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Developing Manager

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Task 1


This report is based on Holiday inn which is founded by Kemmons Wilson in year 1952 and headquarter is in Denham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. It is British owned American brand hotel which is offering their products and services to worldwide (Isaga, Masurel and Van, 2015). The taken job position for this task is hotel manager which I want to be in next 5 to 10 year.

1.1 b Skills of manager

There are various type of skills which are required for a manger in an organization, some major of them required to work in respective hotel are given below:-

Good Communication-  

It is most important skill which is required to become a good manager because they have to communicate things or opinions to others in appropriate manner so they can understand it and conduct it in effective manner.

Good Organisation- 

The next important skills which manager must have is ability to organise things. It is their responsibility to develop plan, schedule it and then organise it and follow it in appropriate manner.

Team Building-

It is the quality of good manger to connect and intact business their team (Hunt and Weintraub, 2016). A good  manager identify problems and make successful and healthy team by developing trust between them.


A effective manger listen to problems of their co-workers and solve it in effective and efficient way to prove that he/ she is committed towards the organisational goal and objective.

Ability to deal with changes-  

It is the ability and skills of good manger to be flexible and  adapt changes easily and effectively. They must have skill to take right decision in every situation for their team and company.

Domain Knowledge-

It must be ability or skills of manger to understand each and every things and task in appropriate manner because he/ she is the one who make strategies and plan for employees which they follow to achieve goal.

1.1 c List of a managers current possess skills and required skills

Their are certain skills which I already have to become a manger in Holiday Inn but there are some skills and ability which are required, below the list of following are given:-

Current possess skills

Required skills

Good Communication



Problem Solving

Good Organisation

Team Building

Ability to deal with changes effectively

Domain Knowledge

Decision Making


Project Management

Technical Skills

All the above mentioned skills are important to become an effective and efficient manger in respective hotel. It is so because it them to take appropriate planning, organising, staffing, motivating and so on decision in proper manner (Turner, 2014), so that Holiday Inn and its employees achieve the required goal and objective in effective way .

1.1 d A persons SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis of a person is conduct to identify its internal strength and weakness and also its external opportunities and threats. By knowing this they can make plans and strategies to overcome and improve their weakness and threats as well as they able to know their  opportunities and then make plans and strategies to grab it (Beamish, 2013).  By conducting SWOT analysis  a person can also identify its strength which help them in making appropriate decision according to the requirement and situation. The SWOT analysis of a manger is given below:-




· Good communication skills.

· Skills to organise things.

· Decision making skills in every situation.

· Ability to deal with changes in effective manner.

· Poor leadership quality.

· Lack of problem solving skills.

· Not able to use technical tools in appropriate manner.

· Less knowledge of domain.



· Chance of promotion.

· Better earning progressions.

· Development of  new career directions and challenges.

· Their is no commercial experience.

· Less technical knowledge.


1.1 e Future objective of a manger to set career

Their are certain future objective which respective person of Holiday Inn design to set his career are describe below:-




Target Time


When I was managing a team, then I able to know that I am lacking in leadership quality because I am not able to describe things and lead my team effectively.

For this I will try to do more and more work in team and try to lead them in appropriate and effective way.

 3 months

Technical Skills

I was using basic technical software but I was facing problems and issues while operating it whereas other employees are using it simply.

To improve this I started using more technical tools and software. I also join classes for the respective things.

4 months


Domain Knowledge

When I was in meeting with my senior and we are discussing on some  management or domain things, then I fell I have lass domain knowledge.

To improve this I will start reading books, newspaper,articles etc. and participate more in  related activities.

3 months

Problem Solving

When my staff come to me with their problems, I listen to them carefully but not able to solve them.

For this I will try to resolve problems of other and I start it with solving small issues.

2 months



Form the above mention point it can be conclude that there are various skills which is required to become an effective manger in any organisation. Some of major skills are communication, understanding, problem solving etc. and every individual who want to become a manger must evaluate and develop required skills for a manager.


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