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Introduction to Communication Assignment

Communication is defines as ability of individual person to exchange thoughts , ideas, information and feelings to another person. Present report discusses about need of communication skills in any field. Importance and critical evaluation of communication skills is also done in the report. Persuasive argument of communication theory is also illustrated.


Communication skills are must for any person to effectively communicate with others. One should have ability to interact with staff and co-workers in any field of work. Communication is way to transform information and knowledge to another person . These skills includes listening, clarity in talks, verbal communication, confidence , open mindedness, presenting skills, writing skills and interpersonal skills. These skills are essential in every field to communicate perfectly with every one a person meets. Having good communication skills helps person to perform good in interviews. Person who have good interaction skills are able to explain their thoughts and ideas which can be understand easily. I

Individual person uses communication skills to tell people about requirement to perform specific tasks. These skills are required to listen to other and understand them properly. For example in any company employees wants to know about goals and objective of organisation. Communication skills help company 's management to tell employees. These skills support individual in getting job, performing job in well manner, career growth etc. writing communication skills have same importance as verbal communication skills. One should posse good writing communication skill to present point of view. Writing skills are most important for students fro better understanding of things. There are various type of interpersonal communication skills such as verbal communication , listening skills , questioning skill, feedback skill, problem solving skill, negotiation skill, team working etc.

Some of the skills are explained below

Listening skills

Communicating with other requires proper listening to them which is called listening skill of individual (Cahill, 2014). Listening skill is termed as proper understanding of thought of the person in front it is ability to understand and receive messages in the process of communication. It is way to communicate effectively and make the process of communication successful. If listening is not proper messages and information gets misunderstood. This result in improper communication and people involved in communication get irritated with each other. Listening skill is most important any field of work. Listening skill help people to get success in life. Listening skill assist people in workplace and in society conversations. These skills involves set of attitude, way of explanation, proper responding etc. Understanding ability is termed as good listening skills. A person should have good gesture of like making eye contact, proper sitting, presence of of mind. Listening is of two type active listening and reflective listening. Active listening is defined as being attentive n whole communication process with speaker. Where as reflective listening is termed as providing response to speaker that person has understood every thing. Good body language is also requires for listening skills.

There are many type of listening skills which are as follows:

listening to whole person

In this person should understand speaker properly.

Appreciative listening

Active listen should appreciate speaker and feel pleasure in listening.

Casual listening

It is a listening without taking any interest.

Attentive listening

In this listener should remain alert in whole conversation.

Evaluative listening

In this listener properly evaluates what is being said .

Feedback skill

Feedback is define as observation of the person who is involved in communication . The person totally examined and evaluate what speaker is explaining and then provides his views and feedbacks about that. Feedback skills are required to provide response of listener to speaker. Feedback is process of giving response to receiver after compiling whole message of sender. Feedback skills are important because it helps sender to identify the message effectiveness.

It is must when communication takes place only between two persons. Communication in ineffective without feedback. This is only way for sender to get response from the receiver and take actions accordingly. Feedback skills are very important in company and business venture. In any organisation it is required to give feedbacks to employees and tell them what is to be done. Feedback skill make person to explain what was expected form the communication.

Importance of feedback skills is as follows:

  • Feedback skill help in collecting information from sender.
  • It makes the whole process of communication complete (Weber and Farrell, 2016).
  • Person having feedback skills can measure the effectiveness of conversation.
  • These skills support in making decision making process for any organisation.
  • Feedback skills helps in problem solving process .
  • Getting response from the receiver is necessary to find out weak areas of communication process make them improve next time.

Questioning skill

This is the skill in which a person question and gather information from the speaker. Person having good questioning skill can gather more information form the communication. Questioner must be aware about what is to be asked by speaker. These skills are very important in life of student. A student should have good questioning skills in order to learn everything . These skill helps questioner in getting relevant information . A questioner must posses skills to ask questions which are meaningful and relevant to topic. Individual should ask question to speaker about needed information. Good questioning skills helps any individual in interview process, teaching process an din maintaining interpersonal relationship.

Benefits of communication skills and their critical evaluation

Communication skills helps in every discipline of life and helps person to make effective communication. These skill enables person to prove his/ her point. In any field if person feels free in communicating with others it effect is seen on performance. The major benefit of communication skill is that it reduce the chances of misunderstanding. Good listening skill are required for effective communication however if listening skills are not present in the person it affects the quality of work and performance.

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Feedback skills makes person to get required information. Feedback also helps the sender to know about what was missing from the given information and areas which are needed to be to improve. On the other hand giving over feedback to the speaker irritated and frustrated. Feedback skills are good when the receiver gives positive and relevant feedback. Feedback skills of person should not complex the process of comm

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