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Managing Technological Successful Business | Continental consulting limited

University: Regent college

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This will cover:

1.Give appropriate aims along with objective.

2.Elaborate project management plan

3.Give work break down structure.

Answer :


In present world, there has been great advancement in technology. Technological advancement has bought drastic as well as positive change in the corporate world. It has bought major transformation in the techniques used by companies for communicating with customers and informing them about new products or services. Emergence of information technology has supported organisations in improving their marketing activities. In addition to this mobile device as well as social media has provided business entities a chance to connect and communicate with people. Social Media has enabled enterprises to reach wide number of customers. Information technology has supported enterprises in improving communication.

The report focuses on analysing the effect of information and communication technology on Continental consulting limited. It will also have focus on analysing the way digital technology has supported firm in fostering growth. The report will include description about the various research methods which has been utilised for gathering data related to specific topic.

Lo 1

P1 Aims and objectives of research project

Background of the research:

Communication is considered to be as an essential determinant of success of any organization. There are mainly two types of interactions are facilitated by an enterprise these are external as well as internal communication. External communication includes interaction which company facilitated with external stakeholders such as customers. Internal communication takes place between management and employees. All the types of communication have thrived due to the introduction of information technology in an organization. Earlier traditional techniques such as advertisement, direct selling were utilized by companies for interacting with customers and informing them about products or services. Major drawback of tradition methods is that it only allows one way communication. With the use of traditional communication techniques organizations were able to communicate with only few numbers of customers. But with the advance communication technology, enterprise can connect as well as communicate with large number of customers. Emergence of information and communication technology has supported business entities in reducing the cost associated with facilitating innovation. Information and communication technology has provided firm an ease in providing quick responses to customer queries which is very much important in context of retaining profitable clients and fostering business growth.

Continental limited can implement information and communication technology at workplace, as this strategy will assist business entity in gaining competitive advantage. An effective interaction as well as flow of function within functional unit can be ensure by utilizing information and communication technology. Quick communication and smooth flow of information will assist an enterprise in increasing productivity as well as working efficiency. In addition to this, by utilizing the information technology redundant tasks can be centralized at one location.

Aims of research : To analyze the impact of digital technology supporting growth as well as innovation – A case study Continental consulting limited.


  • To develop the understanding about the information and communication technology as well as its use in business.
  • To analyze the way information and communication technology supporting continental limited in growth.
  • To identify the way information technology can assist an organization in improving communication.
  • To suggest the digital strategy which can be utilized by Continental limited for yielding maximum benefit by implementing information and communication technology.

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Rationale for selecting the research topic

The main reason for selecting specific topic is increase in mutilation of information and communication technology. Other reason is that scholar has interest in analyzing the effect of information and communication technology supporting growth of small medium enterprise. In addition to this, researcher intends to examine some concerns that rapid changes and growing reliance on information technology have raised in context of small medium enterprise.

P2 Project management plan

Project management plan act as the road map which provides guidelines related to the resources required by the scholar in order to execute investigation on specific procedure. It also supports investigator in identifying the various tasks which are required to be conducted in order to accomplish desired objectives. It assists scholar in identifying the various barriers , issues as well as challenges which might occur in executing the study. Project management plan covers various aspects of research such as :

Cost : There are basically two types of cost are associated with executing the investigation procedure as well as implementing information and communication technology at workplace. Expenses related to expenses related to execution of investigation procedure include printing, traveling etc. In addition to this, major cost in research is associated to collection of data. Overheads related to implementation of information as well as communication technology includes installation as well as maintenance cost (Selwyn, 2014). It is required by manager in continental limited to consider the expenses before making decision related to the employing of information technology within an enterprise. Budget will be prepared by researcher for managing as well as controlling cost (Quinton and et.al., 2017).

Scope : It includes the details about the various activities which are required to be executed for gathering information related to specific research topic. Present study have limited scope, as scholar will execute only few tasks (Walliman, 2017).

Time : It is a short term project which will be completed within few months. Time management strategies will be utilized by investigator for completing the investigation on time. In present study, researcher will prepare by investigator (Rose, 2016). Gantt chart will provide detail about the time or schedule according to which different activities will be executed. It is very much important for researcher to prepare proper schedule and conduct activities accordingly, as delay in single task can lead to time lag in completion of research project.

Quality: This is considered to be as important element in research project. It is very much important for investigator to set quality standards and collect information accordingly. Quality of information is very much crucial as it may have effect on results. It is a factor on the basis of performance of scholar and effectiveness of study is measured (Papke-Shields and Boyer-Wright, 2017.). Continuous monitoring is a technique which can be utilized by investigator for ensuring the quality of work.

Communication : smooth flowof information as well as an effective communication between different stakeholder is very much important in order to complete investigation in systematic manner (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). Advance technology can be utilized by investigator for facilitating communication during investigation. An effective communication will help researcher in ensuring an effective as well as efficient utilization of resources.

Resources:Lot of resources are required for Execution of investigation procedure these are human, finance, technology, etc. It is very much crucial for scholar to allocate resources in systematic manner (Flick, 2015).

Risks: There are various types of risk associated with execution of study on specific topic. For instance, risk of ethical or legal issues, plagiarism, Risk of emotional harm etc.

P3 Work break down structure and Gantt chart

Gantt chart is a graph which shows the information related to the time according to which different activities are to be conducted during investigation procedure. It also consists of start as well as finish date. Gantt chart is important as it provides scholar an ease in managing various task during research (Humphries, 2017).

In present investigation, Work break down structure is prepared by research in order to transform complex task into simple activities. It assists investigator in reducing the work pressure and making the activities easier to be executed by stakeholders (Bresler and Stake, 2017).

00001 Task Name Duration Start Finish Predecessors Resource Names WBS Risk
Choice of topic for research 2 days Low          
Analysis of problem 6 days 1 2 Moderate      
Literature Review 4 days 2,1 literature 3 High    
Preparation of schedules 5 days 3 4 Moderate      
Choice of Methods to be used in investigation 7 days 4 Journals and internet articles 5 Moderate    
Analysis of facts and figures 6 days 5 6 Low      
Presentation and interpretation of information 4 days 6 Project management 7 Low    
findings of research 5 days 6,7 8 Moderate      
conclusion and recommendations 2 days 7 9 Low      
Reflection on methods utilised in study 3 days 9,8 10 Low      
Preparing of accomplished outcomes 2 days 10 Technical and human resources 11 Low    
Project closure 2 days 11 12 Moderate      
Submission of the final report 1 day 11,12 13 Low      

sample 1 

sample 2 

Sample 3

Lo 2

P4 Carrying out small scale research

There are various types of research methodology which can be utilized by researcher for conducting different activities during investigation procedures.

Research design: It is considered to be a strategy adopted by the researcher for accomplishing desired objectives. Research design can also be defined as the proper arrangement made by investigator for collecting the information about specific topic. It can categorize into different segments such as experimental, exploratory, explanatory and descriptive (Borghoff and Pareschi, R. 2013). Selection of the research design is completed based on nature of the problem. In present investigation, scholar will use descriptive research design. The reason for selection of specific research design is that as it will provide scholar an ease in describing the situation. By utilizing descriptive research design investigator can develop detail understanding about the problem.

 Research philosophy: It is basically includes the set of assumptions which are made by researcher while executing various activities during investigation procedure. Research Philosophy can be categorized into two these are positivism and interpretative. In present investigation, scholar will utilize interpretative research philosophy (Fletcher, 2017). The reason for selecting the interpretative research philosophy is that it will assist investigator in gaining depth knowledge about the topic.

Research approach : This is basically a plan which consists of detail about the broad assumptions made by investigator when collecting, interpreting and presenting facts. Research approaches can be categorize into two these are inductive and deductive. In present study, scholar will utilize inductive research approach (Bresler and Stake, 2017). Inductive research approach has been selected as it enables scholar to form an early tentative hypothesis which can be explored.

Method or technique of data collection: Primary and secondary are two sources from where data can be collected (Quinlan, Babin and Griffin, 2019). In present investigation researcher will use questionnaire and personal interview technique for collection of information. Secondary data will be gathered from books, journals, internet etc.

Sampling: In present study investigator will use probability sampling methods. Participants will be selected utilizing random sampling technique. The reason for selecting random sample is that every individual can get chance to participate in investigation procedure (Litosseliti, 2018). Other reason is that it assist researcher in eliminating the biases. In present study, 20 employees working in continental limited has been selected as participants.

Data analysis: It is considered to be as crucial activity which enables scholar to eliminate unwanted as well as irrelevant information. Data analysis helps researcher in making the research report presentable, useful and understandable by user. It is the procedure which includes refining of information. In present study, researcher will utilize both qualitative as well as quantitative technique. In addition to this, thematic analysis will be utilized for presenting the information. Graph, charts, diagrams will be used by researcher in order to make research report look more presentable (Trejo Ramirez, Potts and Nortcliffe, 2018,). Theme will be prepared by scholar on the basis of questions and answers provided by respondents.




Functional unit :

1. Do you agree with the statement that information technology will assist business entity in improving communication ?

• Yes

• No

2. How much knowledge or understanding do you have about information and communication technology?

• Depth knowledge

• Little understanding

• Specific knowledge.

3. How much agree your are with the statement that information and communication technology will contribute to the growth of continental Limited?

• Completely agree

• Completely disagreement

• Partly agree

4. What effect information and communication technology will have on growth as well as innovation in business?

• Positive

• Negative

• Both

5. What are the barriers which are faced by continental limited in implement IT for facilitating innovation in communication system?

• Lack of resources

• Unskilled workforce

• Improper infrastructure

6. According to you what could be the effect of IT on continental Limited?

• It brings changes in product as well as procedures

• It provides company an ease in making services more easily trade-able

• ICT opens new opportunities for business

7. Which are the techniques which continental Limited presently utilizes for communication ?

• Telephones/ mobile phones

• Internet : social media sites, E-mails , video conference etc.

• Cloud

8. What are the benefits of utilizing Information and communication technology in business ?

• Fast and quick flow of information

• Wide reach

• Improved customers services

Lo 3

P5 Analysing research and data by utilizing by applying appropriate tools and techniques

In present study, Both qualitative and quantitative techniques has been utilized by investigator in present study.

Theme 1 : Majority of respondent have stated yes, that information technology will assist business entity in improving comm

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