February 06, 2017
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Learn About the Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around the World

Know How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated in These Countries

The best and the most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen and touched but can surely be felt. All we need is love and February is the month to express the happiness of being with that one person who has made our life the greatest blessing under the sun. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, you may find stores flooded with scrumptious chocolates, bright bunch of flowers, greeting cards, personalised presents, mouth-watering cupcakes and what not.

However, exchanging these stereotyped gifts is not a trend everywhere else around the world. Well, the traditions and unique customs for acknowledging Valentine’s Day differ from country to country and it would undoubtedly be fascinating for you to know about them in detail!

Getting inquisitive to know how this ‘Day of Love’ is celebrated by the couples in different countries around the globe? Let’s get started!


To start with, nothing could replace ‘Paris’ which is one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. No wonder why the couples across the globe decide to fly down to Paris - the city of love, on this special day. It is said that the first Valentine’s Day card originated in France when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415. From that time on, exchanging cards on Valentine’s Day became a popular tradition in France.


It is that country in the world which is known for its romantic celebrations as the Taiwanese celebrate Valentine’s Day twice a year: July 7 and February 14. On these days, men show their affection by presenting their partners a bouquet of flowers. To top it all, as per their customs, the colour of flowers and number have great significance. Red roses only represent ‘pure love’, 99 roses signify ‘loving forever’, and if any lady has received 108 roses, it means she has to answer the question - ‘Will you marry me?’

South Korea

This country offers a holiday to young couples on the Valentine’s Day. The gift-giving starts on February 14 till March 14 which shows that the natives celebrate the entire month by presenting chocolates, candies, flowers and greeting cards to their beloved ones. ‘White Day’ is the last day of the celebration and those who didn’t do anything special on that day have to mourn their single status by eating dark bowls of jajangmyeon- a Korean Chinese cuisine, or black bean paste noodles on Black Day which comes on April 14.


Chinese have a different story to tell behind the celebrations of Valentine’s Day. The ‘Qixi festival’ or ‘The Night of Seven’ is equivalent to the ‘Day of Love’ for the Chinese girls as on this day, they worship the ancient Goddess of love Zhinu, to find a suitable match and good husbands.


Bulgarians celebrate the day of the sweethearts with the feast of the St. Trifon Zarezan, which is also known as the winemakers day. On this day, other than exchanging simple gifts such as flowers, hearts and teddy bears, the couples celebrate their love by having a glass of wine together.

The Philippines

In this largely Roman Catholic country, Valentine's Day is wonderfully celebrated by carrying out mass weddings where hundreds of couples exchange marriage vows, tie the knot and say ‘I Do’ in unison. The Government often sponsors this big event.

So, in what way are you going to celebrate your Valentine’s Day?

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