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Human Resource Management

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a) Employee engagement and its importance to employee relations

Employee engagement can be referred to as the extent to which the workforce is willing to perform a certain task or activity with dedication and commitment to their job role. This demonstrates how much initiative an individual or a group undertakes for the achievement of organisational goals and objectives. This is a process which tends to motivate the employees with an aim to enhance their performance at work. By engaging employees in the decision-making and other essential activities of the company, top management of the Squires Garden aim at developing effective future decision makers. Employee engagement also renders competitive advantage to a firm in the way that they work towards realisation of goals by utilising their full potential.

Importance of Employee engagement to Employee relations

Employees engagement instils a sense of cohesion among the team members and encourages them to work in coordination with each other. Also, this fosters the employees to feel motivated and dedicated towards their work within the team and undertake steps which can collaboratively result in achievement of organisational goals and objectives. With employee engagement, top management of firms such as Squires Garden aim at reducing negativity and facilitating a healthy environment such that the individual as well as the group performance lead to attainment of set targets. Further, employee engagement boost the morale of employees owing to which they take initiatives to build healthy relations with other personnel working in the company and also encourage them to work in an effective and efficient manner.

b) Recommend workers of engaging effectively within Squire's Garden Centres

Employee engagement is essential for every organisation as this aims to enhance the communication levels that takes place between management and workforce. For keeping the employees within Squire's Garden Centres engaged, the company should take certain initiatives which provides assistance in maintaining an orderly conduct, dealing with workforce resistance and significantly reducing the turnover. Some of the initiatives that should be undertaken by the company are briefly described below:-

Open communication: By facilitating the channels of open communication, company should render employees the option to voice out their views, opinions and thoughts in relation to decision-making procedures. Communication can take place in two ways, verbal and non-verbal. By encouraging open communication across the organisational premises, management of the firm can motivate the employees to feel free to share their feedback associated with work.

Decision-making: This acts as another crucial factor through which Squire's Garden Centres can engage the employees. When employees feel that their views and suggestions are valued and taken into account, they get motivated and empowered to work by utilising their full potential.

Organising meetings: Squire's Garden Centres should conduct meetings at regular intervals in order to resolve the grievances or issues faced by the employees. This helps in making the workforce feel secure and thus they are more committed to carry out the organisational tasks. The performance of employees should be taken into account within the meetings and the personnel who does exceptional work should be recognised and rewarded by top management.

Sharing beliefs and core values with team: By sharing the ideologies, beliefs, values and customs of Squire's Garden Centres with employees, the management of this enterprise strives to render them knowledge about the way in which they have to operate. When employees are communicated such essential aspects of the company, they get encouraged to perform in an effective and efficient manner.

Inviting responses/feedback: Squire's Garden Centres should ask for feedback from employees in relation to their job role or working environment. This can be taken by way of meetings, surveys, questionnaires. When employees are given the opportunity to voice their views and give suggestions to management, they perform in a better manner towards the achievement of organisational goals and objectives. best assignment help

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c) Legislation of the UK and its impact on the human resource management

It is essential that every organisation operating within United Kingdom takes into account the laws and legislations prevailing within the country in relation to workforce and employee management. Some of the laws that are considered by the manager of Squire's Garden Centres give the relevant rights to employees and ensure an orderly conduct within the organisation are given below:-

Equality Act, 2010: This act aims at providing equal opportunities to every person who is working within the organisation. This act strives to protect personnel from discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed, origin, health condition, religion etc. Besides this, this also provides assistance to employees irrespective of that worker functioning within public or private sector. Every employee desire equal opportunities at workplace and thus Squire's take this law into consideration.

General Data Protection Regulation Act, 2018: This act has come into force to give protection to personnel from other individuals. No individual has the permission to pass personal information about a person to others even if it is the employer. Taking this into account, Squire's Garden Centres restrains individuals from bringing CDs, hard disk or any other kind of transfer device within the workplace.

Health and safety at work Act 1974: This act aims to ensure safety for while they are at work. Safety is provided such as mask for protection from hazardous and chemical substances, proper ventilation and other necessary equipments. By taking such measures, Squire's Garden Centres aims to retain employees for a long duration of time.

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From the above mentioned report, it can be concluded that the human resource manager of an organisation plays a significant role in recruiting skilled and competent employees for the entity. Also, it has been analysed that it is essential that employees are engaged in the decision making process so as to encourage them to perform in a better manner. Further, it has been acknowledged that there are a number of internal and external factors that affect the decision making of HRM which should be taken into account by the company. Besides this, it is ascertained that there are several laws and legislations that affect HRM such as General data protection regulation Act 2018, Health and safety at work Act 1974, Equality Act 2010.

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