Food & Beverage Operations Management Unit 13 Level 4 Bucks University


Food and safety are one of the essential tools that can be utilised by its professionals in order to maintain foods services and quality. In present study will be discussed on Hellenic Hotel London, which is UK based one of the largest luxury hotel. Moreover, this investigation will be discuss about use of cost, pricing and purchasing process in the hotel. This report will be reviewed about planning of a food and beverage services for a hospitality event within a planned budget. Beside from it, the report also would be discussed about proper recommendation on improvement of the quality of the food products and services in the hotel.

Task 1

1.1. Examine and discuss the characteristics of a range of food production systems and various food and beverage services

Working as a catering manager in Hellenic Hotel London in UK, I have discovered many of the food and safety production and services and also experienced their effectiveness within business. Variety of food services is being offered by the hotel in its restaurant section to deliver quality of food services according to customer's preferences (Asaolu, Agorzie and Unam, 2012). All food and beverage services provided by company must be maintaining quality and hygienic food which makes a positive impact on customer's health. Being catering manager in the hotel, food and raw material quality must be maintained at standard level of organisation which makes a direct impact upon existing customers of the hotel. Different types of characteristics and ingredients are included in a range of western foods which contain high protein and carbohydrate which is beneficial for people's health.STRICentralised and respective manner is utilised by management team of the hotel to serving their food from kitchen. Range of different-different process is included for specific types of foods which has demand most by consumers (Borges Lopes, Freitas and Sousa, 2015). In addition, variety of food and beverage facilities is being delivered by its professionals which is, in table services, food is served on the table by waiter or waitress in unique manner which influences its customer more to use of hotel's food services again and again. The hotel also furnish bar services in systematic arrangements so that make them feel comfortable and delighted. All food and catering facilities have been arranged by its manager in respective form which boost up its quality and goodwill in industry at top level.

There is various system of food production which is included within characteristics which could be described to as:

  • Promoting diversified concept of food and cuisine
  • This is a labour intensive industry
  • Having major contribution in economy of nation
  • Demand for food is dynamic and it keeps on changing
  • Providing delight to customers in fulfilling basic need of them

There are number of beverage and food systems like that of silver service, single point service, traditional service, table and assisted system as well.

1.2 Discuss the factors affecting recipes and menu for specific system

Numbers of different kinds of food and beverage services are being offered by restaurant's professionals of Hellenic Hotel London. It is very much essential to consider the factor involving in the preparation of menu and recipes as the factors that may influence its customer more to buying specific types of food offering. Peoples of UK, mostly like’s western foods which have demand most in food industry (Brotherton, ed., 2012). Most of the foods which has high demand in restaurant which is, Grilled chicken, Chicken stir-fry, Coconut chicken and rise, Quick chicken curry, soups and fast food etc. so all these must be added into menu list of restaurant which attract its customer most to making choice of these meals. Western peoples mostly like having chicken and fast foods, so all these types of delicious foods must be included into menu and recipe list of food facilities.

Size of family: Size of family makes great impact upon consumption of foods and choices of variety of different-different types of foods by consumers. Mostly arriving customers of Hellenic Hotel London are small and medium families who likes non-veg foods most of them. Small and medium types of families demands for variety of delicious western foods and in family all have different kinds of preference food choices, which influences its food consumption more 9Bujisic, Hutchinson and Bilgihan, 2014).

Food availability: Numbers of different kinds of food offerings are being provided by restaurant team. So consumer'\s have multiple choice to selection of their preferred foods and beverage products. Presenting availability of foods impacting its customer's effectively to making choice of liked foods as per consumer's preferences.

1.3 Compare the cost and staffing implications for different systems

Provision of food services are demanded for highly influenced staff of the company. Therefore, the company require to highly experienced human resources to completion of each foods services and production tasks in restaurant in respective manner. Numbers of catering and chefs or management department is necessary for completion of food's making and serving practices within restaurant effectively (Dopson and Hayes, 2015). Communication level of its staff's must be impressive in order to communicate with consumers in restaurant in efficient ways. Perfect communication system between customers and staff can boost up sales of restaurant. HRM department of Hellenic Hotel London is responsible for hiring highly efficient staff for the restaurant to execution of each food production and serving tasks in significant manner. Existing staff of the restaurant must be highly efficient in terms of making delicious westerns foods and has experienced about all ingredients which is needed for preparation of all kinds of foods which is added into menu list 9Gibson, 2012). Highly qualified staff can improve the sales techniques and invention of new foods which can raise up sales of business. In addition, Management of restaurant must ensure that, all staff is doing their duty as per job responsibilities and helping properly to completion of business functionalities in effective ways.

In UK, industries are focusing on improvement in skills and knowledge of their existing staffs by conducting training and development program at workplace. Staffing must be improved their experiences and skills by adopting innovative approaches to impress its customer and encourage them to having serving of restaurant again and again. Efficiently trained staffs can improve the productivity and profitability level of the business in industry.

1.4 Sustainability of system for particular food and beverage outlets

There are different kinds of restaurant organisation operating which is following unique manner to preparation and serving of foods to customer in unique manner which influence its customer more. In case of Hellenic Hotel London, in restaurant section of the hotel, two different kinds of foods services are being offered to consumers. In this context, they are following two different kinds of processes for the execution of food services in restaurant. Food delivery process must be effective which makes a positive impact upon customer perception towards organisational image and goodwill in the market.

In case of provision of food products, self-services and counter facilities; both are being utilised by restaurant at workplace to offer food to maintain environment of restaurant with a systematic approach. Buffet method is one of the best approaches to deliver food to customers which is being utilised by management department of restaurant (Legrand, Chen and Sloan, 2013). It is also another part of self-services which enable consumers to have preferred food in restaurant and also make interaction with chefs and staffs of the restaurant to furnish their valuable feedback to management team of restaurant to improve their services. In case of beverage services, customers have been offered to take token to selection of preferred beverage products, so they will be able to purchase their beverage products.

Apart from that, another serving techniques which is being utilised by restaurant management which is, serving in table and plat services. The restaurant teams are offering delivering food and beverage services in impressive presenting ways which influence its customers to provide quality food to customers. With the help of above discussed techniques, Hellenic Hotel London's restaurant department can make positive influence upon its customers.

Range of methods and sources for information used.

For analysing factors which are included to as suitability of food production system and food beverages service system there are number of methods and approaches will be applied. Like data collection techniques will be used so that correct information and data could be collected in analysing and concluding results. All the techniques and methods which are to be used will be including results so that conclusion is been made.

Task 2

2.1 Discuss the use of financial statements in food and beverage operations

Preparation of financial statements within business plays a vital role in terms of examining the financial gains and expenses of business. In context of Hellenic Hotel London, its financial manager requires using some essential financial statements approaches in order to measure financial gain of the business in particular time duration. Some of the most important financial statements in the food and beverage provision include:

Dish costing sheet: Hellenic Hotel London's restaurant management can prepare a dish costing sheet which must be specific and all foods and beverage facilities being offered by restaurant. Numbers of dishes are included in the menu list of restaurant which must be given with a particular price tag on each one of them (Lehtinen, 2012). Selling quantity list must be prepared by restaurant financial officers by computing all token which have been sold by the restaurant body. Dish costing sheet provides accurate volume of sold dishes which has been sold by restaurant on monthly basis. So, particular costing of all sold dishes can be examined by the financial manager by preparing this sheet in restaurant.

Cost statements: Formation of cost statements is also a necessary section which must be undertaken by financial officers of restaurant to compute all costing which has been made during specific time duration by offering services. Number of operational and staffing expenses are being generated in restaurant while completion of various business functionalities in restaurant. Cost statements provide valuable information about particular amount of costing which has occurred in restaurant in determined time period. So, manager of department can identify the volume of profitability and losses of business.

2.2 Demonstrate the use of cost and pricing processes

Uses of pricing and costing play important role in terms of examining the profitability and financial gain of the business. Demonstration of use of costing and pricing process in Hellenic Hotel London is as follows:

Uses of pricing: Different types of pricing method is being utilised by the restaurant professionals of the hotel to evaluate the rate of expenses and financial gain within business. Dishes of various foods services must be specified by management department of restaurant to knowing about profitability level of restaurant. In menu bar, all foods and beverage serving offering by the company must be given proper pricing to them, by which its customer can pre-examine overall expenses of customer by purchasing their selected foods. In order to examine profitability of business, its professionals require offer discount rate in proper proportion in term of provide less pricing of foods and beverage products (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully, 2013). Numbers of techniques can be adopted by professionals of restaurant to improve performance level of its business. The approaches of menu pricing must follow from the outline of the basic policies and form the determined department profit target. Pricing tag on all dishes and beverage products can provide effective volume to its customers to identify their expenses on specific types of foods services.

Uses of costing: Variety of costing approaches is presented here which can be used by restaurant of the hotel to examine overall profitability level of firm. Financial manager of the restaurant can use of direct, variable and other costing approaches to examine the profit margin of business by serving their food and beverage services. Numbers of indirect costing included into restaurant business which many be related to raw material and production process of the restaurant as well (Orozco, Tarhini and Tarhini, 2015). Apart from it, some other fixed costing are also associated with the restaurant, which influences the costing rate of the business in industry that might be associated with its meal products. Several types of ingredients are using by chefs while making food products so they can include ingredients and beverage costing to computing their profit margin in business.

2.3 Analysing the purchasing process

By Hellenic Hotel London's restaurant, its management department are using specific types of purchasing process in terms of serving their offering foods in respective manner. The most of the foods are offered by restaurant which is, Grilled chicken, chicken stir-fry, Coconut chicken and rise, Quick chicken curry, soups and fast food etc. effective purchasing process can increase the sales level and performance effectiveness of business. In order to delivering selected meals and beverage products to its customers, its professionals require following up respective purchasing process.

Ordering: Specific types of ordering system can be applied by restaurant professionals in terms of serving and delivering foods in unique form. In case of taking order from customers, customers are required to taking token from sales counter and another method of taking order which is, waiter can directly interact with customer to taking orders from customers. It assists restaurant department to understand the needs and demands of consumers.

Delivering: Delivering also must be attractive and unique which attract its customers more to having and receiving meals from caterers (Ozdemir and Caliskan, 2014). The restaurant's caters will convey prepared foods to customer's table in plat and it must be well decorated. Unique serving method makes foods more delicious and yummy for customers. So it created effective perception of customers towards organisation.

Checking: before delivering ordered foods and beverage products, its quality department ensure that, prepared meals such as, Grilled chicken, Chicken stir-fry, Coconut chicken and rise etc. will be forward further for checking purpose by its quality team. After, completion of check in process of order meals. It will be sent further for serving.

Serving: Food serving process must be effective which influence its customer in positive ways and create more impressive values for the organisation within customer's mind. Serving system must be attractive and it enables organisation to increase its goodwill in current marketplace. Unique services method can attract its customer more.

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Task 3

3.1 Compile food and beverage menu for Hellenic Hotel London event

In order to organise a business party event at Hellenic Hotel London, its professionals require making proper planning for the event and its essential activities which would be executed in program. Management department of the hotel require using event management techniques to arrange resources needed for organising business event party in the hotel (Pullman and Wu, 2012). In terms of preparation of planning of event, management department of the hotel require adding up all preferred food and beverage products and services which can be utilised by invited peoples most. Some kinds also might be involved in the event, so as per their preferences, child preferred foods also required to add up within menu list of the hotel. In the event party, 30 peoples are expected to be invited and expenses of the all guest's food and beverage products will be 960 Euros. So all of they have classified in the event as per their caters in proper manner.

The following procedure is included in the menu base which is showing as below:

  • Start-ups,
  • menu-course,
  • sweet dish/desserts,
  • Beverage drinks.

Before serving main course in the event, the offers soft drinks and juice and hard drinks at initial stage of the event so that along after the main course in the hotel.

Service name

Foods and beverage products





Bacon and cheese croquettes

Classic canape trio

kakori kababs

stir fried chili chicken

Tangri kababs




Main course



Chicken burger

Club Sandwiches


Veg. Schezwan sauce

Fried Rice

Cheese balls

Grilled chicken,

Chicken stir-fry,

Coconut chicken and rise,

Quick chicken curry,

Soups and fast food



Sweet Dishes/Desserts


Chocolate brownie

Fruit Cake

Ice Cream





Colas and Lemonade

Soft drinks


3.2 Justify the selection and suitability of recipes for menu

From the above men, the planning of serving foods must be formulated in respective manner as per clients' choice and recipe of foods and beverage products must be formulated as per client's demand. Variety of foods and beverage products has been included into menu bar of the events in which all categories peoples will be included into it. So as per predetermined planning, all foods and beverage products will be served in the business event as per predetermined planning of the event (Rosli and Sidek, 2013). So it can examine that, numbers of issues can be seen by management department of restaurant, so they must need to have pre-preparation of planning to execution of each practices of event within respective manner. In was difficult task for management team for selection of appropriate food and beverage production as per its customer's need. In which, some unique foods and beverage products can be adopted which influence its customer more in order to generating high range of satisfaction level in industry.

  • Standard food,
  • Recipe accessibilities of necessary components
  • Seasonal elements,
  • Price of ingredients,
  • Storage aspects,

The organisation professionals have major task to arrange proper resources of its customer in unique manner. Business man's demanding for proper unique products and drink products which is totally different from existing products of restaurant 9Walker and Walker, J. 2016). In addition, mostly old calls people demanding for light weigh foods which contain low level of proteins. In event, may be some people may be addicted to having drink, so they are required to arrange alcohol products for them. Apart from it, some children might be come in the part which can also demand for unique fast food products. So as per its demand, all ingredients can be added into sufficient form so that as per guests’ demands all products and services will be arranged by management team of the organisation.

Task 4

4.1 Plan a food and beverage service for Hellenic Hotel London event within an agreed budget

Table services: In order to conduct a business party, Hellenic Hotel London's restaurant management department can use of some essential ingredients at workplace in order to utilisation of foods and beverage services in the business in sufficient form. Table services will be provided by the event manager in effective form, in which catering executives would tend to serve ordered food services to table to customers.

Self-services: In context of dinner in party, the buffet approaches will be utilised by management department of the restaurant to execution of serving facilities in the event perfectly. Self-services also may be implemented by its professionals in order to serve ordered food and beverage products to customers (Salem, Jones and Morgan, 2012). Customers tent to use of self-service in order to getting foods from its services stores. Peoples of event will be get the meal by using self-service, which will reduce to extra expenses of event on serving foods.

Single point services: Drinking and food services will be utilised within the single point services. Single point facilities offers essential facilities to provision of foods in single counter in program. Peoples are required t get their drink to reaching on the single point store. These techniques also can reduce the over costing which may incur in the selected event.

4.2 Implement the planned service maintaining standards of quality and health, safety and security

The management department of restaurant also required to maintain quality of their foods products and services which is being offered in the events of business. Its professionals required to utilisation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in order to check out to level of quality foods products of restaurant.

The Hellenic Hotel London menu planning strategy:

The quality standard: The hotel is well-known for serving quality and variety of foods and beverage products in the restaurant. So its manager require ensuring that, while serving variety of foods in events, its professionals require using of quality of ingredients within existing food products which will be served in the event (Vogel, Papathanassis and Wolber, 2012). In addition, while making the foods and beverage products by its chefs, they have to ensure that, well temperature has been maintained by them during preparation of meals. It enables foods to maintain quality and standard of the restaurant.

Health and safety: In order to serving quality of foods, all types of foods must be at the standard level of restaurant which contain quality of protein and ingredients which may prove healthier for business (Talib, Ali and Idris, 2013). It can be said that, while serving foods in the restaurant by caters of the organisation, they must ensure that, all foods must be fresh and hygiene that contain high level of proteins. So meals served by organisation must be healthier for its customer to gaining sufficient range of goodwill in marketplaces. Event environment also must be hygiene which convey healthier environment for its customers in respective manner. Numbers of challenges can be faced by its professionals while serving quality of foods and beverage products. So they require ensuring that, served foods must maintain quality and contain protein.4.3 Evaluate factors to determine the success of the service, making recommendation for improvement

Customer services: Effective customer services provided by the organisation can impact on performance and valuation of the business in industry. Provided customer services by Hellenic Hotel London must be effective in terms of boosting up customer satisfaction level in marketplace. So it can be said that, numbers of issues can be seen in order to maintain customer's satisfaction level in business. The restaurant business management department require using customer's listening approaches in terms to identify the exact needs of its customers in industry to maintain its foods facilities in business environment. So in order to maintain customer satisfaction level, Its management department require making betterment within existing food and beverage services of the business in order to maintain satisfaction level of its existing customers in current marketplace.

Advertising: Having proper advertising approach also can be effective for the restaurant business. With the help of effective advertising approaches, its customer will be able to know about its new offering and vouchers of the business to maintain sufficient form of the services.


From the entire investigation, it is concluded that, Hellenic Hotel London require using of effective services in the business environment to maintain quality of their food and beverage products in restaurant. There are some effective factors of recipe and menu which can affect the specific system of the restaurant business. Apart from it, the assignment also concludes about the use of financial statements in food and beverage operations and the use of cost and pricing processes in order to improvement within existing services of the business.


  • Asaolu, T. O., Agorzie, C. J. and Unam, J. M., 2012. materials management: an effective tool for optimizing profitability in the Nigerian food and beverage manufacturing industry.Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences,3(1), p.25.
  • Borges Lopes, R., Freitas, F. and Sousa, I., 2015. Application of lean manufacturing tools in the food and beverage industries.Journal of technology management & innovation,10(3), pp.120-130.
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