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Managing Business Activities

Introduction to Business Activities Management

The manufacturing organization always focuses on managing their business activities or the operational activities so that the organization can achieve the desired result. Managing the business activities within the business environment will lead to improve their efficiency and effectiveness so that they can attain the objectives (Price and Smith, 2000). Jaguar is the well known British multinational car brand that exists in Whitley, converntry, England. The company always stood for quality features and its designs in cars. The company renders the quality features cars segmenting or targeting their premium customers to sell their cars. Presently, the Jaguar Company possesses 10,000 employees that cater their services in the manufacturing company to produce the cars.

The report mainly focuses on their operations or the business processes so that they can deliver the quality outcome to their market customers. The report also focuses on designing various systems that can be used to monitor and managing the quality standard in the company to improve their organizational performance in the market.


1.1 Two core organizational functions of the Jaguar Company and their interrelationship

Jaguar Company is among the British largest manufacturing car company that features various activities or functions at the workplace so that they can render the services as per the requirement of their targeted customers (Pulkkinen, Naumenko and Luostarinen, 2007). There are several functions that the firm performs in regards to execute and conduct their overall business functioning. The major functions of Jaguar Company are: Production, marketing, sales, finance etc. Therefore, in order to attain company's overall corporate aims and objectives all the activities within these functions need to be performed in effective and efficient manner. There is the two core organizational function of the Jaguar Company which includes manufacturing department as well as the finance department. Both the departments have their vital role at the workplace. The manufacturing department of the Jaguar focuses on producing the various parts of the cars. The department will acquire further raw material and equipment that will help the company in manufacturing the parts so that they can contribute in manufacturing the car (Palmatier, Scheer and Steenkamp, 2007). While, the company's another core department is finance department because the main aim of the department is to generate cash so they can invest in the company to produce the product. The gathered fund by the finance department is being allocated to the different departments so that all the functions within the organization are performed effectively.

While, these two core organizational functions are interdependent of each other (Trevino and Nelson, 2010). The manufacturing process of the Jaguar highly depends upon the finance department. It the finance department that allocate the funds to the entire department even to the manufacturing department. So, that manufacturing department may procure the material or goods for producing the parts. Having functional interrelationship helps top level management of Jaguar to manage and control their overall business functioning in effective and efficient manner. As well as this provide better synchronization and coordination within the structure of business to execute functioning appropriately.

1.2 Justify the methodology used to map processes

Business process refers to the collection of various activities that help the company in producing the particular products for the market customers (Dowling, Festing and Engle Sr, 2008). While, Process mapping is the process that shows the activities that are associated with the processes of manufacturing the cars it include activities like inputs of raw materials, resources functions and output. The process map main aim is to provide the integrative vision of the business procedure so that individuals can easily understand their role in the system. The process mapping is important for the Jaguar as it determine the various opportunities for improvement.

The effective process mapping promotes the achievement of goals and objectives of the Jaguar company (North and Macal, 2007). The core processes of the Jaguar company include finance department, manufacturing department that focus on producing the quality parts and material for cars. The success and growth of Jaguar company instantly depends on the activities that are carried out by their production department as with the growth in quality level that ultimately leads to increase in satisfaction level of their customers. Popular cars models of Jaguar such as E type are the key results of proper management of business activities and proceeding of quality management tools (Moran, Harris and Moran, 2011).

1.3 The output of the processes and quality gateways of the organization

Quality gateways is termed as the path through which company tests their manufactured products or parts. It check the quality of all the products and parts that are manufactured in the Jaguar. It help in identifying the improper or incorrect requirement from the processes and remove it so that it may not lead to any consequences. Their is the need of quality gateways in the Jaguar company as it will help in trapping the unwanted and defective part from the process so that it may not negatively effect the quality of the product (Nickels, McHugh and McHugh, 2011).

For the desired quality output from the processes it is necessary to adopt the quality gateways in the Jaguar. As in the competitive market scenario customers prefer to select the quality product and the Jaguar company exists in the market because of their quality features and premium cars. Hence, the output of the processes mainly depend upon the quality gateways of the organization.


2.1 Plan that promote goals and objectives for your own area of responsibilities

Planing refers to a process that ensure creating the future plan and then organizing the various activities that will support the plan to accomplish the desired result. Planning is necessary in the Jaguar company so that it they can easily attain their goals and objectives by manufacturing the quality cars with the advanced features to meet the requirement of their market customers (Amara, Landry and Traoré, 2008). The manager of Jaguar must design a plan that will assist in achieving the organizational goals and objectives for the own area of responsibility.

Product development is consider as an own area of responsibility that is being supported by conducting market research and conducting timely modification in the production process. So, that company can know about the current requirement of the market customers and manufacture according to the needs that will help in promoting the goals and objectives (Chen, Zhang and Zhou, 2007). The plan consists of the following steps that is determining the goals and objectives, identifying resources and equipment to achieve the goals, frame the strategies for jaguar and implement the plan and attain the future position.

2.2 SMART objectives for the department

MBO is a concept that aims to increase the performance of the company by aligning the objectives of both employee and employers. The concept include both the parties collaboratively frame the objectives and goals that have to attain in the future. SMART objectives are termed as the strategic goals and objectives that can be easily understood. These are also the objectives defined by the jaguar company but these are specific and tine frame in nature. As the Jaguar develop the SMART objective that is to increase their car sales in the two years. SMART stands for:

Specific: These goals are clearly declared what to do and the ways to achieve the objectives. For accomplishing the SMART objectives of jaguar they have qualified human resource inventory and even the financial resources.

Measurable: While, this SMART objective is even measurable as with the adequate and qualified human resource within the Jaguar they will attain the objectives (Meyer, Wright and Pruthi, 2009).

Achievable: As the manager and employee agreed upon the specific goal that is to increase their sales in the two years. So it is even attainable with the adequate resources.

Reliable: while, the objective is reliable as employee are skilled enough to attain the objective in the 2 years.

Time frame: As the objectives decided by the manager and employees state the appropriate time period in which they attain the increase their sales that is in two years (Sundaramurthy and Kreiner, 2008).

2.3 Systems implemented by the Jaguar to achieve the objectives

For achieving the objectives in the most efficient way, on time and to the budget while meeting organizational quality standard the company must implement the project management system. This system will help the Jaguar company in achieving their objectives by planning their manufacturing activities, organizing them, motivating them to achieve the goals. There are the several advantage for implementing the project management system as it will help the project to get completed in the frame time, with the allocated resources and budgets (Moran, Harris and Mor

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