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Background of research

Digital technology has transformed the technique we comportment commercial. Over the latter era it has intensely reformed outmoded corporate representations and altered business events. The practise of digital moveable technology has providing businesses thru a capital of excellent and chance. This takes allowed standing products to develop more gainful and advanced new products to be industrialised, leading to progressively varied creation portfolios. Its influence is obvious at the core of all key professional systems. There are many ways in which the organisations of world are performing and using this digital technology now, they are able to administrate their functions with the use of cloud technology and this is enabling them to store and share the information.

Research aim

The implications of digital technology on marketing department of SME: A case study on NISA general store

Research objectives

  • To determine the importance of use of digital technology in SMEs of UK
  • To ascertain effect of use of technology on the marketing department of NISA general store
  • To recommend the ways in which company would be able to use technology in a better way

Research questions

  1. What is the importance of use of digital technology in SME business of UK?
  2. How could the effective use of technology be helping marketing department of NISA?


This topic which is focusing on the use and effective implementation of technology is very much important in the present era as this is the age of digitalisation. To ascertain what is the use and importance of digital technology in the small retail business of UK, this research project would be taken into account. In the current era which is regarded to as most revolutionized age where every firm of world are using technology to ease up their complex life structure. The research on what is the implication of digital technology on the use of this on the marketing department of any Small scale business of UK. The use of digitalisation is very important on the basis of practical implication as this would be helping them to involve into more clear marketing of their products and services so that they are gaining profits. So, in this project, the topic which is used is very good and suitable based on current scenario.

Literatutre Review

As per author, advertising is that piece of association which is empowering organization to connect with the clients of organization and this will be anything but difficult to demonstrate case all highlights and advantages of items which they are offering. In the present situation, this showcasing isn't just restricted to disconnected channels as organizations now are advancing their merchandise and ventures on the online mode. This online method of promoting is called as computerized showcasing which empowers organization to interface with every one of their clients and that too in all parts of the world. Author said that computerized promoting will be particularly helpful for organization in satisfying the objective of benefits and deals. This will in turn increment the benefits and offers of organization and after that, they can perform in a better way. Computerized promoting is that stage which is helping the organization and client so they both could be associated with each other and satisfy their need and need.

Author said that for organization, computerized promoting will be essential with the goal that they might pick up the upper hand in market and along these lines enhancing deals execution. While, then again this is additionally critical on the perspective of client as they could without much of a stretch shop and see the items however online sources. Computerized showcasing is the method by which it will be simple for organization to accomplish their objectives which are for the most part identified with deals and benefits of firm. Author included that showcasing as computerized media like that of different online networking channels which are Facebook, their own particular sites are some case of them.

Author additionally said that organization can just build the deals and benefits income on the off chance that they are utilizing the different computerized advertising channels and advancing their products and administration online bases. This will be conceivable just if industry is empowered by a wide range of advanced advertising devices and strategies as well as they should likewise have a particular group. Author said that this is the obligation of organization to help its client with better and more extensive scope of decision while they are making their buy of products and benefiting administrations. Furnishing them with the best type of items is critical as this will thus be deciding the benefits and offer of organizations as well as supporting in the development and improvement of organization too.

Author additionally elucidates the circumstances and end results of not utilizing the computerized showcasing capacity which can prompt loss of client’s fulfilment and their dedication also. Though the organization isn't utilizing computerized showcasing, they will be not possess the capacity to pick up and hold client base. Organization will likewise not possess the capacity to pick up the upper hands on the off chance that they are staying in market and they will likewise be not enhancing their benefits or deals. For accommodation industry, this advanced promoting is particularly imperative as they could be utilizing it from multiple point of views and therefore, helping them in expanding deals and income age.

SME industry is particularly developing area of economy of UK which is likewise making the GDP of UK enhanced and expanded. So, showcasing is especially vital for this part as it turns out to be simple for clients to surf and locate their optimal lodging. Computerized showcasing will likewise be useful to client to hunt and locate the best manages the given one and afterward look at among them and accordingly enhancing the way clients are reserving the tickets of whether transport or that of inns. author additionally said that this advanced showcasing will in this manner be manage the organization as who are their potential clients to whom they could deal the items and administration and after that they will acquire benefits for them.

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