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Small Business Management

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The business plan including business opportunities

The managers and leaders have to choose the plan vision and mission for the organization because the vision is vital for Shylo’s Mobile Café’s business plan. The managers utilize the vision detail the precise business plan of Shylo’s Mobile Café to bring a legitimate thought. The business plan incorporates objectives and goals of the Shylo’s Mobile Café. As per the authority style, how the organization performs in future days is depended on by legitimate initiative style. With the assistance of the vision, managers have individual working and coordinating techniques including the capacity to analysis the feasibility of the business plan of Shylo’s Mobile Café.

Also, the different sorts of brand vision help an organization to decide exact evaluation(Gootnick and Gootnick, 2009).
There are various types of tools and techniques are utilized by the management of Shylo’s Mobile Café to conduct a successful feasibility analysis. Besides that, with the help of a business model, a small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café can easily conduct a feasibility study. Thus, market research, financial planning, cost analysis, risk analysis, competitive analysis, strategies and marketing tactics, market segmentation, business model, promotional activities and customer analysis are factor of a feasibility study which is discussed for the effective business plan(Evenson, 2011).

Market research: two types of research as qualitative and quantitative includes the significance of market opportunity. Primary data or information is collected through quantitative research process. So, to gather accurate information regarding new entry, small business should focus on primary data which includes customers’ requirements, complaint, suggestion and demand about food quality.

With the help of market research, small business can achieve desired goals and objectives. Before presenting any specific service quality quality or new dish on the market, the market research needs to be conducted by the small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café. Discussing the market segmentation, it will help the marketing managers to find proper region including demographical, geographical and social factors. At the end of the day, the market segmentation is somewhat handled where gathering individuals with comparative needs or same portions who indicate comparative acquiring design. For winning benefit, segmentation is done either for the verity of the item or focus on a specific gathering of individuals (Osterwalder et al., 2007). .

Macro environmental factors: to grab business opportunity, small business should focus on macro environmental factors such as political, economic, social and technological factors. Each factor of macro environment is considered in PESTEL analysis which directly influence feasibility study of Shylo’s Mobile Café. Political factor includes governmental role to expand the small business of Shylo’s Mobile Café. Economic factor includes exchange rate, GDP and currency value for new entrants of small business. Social factor covers individual preference of customers. Technological factor covers technical improvement of small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café.

SWOT analysis: it includes four parts such as internal (strength, weakness) and external (opportunity, threats) factors for small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café.

The entrepreneurial process

In order to successfully implement the business plan, there is some process have been taken part in small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café. Besides that, with the help of marketing manager, an effective business idea is created, but the CEO of the organization needs to approve the plan for further process. Moreover, after getting all approvals, the marketing manager can allocate tasks to individual employees. Thus, the marketing manager needs to focus on macro factors and SWOT analysis for accurate decision making process of Shylo’s Mobile Café.

On the other hand, the vision of an organization incorporates a few opportunities for the organization, for example, sales improvement, financial stability, and employee empowerment. With the assistance of appropriate vision of business plan, Shylo’s Mobile Café can capable actualize a precise strategy for future development. Along with that, small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café of UK includes individual opportunities and they should successfully grabbed that kind of opportunities to expand its business. Thus, this business plan of small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café includes a new mobile item which will be launched in the market (Barrow, Barrow and Brown, 2008).

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The characteristics of successful small businesses

Consult with the primary stakeholders

The stakeholders are the main operational support system of small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café. To build up an appropriate a business plan, the stakeholders are playing an enormous part. The diverse sorts of stakeholders of an organization are creditors, customers, directors, owners, community, employees, suppliers, and governments. Apart from that, primary stakeholders have an immediate and economic stake in the organization and, they often create an effect on the exchange of resources, management, and financial support (Luther, 2010).

Not just they are most open gatherings, and the Small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café has the most contact with them. On the other side, secondary stakeholders are consistently taking an interest of the small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café for presence, for example, government, and group, providers and exchange unions. In order to maintain a good relationship with the stakeholders, distinctive sorts of the system are involved in small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café. Most importantly, workers are unions must be asked and supported consistently. Aside from that, the interview with loan bosses, chiefs and proprietors need to be finished with notice premise.

Business initiative, technologies, and policies

With the assistance of technology, every data streams quickly in this competitive market and an organization can grab that data and increment their profitability. As per Floyd, a large portion of the organization use the technology for two reasons, first of all, to get accomplishment for each business action, and another is that small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café enhances development with the help of technology. Along with that, technology helps an organization to decide the market needs and customer desires(Sanchez and Heene, 2005) to connect with internet. Additionally, data technology drives an organization to control corporate action, create operations and increasing competitive advantages.

As indicated by the consultation with the primary stakeholders, small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café can enhance the food productivity of their business. As a matter of first importance, meeting with representatives and union managers, the management can impact the manufacturing process. Subsequently, the performance of laborers will be produced through the counsel(Aydogan-Duda, 2009).

On the other hand, if small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café is confronting some money related inconvenience then the discussion with the primary stakeholders including chiefs, shareholders, and suppliers can rebelliously enhance the present conditions, and additionally, the performance will move forward. Discussing internal issues, the key stakeholders have their separate part to play. For a case, any assembling fault can be resolved through the dynamic communication system, and the performance will be effectively improved(Aydogan-Duda, 2009).

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The benefits and potential drawbacks of owning a small business

By having a small business, some major benefits are located such as small profit, but it comes nonstop. In a small business, few employees are working and the total gross salary of employees always payable by the organization(Scarborough and Zimmerer, 2000). Thus, other costs like food making costs, suppliers charge, internet charge and distribution cost is reliable to be paid by the Shylo’s Mobile Café. Furthermore, some potential drawbacks are rival companies of Shylo’s Mobile Café. Along these lines, an organization requires implementing the best possible business strategy keeping in mind the end goal to sustain in this comparative world.  

Financial planning

As indicated by the business plan the money is extremely basic with a specific end goal to grow the business of Shylo’s Mobile Café. In addition, with the assistance of stable support of finance, Shylo’s Mobile Café can oversee day by day operational movements. Besides that, assets are required for the promotional activity of items like an advertisement (Ghandour, 2014). Apart from that, with the precise help of finances, Shylo’s Mobile Café can deliver a huge amount of dishes and fast food and ready to attract more customers to the organization.

On the other side, discussing the strategic positions, the required fund is a basic element for developing a marketing strategy. Besides that, Shylo’s Mobile Café can recognize the right position for their business through the assistance of the strategic positions. Additionally, it will review the different types of competitor’s strategy, planning, and execution. Aside from that, a business plan incorporates a cost report which helps Shylo’s Mobile Café to decide the cost management for various types of operations. The cost operating reports incorporate a few components, for example, customer requirements, market research, competitors, and substitutes.

Cost analysis

Apart from that, this cost operating report additionally helps the management of Shylo’s Mobile Café to overview various financial decisions. One of the major parts of small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café is its financial stability. Along with this side, the vast majority of the operational movements are completed through this financial strength. Moreover, the funds are utilized for marketing, promotion planning, foundation, and research(McCole, 2004).

On the other hand, cost analysis incorporate corporate structures, plants, enhancement of office. Be that as it may, HR of Shylo’s Mobile Café includes compensation, training, development, hiring process and recruitment process of small business. As per industry standard, the HR incorporate some competitive advantages which make an effect on the execution of small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café.

Promotional and Marketing planning: advertisement and promotion are parts of marketing strategy. Through attractive advertisement, small business can draw the mind of their customers. Thus, through different media like radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and internet, a small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café can aware many prospects about the business.
Risk and migration strategies for a business plan

Every single small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café incorporates the risk appraisal in their business, and the risk appraisal and migration both are exceptionally significant for the business. With the assistance of solid risk assessment strategy, an organization can confront any issues. On the other hand, the best possible business plan of Shylo’s Mobile Café incorporates significant risk appraisals and migration plan for that particular organization(Young and Tippins, 2009).

On the other side, the risk assessment of Shylo’s Mobile Café incorporates a few phases, for example, recognizable proof of risk variables, analysis of risk elements, the reaction in time and lastly risk resolve. Additionally, the risk migration systems are partitioned into a few phases, for example, speculation, avoidance, hedging, postponement, security, transferring or sharing and control. Moreover, Small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café needs to give careful consideration to their risks factors to maintain a smooth business.

Role of license in small business

The grants or license are basic for any new movement of small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café. Discussing the business license, it alludes to any government registration, regulation, order or endorsement which applies to a specific business(Kondalkar, 2009). Concerning movement, a license gives approval to do any action at both inside and outer business situations of Shylo’s Mobile Café. Apart from that, the license is intended to secure the public interest and prevent third party excesses. In this way, license incorporates some basic capacities, for example,

  • To give insurance to employees, proprietors, consumers
  • To accumulate and review personal and professional data
  • To control the practice of stakeholders inside and outside of the organization. 

Competitive analysis, strategies and marketing tactics

Competitors are each filed are accessible in this worldwide market. Along these lines, Shylo’s Mobile Café requires implementing the best possible business strategy keeping in mind the end goal to sustain in this comparative world (Frey, 2005). Above all else, an organization needs to analysis the marketing techniques of their rival organizations for improved marketing. Along with that, small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café can extend their business in the event that they comprehend the procedures of their rival organizations.

On the other hand, discussing the strategies of Shylo’s Mobile Café it is vital to develop the business plan according to current market opportunities. An appropriate business plan incorporates various kinds of marketing techniques, for example, service quality or food product progress, and the cost of service quality or food products, process, and division of distribution and market segmentation. In addition, the market segmentation includes targeting and positioning related to strategies which help an organization to more attentive of those strategies for concentrate on the food product marketing techniques. For a case, small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café will be launched in the market, however, there are many alternatives effectively accessible in the market. All things considered, small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café should reduce the cost of that item and dispatch it in the market since consumers are exceptionally price sensitive (Frey, 2005).

Business model

A business model of Shylo’s Mobile Café incorporates some critical elements which help to accomplish the organizational objectives and goals. As per an appropriate business model, service quality and food products are extremely significant for the future development of a small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café. Aside from that, the impact of effective management is extremely important, and the consumers are the primary priority of the organization (Osterwalder et al., 2007).

As indicated by the business plan, the managers of an organization implement the business model in order to effective focus on profit analysis, great workplace, the price analysis of service quality and food products, suppliers and purchasers and competitor’s analysis. Moreover, business distinguish between business ideas and opportunity through effective feasibility analysis.

Feasibility analysis

The feasibility analysis is additionally called the business plan or concept statement. The business plan proclamation incorporates the reasonability of a business thought. On the other side, in order to determine the business concept is workable or not, the feasibility analysis is playing an essential role. Aside from that, there are different categories of feasibilities which are recognized in the accurate business plan, for example, service quality or food product related feasibility, market analysis feasibility, and aspects of capital ventures. Moreover, if there is no opportunity located in the market, then there is no need of business ideas. But, in this case, the field of mobile industry in the UK is grabbed by giant companies successfully(Evenson, 2011). assignments online


In this business plan, various types of aspects of market opportunity have been justified on the basis of concrete evidence. Besides that, with the help of feasibility analysis, a small business like Shylo’s Mobile Café can determine current market opportunities in order to expand the business. Moreover, the market research also enables the desire and expectations of the customers to the marketing manager. As a result, an organization has a clear estimation of desired and needed food product which can attract most of the customer through a proper business idea(McDonald and Dunbar, 2004).


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