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Design and Technology Coursework- Primary school education

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Photos Of Tools



It is the tool that is helpful in moving one object from one place to other place the assignment online.


It is helpful in giving strength to the different tools and  hold them at the same place.

Cams or pulleys


It is used in transforming rotary motion. That helps in delivering pulses of power to steam hammer.

Machine used by all these three tools


Grass cutting is the machine which is used to cut grass. In this machine 270 individual parts are included in which Cams or pulleys, Sliders, Levers are included. It is the machine in which outside of the tool there are revolving blades are places which help in cutting grass surface. Hight of the machine is adjustable due to presence of bolt. Cams give support in delivering pulses of power, sliders help in holding and leavers support in placing the rough material from one pale to other.


STEM is the program which includes science, technology, engineering  and mathematics. This is used by schools to contribute in science and technology development (Design and Development of Grass Cutting Machine using DFMA Methodology, 2008).

Recently there is no design and technology in the school. For involving this activity in the educational institute school authorities should involve technological learning in which they have to use DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) methodology. It can be applied in order to understand uses of various tools and how various mechanical instrument scan be used to manufacture a single machine


  • Design and Development of Grass Cutting Machine using DFMA Methodology. 2008.
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