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  • Economic Analysis

    Introduction Economic analysis is considered as evaluation that helps in understand the economic conditions. With an assistance of this, the number of policies and programs are being designed so that issues can be resolved. It mainly focuses on cost analysis, fiscal impact, cost effectiveness, etc...ReadMore

    4 Pages 1040 Words 884 Downloads
  • Business Economics

    Introduction Business economics is specific area of economics that uses economic principles and numerical techniques to examine enterprises and variables that contribute to the heterogeneity of corporate structures including business connections with employees, capital and consumer markets....ReadMore

    11 Pages 2718 Words 1462 Downloads
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions The study of subject of Mergers and acquisitions in a corporate world is highly extensive and occupies a very strategic position in the functioning of any business unit. The decision towards taking this step by an organization is attached with many critical...ReadMore

    11 Pages 2625 Words 11084 Downloads
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