Personal Development as a Leader and Manager

Introduction to Personal Development

My organisation (security limited) provides safety and protection for reducing the crimes, vandalism, to help in decreasing theft in our community and our main stakeholders are construction companies, schools, sale business organisation, events and so on. Our main goal is to providing safety to our client’s property and to let them know that we will take care of security aspect so customers can concentrate on the business.

My role is to monitor the security team, link the closed circuit (cctv) to a monitoring station internet protocol address (IP), I managed a project of installation of closed circuit (cctv) on construction site, events, schools, and I had to oversee the purchase and supply of the specified cctv materials. This is the area in which I am lacking and require assistance from the management.

As a supervisor, my future plans and where I want to go with my career by the next three years is to establish my own security company. There are various types of areas which requires development for achieving career goals. which I hope to achieve in this course such as, how to recognise leadership skills at different level and management skills and how to apply leadership theories to various situations in organisation, to develop approached for the well-being of staff and self and also managing performances. The present report is based on identification of need and learning opportunities as a leader.

Personal Mission Statement

My main mission is to become an effective leader, decision making, to be able to understand the changing opportunities by keeping up to date, to be able to respond quickly to rapidly changing work conditions and also ability to change ideals into reality in my organisation.. The areas where I require improvements are leadership role, , managing performance and well-being which includes my personal stress management and my team members (Rothbart, 2007). In order to achieve my career objective, I have to bifurcate my short term and long term goals. It will allow me to design a plan for my personal and professional development.

Diagnostics To Identify The Areas Of Improvement

It is essential to use different diagnostics so as to identify the areas of improvement and to identify the leadership and management aspirations in effective manner. Management and leadership diagnostics can be done with the help of employees of Security Limited Company. It will allow me to assess skills gap in my personality. My manager has helped me in identifying skills. Some of the methods which were used in the process are as follows.

360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback can be used to analyse behaviour of a person. In this method, subordinates, line managers and colleagues are included (Corr and Cooper, 2016). They all contribute in the process and helped me in understanding the areas where I was lacking. It can be used to bring positive change in my personality. I am good in problem solving skills and handling different situations in the business still I have problem in expressing myself in front of others. (Giorgis and Glazer, 2013). But lack of communication skills has caused lot of problems in the organisation. My subordinates also want me to indulge in different activities of the business.

Brainstorming sessions

I had many brainstorming sessions with other colleagues in the company. It has helped me to develop my skills and knowledge (Funder, 2015). But I faced some problems in this session as well. Lack of communication and interpersonal skills has affected my behaviour. Furthermore, I find it difficult to express my ideas to other people. My manager criticized me for my stress level as it could be easily seen during the session. My lack of persuasion skills has affected my behaviour and it has increased my stress level. It is essential for me to work on my stress level and persuasion skills (McLaughlin and Vuuren, 2012). A good leader should have good public speaking skills as lack of persuasion skills will affect my managerial skills as well.

Face to face discussions

Face to face discussion is also useful in assessing needs of individual development (Moorhead Boetto and Bell, 2014). It can be used to understand problems and difficulty which others are facing. My manager at Security Limited regularly interacts with me. It can also be useful in adapting to the changing needs of the business in appropriate manner . Furthermore, I found out that my tolerance level has to be improved. There are many activities in the company which becomes monotonous and of repetitive nature. This can create challenges for the organisations as it ultimately results in lowering the performance level of the workers. I was getting regular feedback from my line manager on this issue.

Management know

Management know is an assessment process in my company (Moss, Gibson and Dollarhide, 2014). It is based on notion that strengths and weakness of a person can be used to design the training program according to him. It helps in increasing the performance as well-as the knowledge of the individual Further, it has assisted me in comparing my performance with the standards and benchmarks of the company. These training programs can be beneficial for employees as well as for the organisation itself. It has helped me to understand risk levels attached to the manager (Elliott, Rhoades and Mandernach, 2015). I have realised that I need to regularly update my technical skills according to requirements of the business.

Goal setting

There are four main goals which I have to accomplish. These are important for short terms as well as long term basis. My development goals are as follows.

Development of leadership skills

I have to change my personality mad behaviour in order to become an effective leader. I have been facing problems due to my lack of communication and interpersonal skills (Komattil, Mohammed and Subramaniam, 2016). It has affected coordination and team work in the company. Furthermore, I have to understand the given situation and make decisions accordingly. There is no universal policy for all the situations. For the next six months, I need to focus on developing interpersonal skills. In order to accomplish this, I can go for training sessions and indulge myself in various activities (Nicholls, 2014). Apart from this, I have to listen to needs and opinions of my subordinates. It will allow me to change my leadership style. I have been not been able to address needs of employees. So, it is essential for me to delegate tasks and responsibilities to the subordinates. It will help me to improve my communication skills and knowledge (Wallace, 2010).

Management skills

It is essential for me to grab every opportunity that comes. It will allow me to learn and grow (Leach, 2015). I can take guidelines from my manager as he can provide useful information to me. For the next three months, I have to work on this aspect for my personality development. Management skills cannot be attained without taking challenging tasks and assignments. I already possess good problem solving skills which can be very beneficial for me. I will work according to a plan for the time period of next three months. This plan can be used to prioritise activities and allotting time limits to it. It can be beneficial for me as it will help me to meet the given deadline of the projects (File, Mottram and Thomas, 2015). Furthermore, I can compare my performance and its effects on staff members. It can be used to review and alter methods which are used earlier.

Ensuring well being of staff

Communication and lack of coordination has been a big problem in Security limited. It has not only affected the performance of the company but has reduced morale of the employees. It will be better for me to create short term goals for employees. I can also create short term goals for myself which will help me to measure my effectiveness and performance (Garrett, 2015).

Reducing stress level

I have been criticized by my manager for the high stress level. It has affected my decision making and problem solving skills. For the next two months, I have to focus on improving my stress level. I have learnt to control my emotions and use it for my benefit. For accomplishing this task, I can take meditation and yoga classes (Dowson, 2015). I have to increase my concentration which will benefit me in the long run.

Managing performance

I have already adopted many methods like 360 degree feedback and face to face interaction to analyse my performance. I can use similar tools for assessing performance of my subordinates so that they can also learn in the process.

Coherent and Logical Evaluation on The Progress Made Toward Achieving Specific Development Goals


It can be learned from own and other experience. The following assumption is supporting by the idea of measuring leadership. For this, the Result Model can be used to evaluate progress made towards achieving specific development goals (Knott and Scragg, 2016). Leadership development has four elements: scanning, focusing, mobilizing or aligning and inspiring. From the evaluation of leadership development goals, it has determined it has brought improvement in workplace climate, advance management system and raised capacity to change. It has also made modifications in knowledge structure of employees and their productivity (Gendron, Welleford and Myers, 2016). Along with this, the improvement in leadership development goal has also increased organizational effectiveness. Participation of staff members in learning and other areas have improved with the time.


Planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating are different components of management. For planning, I have set some short and long term goals that can be easily attainable by the staff members. Multi-year and annual plans have also formulated by optimum allocation of resources such as money, people and materials (Coventry, Maslin‐Prothero and Smith, 2015). It has reduced the employee’s retention that shows my effective management. Further, the responsibilities and accountabilities of the staff lead to effective management at the workplace. Along with this, some training programs have also conducted to increase diversity. I shared my opinions along with teaching leading people that provided an invaluable learning experience to employees.

Well-being of staff by managing staff

To achieve these development goals, I have explained clear roles and responsibilities to the workers. It has created a better understanding regarding hazards and consequences in the organizations. It has increased connectivity between the staff members and enhanced their engagement level in various organization activities (Kaleem, Naheed and Ahmad, 2016). A recovery plan for welfare of the staff has also been developed. Some new code of conducts related to ethical principles and particulars for well being of organization and personal self has been developed. It has assisted in understanding and identifying level of vulnerabilities within the workplace.

On the other hand, for well-being of staff, I have invested lots of amount on training and development. With the help of this, I have also improved relations with customers, suppliers and clients. It has minimized the cost of sickness cover and sick pay (Skela-Savič and Kiger, 2016). It has delivered various economic benefits to the firm by carrying out the stress management of employees. From all of these, I feel more motivated and committed towards my work. It has increased my concentration level as well as moral. It has delivered various excellent outcomes to me, organization and employees.

Managing performance

To achieve set objectives as per the set plan, it is important to manage performance. In this context, I have set development goals related manager performance of own and employees within the organization (Sisk-Hilton, 2015). From the evaluation, it has determined that the performance level of the staff has increased and they are effectively performing their work. Along with this, they have also learned from their experience and take decision on the basis of this. Further, I have also identified that my performance has also enhanced and which has resulted in achieving specific goals and objectives.

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Organizational Improvement Plan

The aim of organizational improvement plan is to develop policy that supports culture of quality and effectively manage a series of functions. Some core values are Excellence, Trust, Commitment, Respect and Compassion (Coventry, Maslin‐Prothero and Smith, 2015). On the other hand, the domains of value are Functional Status, Quality, Customer Satisfactions, Access and Cost Effectiveness (Komattil, Mohammed and Subramaniam, 2016).

At the time of redesigning organizational plan, some major points have to be taken into the consideration such as alignment of
organizations missions, determining the outcomes against expected performance for the new process etc (Harris, Graham and Adkins, 2015). With the help of this, it becomes easy to develop and implement a plan.

Setting the Scene

It is the first step of organizational improvement plan where a management and leadership competency framework will be formulated for changing behaviours of employees (Moss, Gibson and Dollarhide, 2014). Along with this, a 360-degree concept will be designed and presented at the workplace. A management performance plan will also be developed that will reflect new behaviours of staff and their integrated values. This will considered as a main aspects of evaluating performance of workers (McLaughlin and Vuuren, 2012). On the other hand, HR department will organize training and support activities for improving skills of managers.

In addition to this, coaching and mentoring techniques will be imposed within the organization with the aim of monitoring the departments. The aim and objective of organizational development plan is to build capacity and confidence in managers to modify and bring change in behaviour of staff as well as own (Moss, Gibson and Dollarhide, 2014). In house support will be delivered from the company side related to changing workshop. Along with this, some alternative development strategies will prepared by the managers of the firm in the case of failure of the existing plan.

Governance, Ownership and Oversight

To run project management in more effective manner, it is required to develop some governance frameworks. It has delivered relevant information on timely basis to the top management along with responsibilities (Komattil, Mohammed and Subramaniam, 2016). Implementation is the most important aspect of learning process because in the changing environment, experience of implementing policy decisions needed to be taken into considerations. Indeed, it may require the plan of action determination to be review in right manner (Brekelmans, Poell and van Wijk, 2015).

Projects consist of many organizational boundaries and it requires organizational change which is difficult because there is high involvement of large number of stakeholders (Coventry, Maslin‐Prothero and Smith, 2015). Team members will be trained and so that they can perform data analysis and other assessment activities.

Organisational Alignment — Organizational Change

The expected benefit which I think to be delivered by organizational improvement plan is continuous benefit and employee development in different aspects. The concept of following project is to continue and improve the business and offerings. With the help of this, different strategies such as executed, assessed, improved and monitored can be carried out (Ting, and Sim, 2015). Proactive approach in this project plan will help in determining internal and external areas where improvements are still required. By increasing communication level, taking feedback from the staff and improving interaction with employees within the workplace, organizational change can be effectively implemented (Harris, Graham and Adkins, 2015).

The goal of effective communication is to increase engagement of the staff and clearly explain about goals of the company. It will increase understanding of need for change within the organization because communication is a crucial factor for improving employee as development is another important part where firm concentrate on aligning needs of workers with the desired changes. Organizational improvement plan will bring shift in culture and raise employee satisfaction (Gendron, Welleford and Myers, 2016).

Better Project and Program Delivery

For better implementing organisational improvement plan, it is required to enhance the capacity and revise recruitment policies and procedure as well (Davidson and Glassner, 2016). For this, it is required to attract skilled employees and try to retain them for long times. Success of the planning can be ensured if employees can develop new skills and knowledge to face new challenges (Komattil, Mohammed and Subramaniam, 2016). It will lead in reducing the turnover of talented staff. Along with this, it has required to develope some skill paths that able to improve flexibility and release potential of diverse group (Moss, Gibson and Dollarhide, 2014). Further, some competencies may also develop by applying development centre approach.

In this context, the internal partnership will grow via capitalizing and delivering effective training to employees in the effective manner (Brekelmans, Poell and van Wijk, 2015). On the other hand, cross-team working projects will also be introduced so that it will be easy to monitor performance behaviour of the workforce. Quality based initiatives will also be a part of team activities of the organization. With the help of quality circles, it will be simple to present a high growth rate and other opportunities within teams (Gendron, Welleford and Myers, 2016). Beside this, the application of action learning will also be a part of organizational improvement plan so that employees can learn and enhance their knowledge level.

Implementation Review

After implementation of organisational improvement plan, it is required to review whole execution process. It has played an important role in determining effectiveness of action plan and to ensure that the process has been executed as per the set procedures or not (Brekelmans, Poell and van Wijk, 2015). In the case of organization, intrinsic and extrinsic reward packages have reviewed so that it can be simple to identify the needs of employees. From the review of implementation plan, it has determined that new working practices should be recognized (Harris, Graham and Adkins, 2015). Along with this, it has also defined those areas which require improvement and rewarded for continuous achievement.

In addition to this, healthy workforce activities may also be designed to improve their productivity and performance level. Effective monitoring has also conducted for organizational improvement. The long term benefits needed to be aligned with high performance for coping with the changing environment. Leadership ability unlocks high performance (Coventry, Maslin‐Prothero and Smith, 2015). Knowledge must be shared and used for developing skills. The various perceptions for valuing money must be considered.


It can be concluded from the report that personal and professional development as a leader and project manager can be very useful for my growth. It will help me to develop my skills and knowledge in Security Limited. My long term plan is to start my own security company which will satisfy the security need so the company. In order to accomplish this task, I have to improve my personality and skills. The main problem as well as the objective of the plan is to develop: leadership skills, management skills, well being of self and staff and reduce level of stress. I have used many diagnostics to study about my weaknesses. The main methods I have used are 360 degree feedback, management know, brainstorming and face to face discussions. I am also getting support from my managers who are guiding me in the entire process.

This will not only help me to grow and develop my personality but it will also improve performance of employees. Furthermore, a plan has been created by me that include all the resources and time frame to accomplish the project. It can be used as guidance to check performance. It has to be changed according to the progress and requirements of the business. Some goals are long term while other is short term objectives. Both are essential for the development and growth as leader in the new business.


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