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Unit 6 Professional Practice and Ethics Sources for the Collection of Data

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Elememt 1 : Group Presentation

Covered in PPT

Element 2 : Portfolio

1. Professional CV

Brad Henry


OBJECTIVE : Admission officer



 Efficient communication skills

Excellent IT understanding and knowledge

Experienced as a team leader

Efficient problem solving skills

Committed and honest



2010 – 2014 Bachelor degree in Maxwell University

2014 – 2016 Masters degree in Bluebell College of Post Graduation



·         Worked as an Examination officer in Stanwood College

·         Conducted interviews for more than 2500 students.

·         Have been a part of 23 Educational tours in 12 countries.

·         Have been appointed as the lead recruiter in Blackstan University



 2016 – 2018 Examination officer in Stanwood College

2018 Lead recruiter in Blackstan University


·         Had a certificate of appreciation from Stanwood college

·         Had appreciation trophies for recruiting skilled and talented candidates.



Surfing internet

Playing games



Database handing

Understanding of Microsoft office

Graphic designing


1. Mrs Daisy Peter


Maxwell University

11 Street, China Town

London, UK


2. Mr. Shane David


Blackstan University

345 Wall Street, UK


[email protected]

2. Cover letter


27 April 2018

Dr Reddif K

12 Wall street

Near Blue stars restaurant

London, UK


[email protected]

Dear Reddif,

 I am writing to you in response to the job advertisement, page 4, The UK Times, newspaper. I was very happy to see that your company is in requirement of an admission officer because from a few times, I was planning to change my job due to some reasons. I have attached a copy of my curriculum vitae so that my education qualifications and other business  personal details along with the interests can stay clear enough.

 As required, I have an experience as an admission officer and also, I have been to various educational tours as well. So, I am experienced enough to such factors. I assure you that I can be a good option for your company and I will leave no stone unturned to achieve the objectives and targets of your reputed company. I will wait for your reply. Hope to see you soon.

Brad Henry


3. Career development plan    

Extra curriculum activities


Ways of improvement

Reading novels


I will make sure to read more novels regarding the children and their behaviour because it will help me in understanding them better.

Planning visits to the classrooms


I will make sure to increase my visits in classrooms so that I can have an interaction with them. It will help in a much better understanding between us.

4. Ethics statement

When I was appointed as an examination officer in Stanwood college, I had interaction with many children. Initially they were shy and were not open enough but I started making interactions with them. So, after that they opened up and also started sharing their issues with me. It helped in making the interaction rate better and we managed to achieve various targets as well.


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