignment is considered to be plagiarized. It is a severe offense in universities and schools because it violates the copyright acts and takes zero effort for a student to complete, which means the entire point of assigning a document is wasted.

When a professor assigns you a task, his goal is to ensure that you do it and learn from it in the process. Now you are not learning while copying someone’s answers, are you? Plagiarism slowly turns into a habit of copying which means you will never understand the concepts on your own. Plagiarism is harmful to your grades, and yourself as if your professor finds out it will be rejected and you will have to face serious consequences. In simple words, plagiarism is trouble!

What is Paraphrasing?

Using your own words to present someone’s ideas in your work is called paraphrasing. It is the ‘gray area’ between copying and writing original. It takes a lot of effort to paraphrase the content. It is the best way to use pre-written content in your assignment and should be strictly used only when you are low on time. Unlike plagiarism, paraphrasing requires a lot of effort as you are practically re-writing the entire content in your own words.

You must have a deeper understanding of what you are working with to recreate it, or you will destroy the content terribly. The upside of paraphrasing is that you get to learn what you are writing, which is why if done properly, all the professors accept paraphrased content. You have to be very careful if you want to get success in the completion of the paraphrasing process.

Now that you are familiar with the concepts, let us compare both of them and solve the debate once and for all!

Paraphrasing V/s Plagiarism

The wait is over as we finally reached the much-awaited comparison of both these terms. The key differences between paraphrasing and plagiarism are -








Content is re-written and re-framed to make sure that it looks authentic. The structure is customized.

Content is used without making any changes. The same idea and format are copied.


Proper credits and quotation marks are used to highlight things taken from a source. The citation is properly done.

No credit is given to the original author. The entire document is presented as newly written. No citations are done



Professors allow paraphrasing if done properly. You can avoid getting caught if your know what you are working with.

Plagiarism is a serious offense and is never allowed by any professor or university. If you copy your work, you will get caught.


Quality analysis tools such as plagiarism checker and Turnitin do not detect paraphrasing if everything is done properly.

Plagiarism is easily detected in Turnitin which means if you have copied your work from a friend, you will get caught and your submission will be rejected.

The comparison between paraphrasing and plagiarism makes it clear that your best bet in a tense situation is using paraphrasing. Also, did you know that you can remove plagiarized sentences with this technique? If you want to understand more or you want to make sure that you paraphrase properly, you can start by using our tool. Which tool do you ask? Take look at the next section!

Stop Copying! Start Paraphrasing

Knowing all the differences, you surely might have got the idea of which one is better for you. The risk involved with plagiarism is too much to handle and the best part is there are so many ways available to paraphrase effectively. You must complete your assignments on time however if the time comes when you are do not have any choice, you can rely on the paraphrasing tool by Global Assignment Help Australia. Yes! We offer a free-to-use tool through which you can simply get paraphrased content in just a matter of a few clicks.

In case you feel uncomfortable working on a tool, we also have professional paraphrasing experts who can spin the content for you without delay. You have so many ways to finish your work, do not go the lane of plagiarism as it is risky.

Avoid Plagiarism, Use Paraphrasing!

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