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Introduction Of  Facilitates Management

Topic Sentence

I learned about the facilitates management objectives which are needed within a hotel in order to remain competitive with other hotel. There are some facilities which need to manage so that profitability can be increased. I learned about the broad spectrum of services which is needed to make sure building is available to and will perform the function for which purpose it was designed  and construct (Melián-González & Bulchand-Gidumal, 2016). I understand that property operations maintained included cost which is associated with the engineering department and expended in in maintaining and operating the mechanical and electrical services of the hotel. I learned about the objectives which is related to facilities management.

Issues regarding the facilities management is that it is needed to keep hotel neat and clean and run smoothly. There are many challenges which are associated with it that is keeping public areas spotless and inviting, to make sure that all rooms always match to brand (Kryukova,  & Sokolova, 2014). This issues have been learned and serves have experience to face this challenges so that it can offer a total facilities management. It is important to make sure that carpets are cleaned and well maintained. Further I acknowledge that removing daily spillage and reducing the requirement is very costly maintained and it can be take place due to poor daily cleaning regimes.

Idea development

I enhanced my learning that for improving the carbon footprint of hotel the serves equips staff with enzymes and cleaners which are appropriate for the environment instead of any other conventional chemical cleaners. Apart from this I understood that facilities manager have background in mechanical engineering. There team size will be depended on the hotel size whether it is medium, large or small scale. I learned that there are different approaches which can be taken into consideration for the maintained such as reactive, preventative , predictive etc (Heizer & Barry, 2013). There are some benefits which are associated with this approaches that is increased of effective system service life improved reliability, reduce potential injuries so that firm not face issues related to work. Further for maintaining all the facilities I learned that every guest room must undergo with the preventive maintenance program within a 2 to 3 times. Hotel can take preventive maintained in an effective manner with the use of proper planning, prevention and prediction (Kryukova & Sokolova, A2014).

I learned that for making improvement in hotel it is important to take preventative maintenance by the management. This can be done by availability of labour, all the materials and parts must be available in order to complete maintenance successfully. Further in room facility should be provided to guest who are physical disable so that they does not face any kind of issues.


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