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Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Plan For Google Merchandise Store

    Introduction Digital Marketing refers to all those marketing efforts that effectively use various digital channels to attract, retain and connect with organisations' current and potential customers. In such internet-driven business environment, it is essential that companies develop effective...ReadMore

    6 Pages 1414 Words 1547 Downloads
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  • Digital Marketing Plan For Google Merchandise Store

    0 Pages 0 Words 1139 Downloads
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  • Investigate The Extent To Which People Make Use Of Mobile Security Measures

    Introduction Of investigate the extent to which people make use of mobile security measures  The social networking site is a digital platform that is most commonly used for the purpose of sharing messages and making relations with different people. The relations are made on the basis of...ReadMore

    8 Pages 2068 Words 1938 Downloads
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  • Internet Marketing

    Introduction of Internet Marketing Internet marketing is the process where advertisement and marketing of product of an entity is done via internet or electronic modes. This study is based on the digital marketing process of Smart Restorations limited which is a small firm situated in London and...ReadMore

    15 Pages 3842 Words 2958 Downloads
  • Need of Digital Marketing

    Introduction To Digital Marketing Digital marketing means marketing of goods and services over the medium of internet or any other digital medium like mobiles phones ,emails etc. It is also known as “data driven marketing.” Through this company can maintain relationship with the...ReadMore

    12 Pages 2926 Words 7276 Downloads
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