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Literature Review

According to research analyses, it is recognized that lunch order services of campus is beneficial for college students. In this regard, some students' parents look at education qualities and learning techniques while remaining parents look at additional facilities of college such as campus, canteen and food services. Therefore, effective lunch order services of institutes facilities increases demand for students' admission. In addition to this, it is valuable to create healthy and positive environment of organization effectively. Moreover, organizer of campus plans to provide fresh and secured food to students for long term stability and demand for goods and services.

Survey method is useful to analyze students' views regarding campus services specific in food services. As per the research, it is recognized that students are satisfied with food items and also demand for add extra fast food items like pizza, burger etc. It can increase efficiency of campus in food services as well able to maintain attraction towards college's additional facilities. In addition to this, it is useful for effectiveness of institution and impacts on productivity as well profitability of Cranfield. Therefore, it is considered that entity requires to focus on research analyses which increases market position of college and its related facilities. It can also play great role in achieving positive outcomes for sustainability in market.

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As per the research, organizer and analyst of college campus focuses on students view and further sets target to increase institution's service qualities. Moreover, it is able to create developing atmosphere of college in education and campus both fields. Thus, it is necessary for organization to set objectives related to lunch order services. It includes overall decisions such as optimum utilization of materials and other curriculum facilities of college. In this regard, researcher asked various questions to students related to food services for example; there satisfaction level regarding canteen information including data based on their opinion for food like which quality and quantity to be added in lunch order services. Hence, collection of these information is beneficial for further business activities and planning procedure for implementation in canteen as well campus services of college.

To analyse the need for Lunch Order Service in Cranfield Institution

Researcher prepares questionnaire and asks question lists to students related to college and campus services. On behalf of this collected data proper objective is determined to increase efficiency of college and its facilities. According to (Allen, 2015) , reasons for setting goals are recognized to gain general objectives of the organization. In this regard, reason behind analyses is considers as getting information and implement action plans for creativity in market related to Cranfield services. Hence, survey method is useful for generating ideas related to maintain students' attraction towards lunch orders. Moreover, it provides ideas idea related to quality that which flavor and material to be used for effectiveness of food services. Including this, quantity of resources to be produced and supplied can be obtained. It is beneficial for proper management of food items for college campus as well attracts students for taking advantage of campus facilities.

As per the point of view of (Fernald, 2015) need for lunch services and its essentials are recognized through research and survey method. Including this, lunch order services of Cranfield is determined effectively to run entity effectively also influences environmental factors of college and campus services. It acquires accurate knowledge regarding organization food items includes aware about innovative ideas to run institution. Hence, satisfactory tools are observed to gain students satisfaction. Similarly, it is helpful tool for providing healthy and tasty food items in lunch services. It is determined that proper management of institution for entire activities can be achieved by setting target to analyse lunch order services requirement accurately. Thus, entity requires to gather data related to students views and opinions for balanced atmosphere of college. It is crucial to develop effective creativity in canteen and food services.

Analyses of student view is beneficial but it has some limitations to reach out the set goals. Such as; inaccurate research and analyzing negative feedback of organizer to recognize lunch order services. It has been observed that inaccurate recognition for lunch order quality and demand reflects productivity and outcome negatively. It also creates imbalanced environment of college institution. Therefore, equilibrium for demand and supply of goods and services indicates disturbed. It is claimed that critical evaluation of lunch order and canteen facilities for college remains ineffective for proper management of resources. Moreover, there are challenges occurs in Cranfield to create effectiveness in lunch order services. This task considers unable to be accomplished for college campus and canteen services regarding food items.

In opinion of (Capalbo and, 2015)criticism arises in Cranfield can be reduced by using effective tools and techniques for healthy and satisfactory lunch orders. It requires some factors to create effective environment as accurate analyses of students views and open communication for canteen services. Therefore, entity requires to discuss about college facilities in education and campus facilities. It remains valuable for effectiveness and long term sustainability of college and its product value in market. Thus, it is needed for organization to increase efficiency and providing qualitative services to students which are key elements to run business effectively. Hence, proper management of goods and services as well effectiveness canteen food items can be determined through accurate planning processes. Further, it is required for action planning and its implementation to reach out the target. Apart from this, causes for analyses is obtained by fulfilling each individuals' needs. It leads to satisfy all students of the institution plays effective role in increasing working abilities of organization.

Thus, it is considered that need for lunch order services is required for qualitative services of college campus as well able to increase business profile in market. Including this, it is obtained that Cranfield make place in market by providing satisfactory services to its students. (Kasahara and Lapham, 2013) that it would be able to sustain great position in market for long term sustainability of product value. In addition to this, it is useful tool to encourage other students and their parents for institution's services. Thus, organization sets target to identify students' views regarding college and campus by providing qualitative facilities to students. It is one of the important tool to step forward for further business activities. It considers as significant for continues growth and increasing productivity of resources in college campus. Therefore, it is essential for Cranfield to obtain techniques for fresh and effective food services in canteen and campus also able to increase profit earning capacity of organization.

To realize the importance of Lunch order service for students and parents of Cranfield Institution

According to (Johnson and, 2016) it is significant for organization to create balance between education qualities and campus services. Increasing in efficiency is possible through making planning and implementing actions. Thus, organization requires to step forward for qualitative service efficiency of lunch order and food qualities. These effective service qualities emerges positive attitude of students and parents towards Cranfield's effectiveness. Moreover, it results to increasing in demand for college facilities which creates peaceful atmosphere of organization. It is able to realize importance of campus qualitative services which is helpful in effectiveness of organization. Therefore, overall development of college and its campus is possible through proper management of lunch order procedures. However, it is considered that entity requires to focus on different elements like food service qualities as well utilizing techniques for organization's advertisement also plays effective role in developing work efficiencies for effectiveness and market place in education sector.

(Moll, 2014) explains that it is valuable to gain positive feedback from students and their parents which is able to increase efficiency of organization. Similarly, it plays effective role in entity's development by using innovative ideas. In addition to this, unique ideas are able to use different techniques for sustainability of organization and implements strength for market position to sustain product value through facing competitive strategies. Moreover, it generates idea for using tools and techniques which is liable for optimum utilization of resources as well able to create effective atmosphere of entity in market. However, attractive market position is useful to increasing productivity and profitability of goods and services provided by organization. In addition to this, setting goals and implementing strategic action plans are useful for entity's effectiveness. Thus, proper management of college and campus is useful for balanced economic and non monetary development of entity.

It plays effective role in overall development of Cranfield in both education and campus quality services. Hence, it is valuable to sustain strong market position through facing cut throat competition. Moreover, it interrelates with other environmental factors such as socio-cultural and technological influences which impact on organization's effectiveness. According to (Novy, 2013) it is considered that analyses and action planning is essential for entire growth of college effectively as well able to understand different aspects of technological changes in providing food services. For example; using latest technologies and machinery equipment are useful in providing better quality of services by which students can get satisfied with college and campus facilities. Therefore, it is liable to increase efficiencies and attraction towards product value in market. It is useful to make place in market through facing competitive strategies and making great position in market.

In addition to this, it is able to increase efficiency in performance of organization and its service qualities to sustain product value effectively. Thus, Cranfield can pull customers as students and their parents for taking advantage of organization's services. As per the point of view of (Spencer, Hanson and Collis, 2014) lunch order services in right time at right place is able to maintain attraction towards goods and services of entity. In addition to this, Cranfield is liable to maintain good market reputation for effectiveness in service qualities. It is useful technique to gain trust of students and parents which increases loyalty towards product and its sustainability.

(Cranfield, 2016) claims that there are some limitations in realization of food services of lunch ordering. Some students and parents creates doubt related to food services. There are some questions arises on quality and effectiveness of resources used in manufacturing items. However, there are possibilities occurs that products may not attract all students and therefore imbalanced supply and demand for products arises. In addition to this, it is considered that society and community may not aware about production and supplement of food products.

Moreover, fresh food items arises doubts regarding food services. Therefore, Cranfield creates imbalanced environment of entity regarding lunch order services. Apart form this, inaccurate analyses of students views mismanages demand and supply of resources therefore improper production and supplement of food services occurs.

(Allen, 2015) says that management of resources is possible through proper planning and its implementation to reach out set target. Moreover, it plays great role in effectiveness of organization as well able to increase efficiency of goods and services of Cranfield. It is able to make place and evaluation of strategies for college students. In addition to this, organization requires to provide fresh food and satisfactory items to students to sustain market position for long term effectiveness. It is essential for organization to implement various tools and techniques for develop products through advertisement via TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and other tools. Thus, lunch order services remains valuable for college students and their parents to create trust and loyalty towards product value. Moreover, entity requires to provide fresh food items to aware society and community for its effectiveness. Hence, it is considered that effective product services are valuable to sustain product value in market. Including this, it is one of the most effective tool to increase trust and attraction towards healthy and fresh food items of organization.

Hence, Cranfield is able to increase its efficiency in performance as well liable to gain effective product services for lunch order services. It is analyzed that market position of food services requires to providing food products in right time at right place therefore attraction for service quality remains continuously grow at high level. (Fernald, 2015) says that Organization uses various tools and techniques to attract students and parents to realize importance of lunch order service effectively. Under such methods, different advertisement techniques are applied like taking advantage social media and networking sites. In this regard, online marketing for food products are required to advertise products like email, Facebook and twitter etc. Including this, different opinions are obtained related to service quality through comments on social networking sites. These are components to generate ideas for further business activities such as remains valuable for entity as well college students. Moreover, sample testing of new recently used techniques items can be observed by analyzing public views. In accordance to this, it is realized that effectiveness of organization is possible through recognizing benefits and lunch order service qualities.

To assess the benefits lunch order service serves for the students

As per the point of view of (Kasahara and Lapham, 2013) fresh and effective food items are valuable for organization effectiveness. It requires public support also influences social and cultural development of societies. It interrelates with various environmental factors such as financial, technological, production and supplement of food items. Moreover, it is necessary for organization to focus on accurate demand for food items in qualitative and quantitative manner. It impacts on optimum utilization of resources effects production as well supplement of fresh food items. In addition to this, it is essential for organization to produce and supply food items as per market demand.

According to (Spencer, Hanson and Collis, 2014)society and community get attracted towards effectiveness and good reputation of organization in market. Including this, it is valuable for implementing action strategies for facing competition and sustain market value for long term stability of entity. In addition to this, it is analyzed that college students takes advantages of fresh food items as well qualitative services of workplace. Moreover, entity maintains effective market position in food services influences external environmental factors. In this regard, lunch order services impacts positively in marketing of food items through effective planning procedure and implementation of activities towards marketing tools as product qualities, place and pricing of food services. Including this, it also involves promotion activity as advertisement and analyzing actual product performance in market.

According to (Johnson and, 2016) lunch order services are beneficial for effective marketing and its essentials by determining product qualities and place to produce services effectively in right time. In this regard, organization requires that products should be reached out in effective time frame as per demand. Therefore, set periodic time and convenient facilities to customers entity requires to makes plan related to place determination and online delivering time of food products. In accordance to this, it is useful for comfortably and satisfactory tools effectively. It plays great role to gain students' parents trust upon food quality services as well organization's effectiveness. Thus, college students and other organizations students can take benefits of food items effectively.

In opinion of (Moll, 2014) effective food service qualities are useful to face competition and leads to sustain its market position for long time period. Moreover, optimum utilization of goods and services are presented to gain effectiveness of organization as well plays effective role to increase efficiency and performance of entity at high level. In addition to this, workers performance as waiter and delivering products including dealing with customers are essential for organization's sustainability. Therefore, it provides training and development services to workers for working efficiencies. However, it provides bonus, incentive and other non-monetary benefits to employees of the restaurant. It is able to increase goodwill in market also increases demand for fresh food services as well provides convenient services to consumers.

On the contrary of (Capalbo and, 2015) serving food and dealing with college students remains remains beneficial to increase efficiency of organization. In order to this, entity gets negative perception related to food services that doubts on quality uses during manufacturing as well timing in delivering products. Moreover, imbalanced environment occurs due to inaccurate analyses of demand which reflects supply and outcome of profitability. It is considered that productivity and profitability are interlinked to each other therefore imbalanced atmosphere occurs. Including this, it also includes factors like social and cultural environment as well technological implementation for competitive strategies of food items. Moreover, critical evaluation of food products supplement obtains that atmosphere of organization impacts further business activities and also forecast product value in market to face comparison with other entities.

As per the view point of (Cranfield, 2016) advantages of lunch order services can be utilized by concentrates on some factors like time framework, effective market structure, strongly focused on strategic plans and optimum use of raw materials same as material used in work in process duration. Further, it influences on quality and quantity demand of products as well creates atmosphere of organization. It is valuable to make place in market for long term sustainability and transaction of resources. Therefore, lunch order services are beneficial for effectiveness and market position of entity. It increases positive attitude and perception towards food services by using latest technologies. It is effective for better service qualities as well sustain good reputation in market for long time periods. Thus, increasing in demand for food services considers enhanced influences productivity and profitability of entity positively. In this regard, it is recognized that firm requires to maintain product value in market by using attractive tools and techniques for marketing activities.

According to (Moll, 2014) food service delivery in right time is beneficial for increasing efficiency of working performance as well impacts positive environment at workplace. It is also able to gain positive feedback from customer towards services able to gain qualitative services for organization's effectiveness. In addition to this, it is one of the most valuable tool to maintain effective position in market as well provides effective services at marketplace. Hence, lunch order services are valuable to gain trust and loyalty for service qualities of food items. It is useful for efficient and increasing service qualities of food items.


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