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Reflective Portfolio

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Week 1: Executive housekeeping

Idea development

I acknowledged that housekeeping department is knowns as the heart of the hotel. It is so because cleanliness of rooms and public areas is one of the general expectation for guest comfort. Here,  I found that housekeeping department cannot interact directly with guest who visit in hotel. The plays significant role in providing the excellent experience to guest and making their good memories of their stay. Their quality services make sure that success of hotel operations. I learned that there are lots of issues which are relate to the housekeeping is related to improper communication.

There are different department in housekeeping in a large hotel with in house laundry. Further I understand head of HR department control all sub department and supervise staff so that they can work properly. I learned that there  are different responsibility of executive housekeeper such as oversee the employees and maintain relationship with all employees in their department. It is one of the important department within an hotel establishment because it make sure that the quality and cleanliness of very room  is met or not (Petkova, 2016).  

Along with this they are also responsible for all the laundry operation within the hotel.. Executive housekeeping should be good with people either they are staff, customers or management personnel. I understand issues that there are some important skill which is lack in executive housekeeping due to which problems faced by guest and employees within an hotels. No effective communication take between staff member and  executive housekeeping. Further it unable to manage all work on time due to which guest unable to get clean room on times and other facilities.

My own learning related to the issues which I identified in hotel is as follows

I learned that there housekeeping department need to work with other people so that work can be completed on time. Along with this it need to make sure a high level of communication within the department (Wong  & Lee, 2017). Further for avoiding small kind of mistakes it is important to understand the way each department work with their required functions in order to operates activities successful for highest level of guest service. I gain knowledge that it is important to maintain standards and methods of cleaning and continually update to more effective methods whenever it needed.

Further for managing all work of housekeeper on time charts can be prepared for assisting daily room assignment. Further it can be stated that there are different factors which need to be determine related to number of rooms which room attendant can clean in a day that is room furnishing, nature of guest in the rooms. Further I learned that there are technologies that is used to assign room attendants that is Mtech's REX software.

Further I learned that use of PMS feeds rooms and reservation data to the system. It is so because it help in quickly assign rooms to room attendant. With the use of new technology it provide housekeeper to be given an I pod touch instead of paper list of rooms. By using this advance technology it assist attended to log in the system. Here it analyses a series of variable about the rooms and assigned to the room attendant. I understood the use of PMS system as when cleaning process of each rooms, the housekeeping status is then updated on the PMS.

At the same time when previous guest left its bags, then system will send a message to the front desk. I become aware that in most of hotel the supervisor examine rooms on each floor before releasing them to the front desk for residency. Here in inspections it includes orderliness, cleanliness and operational details (Mooney,  Ryan, & Harris, 2017). I identified that for saving time executive housekeeper can take into consideration that room attendants inspect their own work. It also motivates employees and build their confidence. I develop my understanding related to use of new technology such as at the time of cleaning room housekeep kept with them a small Zero defects kit which contain fresh light bulbs and batteries for remote control. The housekeeper can use all of the appliance remote, heater and air conditioner etc. Further, I learned that training need to be provided to new and existing employees.


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