Impact Of Recruitment Process On Organisation Performance

Introduction One of the most important assets in business is the employees that are working in the company and having employees who are best at their work is not an easy task. Different organizations have to go through a phase ... Continue reading

  • Published: 05 Jan , 2019
  • Type: Case Study

Finance and Marketing

Introduction to Finance and Marketing Financial statements helps an organisation to measure its performance in the market. Analysis of financial statements is an efficient way to assess the position of the company in all aspect... Continue reading

  • Published: 28 Aug , 2018
  • Type: Case Study

Managing Finance in Public Sector

Introduction to Managing Finance in Public Sector Finance plays a significant role in each and every business, without financial resources an enterprise can not exist and survive in the market or industry. The main objective of... Continue reading

  • Published: 26 Apr , 2018
  • Type: Business Plan

Financial Statements

INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL REPORTING Companies operating in domestic of international market should ensure that their financial statements are present in adequate manner so that these economic documents can reflect the corporate... Continue reading

  • Published: 27 Nov , 2017
  • Type: Case Study

Financial Reporting

INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL REPORTING Financial reporting is one of major tools for external observers for identifying and evaluating the economic position of the firm in order to make appropriate decisions regarding future funct... Continue reading

  • Published: 14 Nov , 2017
  • Type: Business Plan

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