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EVRE5017 HR Diploma Task Assignment

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Part 1

Workforce Improvement Review

Marks and Spencer is one of the leading retail companies in the UK. It makes a wide range of products and services for its customers. A number of employees in M&S are approximately 84,939.

After interacting and collecting data from employees, it is identified that due to ineffective HR policies, company is facing an issue of lack of skilled employees’. Also due to lack of reward system and additional benefits, employees are switching to another brand. Along with this, with diverse employee’s company can make innovative products and services for customers. Hence, it can be stated that lack of skilled workforce as well as divergence in this company is unable to withhold employees for a longer time.

It is essential for the firm to understand that the diverse workforce can bring innovation. Also, people from different background can bring new innovative ideas which later can help the company in accomplishing success and profit.

Along with this, training and development facility must be provided to employees who can respect and understand the working conditions in an effective manner. Apart from this, changes required to be made within the HR policies such as implementing reward policy which will motivate employees to work hard for the firm. Along with this, employees should be provided positive and negative feedback on their work which helps in analysing their strength and weakness.

Diversity is one of the important factors in the retail industry now-a-days. To have diversity in all aspect of a retail company help in making sure that all decision is made help in providing success.

Discrimination at the work place should be prohibited and all the employees must be presented with equal opportunities in order to excel and grow. If the employees feel discriminated, then it leads to affect their way of working as well as demotivate them from their work.

Part 2

Implementation Plan Template

Company name:

Marks and Spencer


Start date:


Review date:

Objectives related to:

Strategies to achieve the objectives.

Employees to be involved?

Required resources.


(When will the strategies be implemented?)

To retain employees for longer time

Formulating policies in relation to method chosen

Human Resource Department as it is involved with the recruitment process.



Reward and benefit policies needed to be implemented.

It is required to be implemented by the end of this year, i.e. 2018.

To hire employees from diverse background

Need to formulate the recruitment policy.

Area Manager and HR Department need to be involved while implementing this policy

Recruitment policy

Must be implemented within 6 months to achieve targeted goal of hiring diverse people.

To enhance employees skills and knowledge

Ensure proper training facility provided to the employees.

Area manager need to be involved in order to provide training and development facility as because he/she may know weak area of employees.

Training sessions at regular interval of time should be organized

This strategy is needed to be implemented within 3 months to achieve company’s objectives.

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