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It is quite important to have a plan and work upon it. It is important to develop strategies in such a manner that effective methods can be adopted to enhance the learning criteria of an individual. I am good at analysis hence, I opt for the cases and approaches of study that require analytical as well as critical thinking aspect. It helps me in collecting in depth knowledge regarding subject matter in such a manner that each and every bit of the same can be assessed. As a fresher or new to some or the other field, each and every step helps in learning something new that may not be completely understood based upon theoretical base being possessed by me. I try to have an open and adaptive behaviour as soon as I reach office so that I can aim to learn something new and innovative. It helps me in developing knowledge base in the most effective manner.

It is important for an individual to have positive attitude towards learning (Reynolds and, 2014). It plays an essential role in comprehending and applying the knowledge base in practical manner. Hence, to keep up this positive attitude, I try to learn and grasp new things and motivate myself to learn something new every day. In order to keep up the consistency, I try to have a notepad with me all the time where I can note down all the important tasks that I need to complete in a day. I can notice my learning curve graph moving upward endorsing my knowledge and skills.

Planning plays an important role in career development. Having an idea that what I require to do next makes my base strong regarding the skills that I require to develop so as to reach on top. It also motivates me to reach to the goal that has been set by me during the planning phase. Identification of trends and development of own skills can also help in addressing strengths and weaknesses I possess for one or the other job. I possess the value of constant upgradation and binging expertise in whatever task I perform in a particular period. It helps me in ascertaining that what skills are required to be developed which are not currently possessed by me. The biggest constraint I face is low confidence level. It acts as a hurdle in achieving the overall goal of task. It is important for me to develop the confidence level so that I can present my work in an effective manner.

I also try to record my actions and tasks that are being completed by me every day. If I learn something new, I always try to keep a note of it so that I can go through it as and when the situation occurs in front of me. Application of new knowledge with the existing one helps in improving the overall practice in a particular field (Reb and Atkins, 2015). I also try to take my feedback from the seniors who can help me in understanding my flaws. It is quite a helpful approach in developing and brushing up one’s own skill set.

Skills and career development require constant focus and learning which can help in building the knowledge base. It helps in motivating to choose a career path that is best suited to the skills being possessed by me. Hence, constant focus and learning have helped me to concreter my learning up to a specific level which motivates me to work and learn something new. I tend to possess effective communication skills, that helps me in relationship building and creativity. I am able to build networking with quite an ease. Communication also includes listening skills and individual who have the ability to follow the direction given by the speaker and follow them effectively (Soliman, 2013). Other soft skills possessed by me include, adaptability to the environment, determination and persistence, honesty, respecting to work ethics culture, eagerness and willingness to add and grow with the existing knowledge base and skill set. The employer is always aware of an individual’s capabilities and competencies. The key is to work towards it and move forward so as to achieve the desired position (Ojo, 2013). Apart from these skills, technical competency also plays an important role as it is the core aspect of survival in a particularly stated job. I am already working upon improving my technical competency so that it can help me in reaching to newer heights in my career.

Positive attitude and behaviour help in ensuring that the individual is capable enough to take up the responsibilities in such a manner that the best can be expected from his side (Kristina and, 2015). So as to fulfil these expectations, I try to keep up with the expectation and always try to reflect positiveness in the team. It also helps in ensuring that positive attitude towards work is keep even in somewhat difficult situation. Training skills have helped me in building the skill set that are not only beneficial form my professional life but for my personal life as well (Ojo, 2013). The main aspect of this training is, self help and discovery, motivation and achievement psychology. Hence, it can be stated that maximum focus is given on soft skills so that appropriate behaviour can be developed in an individual to learn. It was earlier difficult to judge my capabilities. But, this training has helped me to compare my past skill sets with the present one in a manner that I find myself more enthusiastic to work and perform at the business platform.

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Developing appropriate skill set to work requires knowledge to the present skill set and then training the one which are not yet present in appropriate manner (Roedl, 2013). In order to perform this function, I first tried to analyse my knowledge so that best practice for development can be attained and initiated. It has helped me to motivate and retain myself on a particular job in a manner that, now I am competitive enough to perform business function in comparison to the earlier one. In the end, it can be stated that, personal development planning has helped me in managing stress at work, initiate positive thinking and develop assertiveness in behaviour so that the best shot can be given by me at work, ultimately leading to adequate development in the career.


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