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PM202 Individual Reflection BSc Honours HRM GSM London

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By the means of carrying out the present research I need to learn analytical skills so it helps me to enhance my skills and knowledge and creativity to perform the better task and performance (Baldwin, 2016. Overall research has been done with overall team members which helps me to grow team building power and to enhance way of doing things. Overall, it makes good presence of doing things in perfect and effective manner. From the analysis I also got to know that I need to enhance my technical skills through I get more power to accomplish my future objectives and task. I also aim to get good managerial skills to achieve my career goals and objectives to get good position. During this research I got to learn some computer skills and get the use of Skype, e-mails and other communication source. Through I learnt how to make proper communication between team members. With the help of effective work process and team building. I also know about the importance and role of team members. Through I have learnt that how to perform in a team and what things must be considered. It gives me lots of strength and power to achieve my goal in more efficient manner. Moreover, another effective process is that to accomplish the overall task in more productive manner. At the time of study all team members work together and held meeting whenever the requirements has occurred.

I analysed that effective management team working gives better outputs and productive work performance. Through this, it helps me to attaining business results and thus goal can be attained (Ong, Ashford and Bindl,; 2015). It gives me more power and strength to perform, better work and effective learning process. From the self assessment I also get to know that, I need to nourishing by team building skills to form new better relationship with team members. I also enhance my motivation skills through this study which is very necessary and effective for getting good career ahead. Furthermore, I also need to enhance my research skills which assist me to carry my further research. Through this, I can include effective data and do better secondary research with my best research skills. I analyse that each and every team member gives equal contribution for the development of team building results and process. It is very necessary and important to carry out the things in more productive manner. I also required to make proper relationship with my peers to get better response and team building skills (Reynolds, 2017). Moreover, it gave my excellent experience and so much knowledge which is very much impressive and productive for me to make better results. With the help of my research I also got to know that organisation is must require adopting better working environment and culture in order to having the best possible work.

Productive nature and impactful process help to enhance the team members' performance and interpersonal skills. However, while carrying this research and study it has bee proved that without the contribution of impressive technology research project has bee never be fulfilled. Through I got to learn that technical skills are very much required for best performance. It will very necessary to make good performance with team building. On the other side, in every research key part in research methodology where different tools and techniques employees for conducting process effective method. Methodology of different research tools helps me to take research effective. Through research process I got to learn so many things and technology to make research productive (Reynolds, 2017). Along with that, during the process of overall study, I interacted with so many peoples and members who guides me a lot which makes me more powerful and efficient. It will become more powerful and productive process making. During the whole process I framed so many questions which helps me to accomplish the results and process making task.

Moreover, it will very progressive and helpful for me to accomplish the overall process of mine. Overall, research part helps me to gain my interpersonal skills. Through I will easily get my work in more productive way. Through effective process of making good skills and wants. I interacted with different type of staff members to make goof and effective process making. Through this overall working process, I also get to enhance by designing skills which helps me in future making task. Throughout this overall finding I got to analyse my own performance level towards my objectives and task. Moreover, I analysed that my interpersonal skills are required some improvements which makes me happy. Another most required and important thing is to analyse own performance. I also focused and analysed throughout this whole study and research that is I need to enhance my communication skills to make good impression in front of my team member or in front of my seniors.

After conducting this whole research and analysation I need to make my own personal development plan in which I need to acquire some effective process making which helps me to make proper skills and wants (Reynolds, 2017). I need to acquire more technical skills in order to enhance effective performance level. Also it requires making good presence skills and performance. On the basis of my present study I got to analyse that I need to improve my skills and knowledge regarding my research so in future I will improve my research technology and skills. Overall it proves that research skills and wants. Moreover, from my previous skills I got to learn how to work in a team and how to behave with team members. It gives me strength to perform in better way. It gives me strength and moreover method to take my reviews further. Throughout this research I got to enhance my technical skills and get huge experience which helps me to grow in the future (Reynolds, 2017). It will more great full and thankful to this research. It helps me to get my objectives and goals.;


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