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Unit 41 Hospitality Provision in travel and tourism Sector St. Patrick's College London Level 4


Hospitality Manufacture the welcome industry and other component associated with it are obdurate. The interrelation of the hospitality precondition with the travel and commercial enterprise sector has been obstinate along with other antithetical construct of the welcome provisions. Express of different integration plan of action along with the kind of the group action are obstinate (Litvin, 2018). The personal effects of different kind of group action on the cordial reception sector are also known. The report is based on PKF hotel. This is located in United Kingdom and focus on internal department management. Further, it covered development plan for future development of hotel industry. On the other hand, tourism which combines residents travelling in some other country. Domestic and international both can be described as parts of tourism.

PKF :- PKF was the innovator in hotel consulting. The section of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) in 1927, marks the opening of the firm's dedicated hospitality consultative activities, backed by elaborate fiscal surveys and relevant standard services tailor-made for a globally rising commercial enterprise.

Task 1

1.1 Interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses Hospitality

Hospitality is just the maintaining guest relations, customer relationships and improving customer relations. It can be defined as maintaining a healthy reception and treating guests and strangers by providing a friendly environment. It is a generous and warm way of treating guests.

The fields included in hospitality is cruise ships, amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, convention centres etc (Sheehan, 2018). Overlapping the catering industry with the hospitality industry, major food services are provided to the above institutions and also to the private parties and ptivate industries. Many basic operations are there like industry challenges, running trends like food service, spas, casinos etc. It depends on Disposable time and leisure time. Vacancy rate is an important variable factor in this industry. Hospitality players find advantage in the old locations only. It is also important to have direct contact with the customers. A competitive advantage lies in authenticity, professionalism and actual concern of the customers which is communicated by the organisation. It includes everything from small sofa bed to large star rated hotels.

Travel & Tourism Industry:

Travelling is something moving geagraphically at different locations, for any pleasure or for any work purpose. He key concept in tourism and travel includes area in which a person carries his/her regular routine life. Mainly it is accommodating, attraction of tourists and business of regulating tours. Tourism have parts i.e. international and inside the traveller's country. A person becomes travel agent by graduating in travel and tourism.It is an important source of generating income for various regions and countries. It also brings a huge amount of income to local economy and directly affects the cultural, economic, social and environmental sectors f the country. UN has described 3 types of tourism Domestic tourism which includes residents of its own country travelling in the same country. Inbound tourism which involves non residential people travelling in a particular country and Outbound tourism which combines residents travelling in some other country. Domestic and international both can be described as parts of tourism.

Hospitality and tourism creates a base for a strong economy to grow and helps other industries in the field of tourism and travel sector. Planes, buses, cabs are part of travel industry . On the other side companies, travel agencies, convention planners, tour operators are a part tourism sector. PKF hotel has a high quality of catering activities, food shops, In-house catering , Licensed clubs, fair organizer's activities and exhibition and other varieties of food services. Hospitality is a part or a section of tourist service.

Hospitality and tourism has closed the gap of the countries suffering from trade balances. PKF is a hotel which has introduced services like breakfast, beds, inn. A well known company Marriot serves the good price and service levels. It is marked as a segment of market and has its own luxury group of hotels and restaurants (Sheehan, 2018). Institutional buyers, domestic visitors, and international visitors can be judged as the customers of this industry.

PKF hotel provides two types of services i.e. accommodation and dining services.

Similarities between Hospitality and Travel & Tourism

There are some common attributes which hospitality and tourism sector share between them. These include hotels, restaurants, pubs bars and night clubs, events, membership clubs, contracts of food service providers, visitor attractions, gambling and many more. Hospitality and tourism industries are somehow identical only (Giaoutzi, 2017). Customer service with their staff is an integral part in the hospitality management in today's era. It is an intangible component and experience of feeling of get valued. It includes better understanding of workplace, better understanding of workplace, confidence, increased participation, increased morale. Exceeding Employee's satisfaction and expectation in this industry is the essential part. Happiness can be spread amongst the employees to guests of the business. By keeping the staff happy a nice era and atmosphere is generated which makes them feel more feel, thus gives better experience. First step never to neglect is to greet customers which one must master and should not be taken up lightly. For eg. If a queue on a reception is there , then a furniture and a glass of drink can be offered to a customer.

Differences between Hospitality and Travel & Tourism

Main difference between hospitality and tourism refers to where these individuals work and these persons work mainly in motels, hotels, and resorts. An intangible act of handling a service including the hotel industry and providing accommodation and shelter. A visitor always want to be appreciated, respected, recognised and validated. Good services can be provided by measuring customer mood, judging customer's needs, improving customer's loyalty and getting feedback is the crucial part of customer service in the hospitality industry (Giaoutzi, 2017). Loyalty in the customer can be brought through satisfaction which plays an important role in the businesses. Vi Travel and tourism sector provides services publicly through suppliers like airlines, railways, cruise lines, car rentals, hotels, package tours and travel insurance. It is dynamically most economic sector as it emphasize its contribution to employment and promote foreign exchange.

Travel and tourism related services includes services given by hotels and resorts, tour operators services, guide services, travel agencies and other related services. Tourism includes Transportation, recreation, accommodation, shopping, provision of foreign currency and insurance.


Tourism is one of the vital part of global economy. Economically, tourism has given employment, thus generated jobs and wealth. But the money has leaked from the society and the jobs are of low income. From Socio-cultural way, tourism has brought people together from all around the world belonging from different background, traditions and cultures and has made environment more peaceful. And tourist are finding more opportunities attach with nature, culture stereotypes about nature and are more expressive of human interaction with nature.


Excellent and satisfactory customer service plays crucial role in the hospitality industry. It creates great impression for its establishment. Memorable experience, chasing customer expectations and an energetic service are the core features of any industry. To keep customer happy remember to be realistic and deliver the promise made. Which helps in the repetition of business. And these happy customer will only become loyal customers. One should never forget that customers are the important part of the successful business. Complete focus should be made on them.

2.1 The implications of integration to the hospitality industry

A complete control over one or more stages in the distribution o production of a product which is also a competitive strategy is known as vertical integration. Any company chooses for vertical integration for the surety of complete control over the supply of raw materials to manufacture. Companies also uses another strategy known as horizontal integration. It is an academic definition which is acquiring the business activities in similar industries following the same value chain. Vertical integration integrates with the distribution channels that carry its goods to the final consumers and combines the units supplying raw materials to it. Takeover of Starwood Hotel & Resorts by Marriot International is a kind of integration. Judicious mix of backward and forward integration strategies is a kind of vertical integration which is known as balanced integration. When prices of raw materials waves , distributors and suppliers start earning high rate of margins, when company grows subsequently, or when the present supplier of the company's raw material is unreliable then vertical integration for a business becomes attractive.

Horizontal integration is a acquiring company's business of a similar business to grow in size or capacity but it may also go for takeover or merge to achieve economies of scale or product variability, to rise markets, to enter new markets and to reduce risks and competition. When the growth of the industry is increased when rivalries have deficiency in the expertise in which the company has already achieved,when economies of scale can be gained then the horizontal integration becomes attractive.

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Constant pressure has existed in the hotel industry from the shareholders. Companies entering into businesses signifies that globally travel & tourism companies extend from beyond their core expertise. They all are capital intensive proven and are more concerned for creating investment concerns .Collaborations between the innovative brands operating in different industries are also moulding hospitality and tourism industries. For eg. 2015 France's Accor Hotels bought Toronto based parent company of the luxury Fairmont and Swissotel brands, International Hotels Group acquired Kimptom Hotels and Restaurants are some of the examples. Operational efficiency has increased as well as more more value for customers has been created. Service innovations gives ways to create and convey more values to customers through processes or technology. Newtypes of customer experiences have emerged due to innovations. There are new entrants which offers innovative hopitality and tourism services and have challenged incumbent services providers

Identifying areas for improvement and evaluating current benefits should be done. Examining which areas require better improvement so that future programs can be done easily. Taking a review of the infrastructure of system and assessing its capabilities, enhancing by implementation such as reporting, single claim intake or integrated case management. Developing a clear implementation plan providing enough time for internal and external changes. Purchasing of raw material requires the perfect evaluation of efficiency , identifying suppliers, prompt payment , ensuring cost-effectiveness and speed by terminating unnecessary steps , supplier's selection of goods and inventory control and e-business, maesuring performance, generating contarct order, receipt of service or material. Purchasing of raw material includes determination of specific service and goods. Selection of appropriate

2.2 Integration has affected a hospitality business

In this context, to be focus on some factor is give the direct impact on Finished the consolidation plan of action the welcome sector has been hold over their human relationship among the assorted arrange within welcome sector. Within the welcome sector the unwavering of the integrating has been improving as the grouping are Lord the end and the destinations are come popular among the travelling (Prebežac,2016.). On the other hand, Desegregation in antithetical dealing is businesslike for the happening of the circuit and travel commercial enterprise as well as hospitality proviso. In vertical integrating organize are doing business concern under the single pull off. In the flat integration the enterprise trading operations has been supply under antithetic indefinite quantity.

Task 3

3.1 Develop a rationale for a PKF restaurant :

Rational development in hospitality business is a complex process. It can be understand by following points :

  • IDEA : The plan to develop a rationale in PKF restaurant business would be to launch or open a business which will be a combination of hotel and restaurant. This business would be launch at tourist location in UK. UK is a world's number one fastest growing tourist destination because of the attractive tourist point. A huge number of people are coming to the UK every year. It means there is a great opportunity to do a business. But the main factor is there is a highest level of competition exist. The plan regard to develop a rational would be to concern or focus on the middle class family. This is because middle class family can not afford luxurious service given by competitive market. The main aim in this process is to give the best service in the best budget with the best possible offers to the middle class family visiting the UK tourist destination. Other idea would be to expand the business in geographical areas as well. To develop a rational will require a higher range of market research(Gibson, 2017. ).
  • Market research : the process of market research is necessary before opening any business. Market research can be done through many techniques such as primary research and secondary research. Market research is done to identify the customer's need and preferences. It can be done through questionnaires or direct interview of those people who will buy the product or service. These information helps in to strategy of making product and development of a product. The best techniques of market research would be sampling method. The sample size would be 1000 tourists.
  • Target market : the target market in this process will be the middle class family who are not able to afford luxurious offers and high package deals. Target segments would be tourists from all the ages but especially those members who are looking for the affordable packages(Prebežac, Schott and Sheldon,2016.).
  • Size of the business : as per the target market and market research, the size of a business would be at least around 100 rooms with AC and NON AC facilities. With providing the facilities of accommodation and food and lodging.
  • Investment : the size and amount of investment will be depend on the size of business.
  • Licensing : all the things which should be done in opening a new business of PKF restaurant in any location must be in legal manner. All the legal formalities would be accomplish for runs a smooth business. Legal requirements depends upon the location in which business is going to start(Giaoutzi, 2017.).

Marketing research and size of a business are important factor in develop a rational. Market research is necessary to find out all the information and opportunities available in the competitive market. Target market should be different from other company's target market. If a target market will be the same then a new business can not be maintain its position in the market(Gibson, 2017.).

3.2 Development plan for hospitality sector

In this context, to be focus on hospitality sector of development plan is help top improve the current market position and improve the growth rate of organisation. The organisational structure are need to be consider the development plan are to be followed :-

  • Development stage ;- In this development stage is to be focus on business general idea buttocks the new labour is the enlargement of the business organisation. The clinical of the new undertaking are to pursue the accomplishment and ability for achieving the undertaking content and the content behind these clinical are to topographic point itself in a beneficial place within the competitors' activity. The market research is help to improve the current market sector. On the other hand, location of the hotel is based on the overall development of organisation. The overall profit will be depend on the location and target customer in organisation. This is help the segmentation is used to choose the target market. In addition, funding is important to enlarge the market and Banks and the person can be attack for monetary fund.
  • For designing the PKF hotel one must consider various aspects of designing so that it may be built in such an effective manner, covering all the features that mist be included in a plan for a successful designing of hotel. First feature can be ambience which must be created in such a way that it can affect the mood of the customer and makes a positive atmosphere in the surrounding. Ambience must be that effective which should create a unique sensory experience in the mind of a customer. A hotel must reflect its working culture to the visitors to create the positive impact so that they might get impressed by every employee and provide a good feedback which would be beneficial in the market. A cooperative culture among the staff of a hotel creates a peaceful environment which is preferred by every customer who wants to avail services from particular hotel. After these aspects there comes the exterior and interior designing of the hotel, interior designing should be very extra ordinary as it can be considered as the unique selling proposition apart from the quality of services; interior should be made in consideration that it must create a fresh and relaxing vibe for every visitor who comes after travelling. The exterior of the hotel must be made with energetic colours and a symmetrical designing which can create a good first impression in the mindset who watches the building at a first glance. Exterior of the hotel must be the most highlighting factor (Bossen and Grönvall, 2015,). Hotel should create its brand with certain promotional activities which can include advertisement on hoardings, social media and even broadcasting it on radios and television with exciting offers for customers, this will lead to provide them a great recognition. All the marketing mix of the hotel should be linked to the target market which comprises of those customer segments which are targeted which can be based on various demographical factors. Several pricing strategies should be made that targets different groups of customers and can attract maximum of them and providing them enough profit to sustain in a market. Hotel should be designed in such a way that it meets every need of the different type of customers which will provide them a benefit over other competitors which are providing similar kind of services. PKF hotel should consider various factors such as concept of sustainability along with the hiring of candidates with specialist qualification to provide the best services to the customers. Staffing should be based on the functionality aspect which would lead to recruit exact amount of right individuals for the position. Various recruitment policies and procedures should be made that protects the rights of employees and also provide a them a good working environment where they can work with a great ease and would provide a quality service. There is also another important factor that must be taken in consideration which includes compliance with the legislation as it would provide the smooth working of the hotel in the market (Mousavi, 2017).


Form the above report is focus on PKF hotel. This is located in United Kingdom and focus on internal department management. Further, it covered development plan for future development of hotel industry. As per the above report is overlapping the catering industry with the hospitality industry, major food services are provided to the above institutions and also to the private parties and ptivate industries. Many basic operations are there like industry challenges, running trends like food service, spas, casinos etc. From the above direct interview of those people who will buy the product or service. These information helps in to strategy of making product and development of a product. As per the above report is focus on businesses signifies that globally travel & tourism companies extend from beyond their core expertise. They all are capital intensive proven and are more concerned for creating investment concerns .


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