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Consultancy Report for Supermarkets


Marketing is the core activity of every business and with the help of this concept the products and services are made available to the final users. It is very essential that decisions regarding same are taken carefully and after analysing the other companies marketing strategies that are dealing in the same industry so that competitive advantage can be achieved. Richlife Dairies Sri Lanka, Fonterra and Chello Dairy Products are three private organizations and are known retailers for yogurt. The following report will critically analyse how each of these enterprises are doing the segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiation in the marketing practices for yogurt. How customer driven promotion strategies are formulated by different companies will also be highlighted.

Task 1

Market segmentation

This is a process of dividing the whole market potential customers into groups keeping the similar characteristics as the basis. Those who are in same cluster react similarly to the various promotion tactics that are used by the commercial enterprises (Wedel and Kamakura, 2012). The following tables will do the comparison of how Richlife Dairies Sri Lanka, Fonterra and Chello Dairy Products adopts different tactics for marketing of yogurt among customers.

Richlife Dairies Sri Lanka


Chello Dairy Products

This enterprise divides its total customers on the basis of what are the purpose of customers behind consuming yogurts. Accordingly, it has made the segments of children youth and adults. Different flavors are made available which are produced as per the taste preferred by these segments.

The segmentation of Fonterra is done at global level. Its segments have equal number of teens, kids and grownup school going children. Company has its customers from around 140 countries and everywhere it has segmented on the basis of age group.

This company has made different segments of yogurt in which the maximum share is covered by anti-healthy devotees. The other groups are of those who are seek for health, lovers of the yogurts, one who desire for taste. This way the whole market is divided into four segments and accordingly ensure the availability of the product.

Target marketing

In market there are numerous people but not all of them are the customers of company. There is a group of people who are expected to purchase the goods and services that are offered to them and they are the target customers (Weinstein, 2013). All the promoting strategies are formulated keeping them in mind and this concept is referred to as target marketing.   

Richlife Dairies Sri Lanka


Chello Dairy Products

The overall market is targeted on the basis of the income group as there are lower, middle, upper and middle class customers for all the dairy products. Maximum attention is given to the middle and lower group as it offers more opportunities to the brand.

This company in order to maximize its sales targets the infants, gym freak and elderly people. According to the present trend people are more cautious for their health and focus on maintain a healthy lifestyle (Fonterra moves with consumer trends, 2018) The referred to enterprise focus on this attribute and deliver healthy yogurt so that they can attract most of this targeted market.

This company focuses on maintaining high quality hygiene and technology supported manufacturing process. Therefore, it targets the group which is more concern with the standards and do not compromise with the quality even if the cost is high (Chello Dairy Products (Pvt) Ltd.-Chello Yogurt, 2019). This way the focused customers are the upper class customers for whom cost is not the concern but brand name is.

Product Positioning

In order to differentiate own product from the other that are already existing in the same field positioning is done (Kwak and Kim, 2013). Through this the promotion of product is done by highlighting the benefits that are associated with the merchandise and this practice is known as product positioning.

Richlife Dairies Sri Lanka


Chello Dairy Products

Positioning of yogurt by this enterprise is done by promising that the product is healthy affordable and is easily available everywhere in the market.

In order to capture maximum market Fonterra position its products by promising that they are environmental sustainable, which are concern for community and delivering the healthiest dairy yogurt possible (Foneterra our markets, 2019). The other way through which this brand has position itself is through designing attracting advertisements very carefully.

This brand position its product as an elegant brand product which is made using best technology and is free from any kind of unethical practice. It markets its products by highlighting the production process which is followed at the sites and ensures that no adjustments are done with the product quality.


In terms of marketing, differentiation is about the process which help in distinguishing the product from others. The main advantage associated with the usage of this technique in marketing that make the products more attractive in particular target market. The application of this approach is used to attain competitive advantage in market. In the process of its successful application, organisations must focus over promotion of distinctive features that are different from others exist in market (Houde, 2012). This will provide an opportunity to create unique image in market along with attainment of determined targets.

The different organisations marketing campaign compared on the basis of this concept includes Richlife Dairies, Fonterra and Chello Dairy products (Pvt) Ltd. These organisations are competitor of each other. There are many products in which these organisations deal. In last 12 months of time period, all the three organisations focus over the marketing of their one specific product “Yoghurt” to improve the sales. To determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, comparison is done in between all three organisations on the basis of the marketing concept of differentiation. Analysis in respect to same is provided below:

Richlife Dairies


Chello Dairy products (Pvt) Ltd

The medium of marketing used by this organisation is Facebook and local newspaper. To justify the aspect of differentiation, management of this organisation focused over promotion of product by mentioning that available in two types drinking and set yoghurt. So, it justifies the requirement of every kind of consumers.

Secondly, focused over the description of the features and different varieties available in both products. Drinking Yoghurt comes in 6 different flavours. This will help the active and busy people in satisfaction of their nutritional needs and taste preferences. Set Yoghurt is made from 100% cow’s milk which containing the goodness of natural dairy nutrition along with creamy texture flavour. The aspect of differentiation is totally justified as proper information is provided in respect to qualitative features along with various variants.  

The medium used by this organisation for promotion of their new offering is YouTube. The new product introduced by this organisation named as New Anchor Newdale Mango Blast Yoghurts. The promotional campaign in respect to this product on YouTube justifies the concept of differentiation. As specifically information is provided in context of the availability of flavoured yoghurt which is good in taste and have less added sugar (Richlife Dairies Sri Lanka,  2019). So, this presents their product different from the competitors in organisation.  

The medium used in respect to the promotion is same with Fonterra i.e. YouTube. The marking campaign of this organisation specifically provides the information that they have two varieties of Yoghurts such as set and drinking.  This depicts that no one in market can be disappointed with the offerings. Also, featured in the campaign that in context to the both variants number of flavours are available. Set yoghurt is available in 2 different flavours and number of sizes i.e. Jelly fruit and Kithulpeni. While, considering about the drinking yoghurt 5 different flavours are present i.e. Vanila, Mango, Strawberry etc. So, the aspect of differentiation is totally justified from their marketing campaign as all necessary information is gathered in respect to their offerings.

Customer Driven Strategy 

In marketing, this is about satisfaction of the consumers through providence of all necessary information about the product through the usage of the medium which is accessible easily in daily life. All the three organisations which are analysed includes Richlife Dairies, Fonterra and Chello Dairy products (Pvt) Ltd. On comparative basis their marketing campaign adjudged in respect to the yoghurt that this justifies the concept of marketing or not. Analysis in respect to this done below:

Richlife Dairies


Chello Dairy products (Pvt) Ltd

The medium of marketing is used by this organisation is Facebook and newspapers. On the basis of the accessibility, these has huge scope in market (Fonterra, 2019). Facebook easily help to get in touch with the customers which are technology friendly and specially those which are young in age. On the hand, newspaper help to build connection with consumers that doesn't have much connection with technology i.e. old in age and working over households. So, determined that this organisation has good ability to build connection with each type of consumers present in market. The information provided in respect to the product like Yoghurt is complete in nature i.e. all information regarding feature and variant is available.

The medium used by this organisation is YouTube. The contribution of this promotional medium has significant coverage over the consumers but less than the Facebook and newspapers. This is so because the market of consumers who get the information about the product offline is more against to the online (Fonterra - Anchor newdale yoghurt, 2019). The promotion of Yoghurt over YouTube helps to build easy connection with the consumers which are technology friendly.

On the basis of the product information including features, organisation done good.

The medium used is YouTube. The accessibility of this is only over to the consumers which are active users of internet and digital platforms. Not effective in nature to provide information to the large segment of consumers that focused over offline advertisements to know about the offerings of the organisation (Chello Dairy Products (Pvt) Ltd. 2019).

In respect to the information about the features of product, organisation is done good and able to provide all effective information.


It has been concluded from the above analysis that all the organisations are doing good in market. The approach used for marketing by the Richlife is more competent in nature as covers the both online and offline segment. This will improve the reach and help in satisfaction of each and every concept of marketing. Otherwise, the two organisations use YouTube that limits their scope to the technology friendly consumers. Still, able to justify many aspects of the marketing. Apart from this it is also found that how by positioning and segmenting differently the different organisations are able to cover maximum market share. It shows that to achieve the competitive advantage the market tactics should be well planned and decided after doing complete analysis of the business environment.


  • Wedel, M. and Kamakura, W.A., 2012. Market segmentation: Conceptual and methodological foundations (Vol. 8). Springer Science & Business Media.
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