MC4F12 Managing a Successful Business Project Level 4


There are many internal and external factors which impacts the small organisational capacity to grab the future opportunities in effective manner. For attaining sustainability in their operations small organisations is need to conduct the business activities with the application of new ideas and technologies to attain effectiveness in their operations. There are large number of benefits are associated with the implementation of digital technology with the organisation such as helps in growth activities, capturing large markets share, high amount profitability, high amount of sales, high brand image etc. But there are many challenges are faced during the process of adoption digitisation within the organisation for ex., lack of support of employees, need of high amount of investment etc. OAK Cash and Carry is small wholesale grocery organisation (Bakker and et. al., 2011).

In the present report explain about, aim and objectives of project, development of project management plan, production of work breakdown structure and Gantt chart and carrying research with the help of qualitative and quantitative methods. Also, interpretation of data with the help of effective tools and techniques, drawing out of important conclusions and production of reflective report.

Task 1

P1 Analysis of project aims and objectives

It is important for every organisation whether small or large in organisation to determine their aims and objectives for guidance of employees to design their task and behaviour which contributes in accomplishment of desired targets. The present report includes the description about the contribution of digital technology in the growth of organisation and the challenges which are arise due to its implementation in organisation. Adoption of innovative technology within the organisation strength their position in market which helps satisfaction of the different requirements of customers. There are different areas within the organisation which built effective through use of such innovative techniques. In enhance the power of administration department regarding effective filling, storage, record and sharing of information through application of the provisions of cloud technology. The communication channels within the organisation and with outsiders also improves through use of the mediums of E-mail and social media. This will provide the opportunity regarding attaining the trust and loyalty of customers to retain them longer period of time. Storage and distribution system of organisation also built more profound through adoption of internet connections and integrated systems throughout the business structures which contributes in the development of distribution system.

Production is one of the important function in any organisation. Through use of innovative technology organisation is able to produce good quality diversified product according to the trends which are exist in market. It helps to attain competitiveness in their operations which contributes to enhance the sales and profit of organisation. There are many challenges are faced by the small organisation in the process of the implementation of digital technology within the organisation. This will include about resistance of employees to accept change, lack of funds, need of expert teams, increased cost of production and low profit margins. It has shown negative impact upon the growth of small business. All the above mentioned factors are internal and present within the organisation which reduces the strength of organisation to grab the opportunities in effective manner to attain maximum outputs (Bakker and et. al., 2011).

Background of project

OAK cash and carry Ltd. Is small organisation which provides grocery products. It is analysed from the past figures that 58 employees are working in organisation which helps to provide their diversified activities in appropriate manner. The management of organisation wants to expand their business operations to attain high position and market share in market. This will not only be strengthening the business structure but also helps in development in their brand image. The different kind of changes which they want to bring in organisation is about establishment of effective distribution channels, application of online mode of business to attract more customers and to grab all the opportunities which are available after implementation of innovative technology. There are different issues arise in the process of implementation of technology. To cope up effectively need to develop training and development and orientation programmes to takes the support of employees.

Topic: “How business have coped with the major challenges of Digital Disruption and Transformation: A case study of OAK Cash and Carry”

Aims: The main aim of organisation is to adopt digitisation with the organisational activities to attain competitive advantage and cope with the challenges arise due to digital disruption and transformation.


  • Impact of digitisation upon the performance of business organisation
  • Evaluation of the measures to cope up with challenges faced in the process of implementation of digital technology
  • Different benefits which are gathered by organisation after adoption of innovative technology

Research questions

  • Does use of digital technology contributes in the expansion of business activities?
  • What are challenges which are faced by OAK Cash and Carry in implementation of digital technology?
  • What are the preferable measures to cope with with digital disruption and transformation?

P2 Production of project management plan

It is important for management of the organisation is to develop the project management plan which helps to make effective plans regarding different aspects which are considered as important part of project (Crane and Matten, 2016). Such kind of plans are work as guidelines which is used in the process of effective implementation of technology in most appropriate manner through which desired results are achieved within stipulated period of time. The different aspects which are need to oversee while preparing the plan includes cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources etc. This plan contributes in effective management of different future activities related to such project. The major benefits which are gathered through production of such plan includes saving of time, efforts, higher involvement of employees, development of better strategies to effectively deal with unwanted situations etc. The different aspects in regards to the project of implementation of digital technology within the organisation is defined below:

Scope: The scope of project is identified through analysis of the benefits which are attained by the organisation which contributes in accomplishment of their predetermined objectives. Use of innovative technology helps in development of the overall business structure from its production to distribution of product to end customers. As it is wide in scope which helps in improvement of every aspect like administration, promotion, production, distribution, expansion through use of online technology etc.

Cost: This part of project plan provides the information about the cost which is required to effectively implement the digital technology. In the process of digitisation every aspect of business transformed which incurs some of amount of cost which is included in the cost of project (Crane and Matten, 2016). At initial stage of implementation of new technology requires high amount of expenses on different aspects like on its implementation in different departments, training of the employee’s in development of their skills and development of their competency about the effective use of the provisions of new technology.

Total forecasted budget




Implementing technology cost


Promotional expense


Advertisement expense




Training charges


Total cost


Time: This aspect provides the information about the time period which is required to effectively implement the new technologies within the different departments of organisation. It also describes about the time which is taken by the such technologies to provide return with effective rate in future. OAK Cash and Carry Ltd. Uses critical path method to determine the time period which is needed to complete to different paths of project to attain their results. It provides the opportunity to the management of organisation to effectively allocate the roles and responsibilities to different personnel of organisation for completion of the different paths of project within given frame of time period.

Quality: Another important aspect which provides about building of quality organisational operations which contributes in development of products and services which satisfies the different requirements of customers. The aspect of quality is accomplished through appointment of expert team within the organization which guides in effective utilisation of the different innovative of new technologies for attaining competency in different offerings of organisation (Eweje, Turner, R. and Müller, 2012). In this regard, need to make research of the market which helps in identification of the strategies adopted by competitors, quality of their products, preferences of customers, current trends prevail in market etc. it provides the opportunity is to build their new and innovative strategies to cope with the market trends and bring changes in the quality of their products.

Risk: One of the important point of project management plan which helps in identification of the potential risks which are associated with the implementation of digital technology. It is important to identify such risks for the management of OAK Cash and Carry Ltd. To make new plans which contributes in reduction of their adverse impact upon business performance. The potential risks which are identified are related to employee support, large amount of funds, training requirements, lack of knowledge etc. Employees are the important assets of organisation and without their support it is not possible ton success in future. Application of new methods of working is not accepted by the employees as their routine is change and they have to provide more efforts to accomplish their tasks. All these different risks restrict the organisation in improvement of the business performance appropriate manner.

Communication: It is one of the important factor which helps the organisation to spread awareness among the employees about the changes which happen within the structure of organisation. It provides the opportunity is to take the support of employees and coordinate their operation in accomplishment of the desired targets. Through application of the innovative technologies the communication with individuals of society is also increase through use of the method of social media. These modes of communication are further used regarding providence of information about different offerings of organisation in market. It helps to make good connection and their retention with particular for longer period of time. This will have direct impact upon their sales and profit (Eweje, Turner and Müller, 2012). In the present report, the method of questionnaire is used to ascertain the views of employees and public which are presented with the help of graphs and Gantt charts.

Resources: Important aspect which includes the information about the different resources which are needed for the effective establishment of the technologies in the organisation. The different kind of resources which are needed in this regard includes human capital, funds etc.

P3 Production of work breakdown structure and Gantt chart

M1 project management plan

Project management plan refer to a document that consists various activities implement by project manager to attain set aim and also indicate the resources require to implement all activities. Some important aspects are there that need to be involve in the project management plan and these are risk, quality, communication, time and cost involve in complete the project.

D1 Evaluation of project management process

As per the point view of Trevino and Nelson, 2016, it is very important that there should be coordination among all functions of project as it help in execute this in an effective manner. Various steps ae there that require to be follow by the project manager to complete the project. Initiation, planning, execution, control & monitor and close all are the five major steps of project management that require to be follow by project manager in order to complete the project in time and to get all benefits related with it.

Task 2

P4 Carrying of small scale research through application of qualitative and quantitative techniques

To effectively meet out their objectives and targets to need to gather the different type of information from the market through application of the different method research. Such information either collected from the application of tools of primary method or use of secondary sources. These information helps to attain the views of respondents which enhance their decision-making regarding different aspects (Fisher, 2011). The results and conclusions are drawn from such collection through application of the different methods. For improvement of the understanding of the employees of organisation these results are need to present in form of graphs which supports in performance of functions as given criteria and available information. The different research and data collection methods which are used to carry out the mini research are defined below:

Qualitative research: One of the important research method which includes the study of the behaviour of respondents. It helps to gather the information from their gestures, behaviour, attitudes of respondents about the impact of digital technology upon the business operations and the challenges which are faced in their successful implementation ( Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011). This method includes the enquiry about the research topic in depth where emphasis is provided to why rather than what. This will provide the opportunity to collect the direct experiences of respondents which is happen in their daily life. The common methods which are used regarding making research is group discussions, individual interviews and observations. The size of sample is relatively small as it takes more time to gather depth in

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