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  • Managing Financial Resources

    Introduction Of Managing Financial Resources Financial resource management is highly concerned with making effective and optimum use of money. The rationale behind this, in business monetary resources is one of the main factors that have high level of impact on the effectual execution of plan. In...ReadMore

    23 Pages 5693 Words 544 Downloads
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  • Finance For Strategic Managers

    Finance For Strategic Managers Finance is a fuel in the business. Finance is an elixir and proves to be of great help for the purpose of value creation in businesses. All the activities that are conducted in any organisation are connected either directly or indirectly through finance(Kolk and...ReadMore

    13 Pages 3352 Words 425 Downloads
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  • Financing Business Initiatives

    Introduction The corporation is facing the issue related to insufficient finance so it directly affecting the daily operation of business. In order to overcome this financial issue, corporation decided to take the fund from venture capital which is most important source of finance. By this source...ReadMore

    14 Pages 3547 Words 3893 Downloads
  • Impact Of Recruitment Process On Organisation Performance

    Introduction One of the most important assets in business is the employees that are working in the company and having employees who are best at their work is not an easy task. Different organizations have to go through a phase called recruitment which is an initial process used before employee...ReadMore

    12 Pages 2913 Words 4709 Downloads
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  • Finance and Marketing

    Introduction to Finance and Marketing Financial statements helps an organisation to measure its performance in the market. Analysis of financial statements is an efficient way to assess the position of the company in all aspects of the business. Ratio analysis is used to analyse and compare the...ReadMore

    12 Pages 2946 Words 8942 Downloads
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  • Managing Finance in Public Sector

    Introduction to Managing Finance in Public Sector Finance plays a significant role in each and every business, without financial resources an enterprise can not exist and survive in the market or industry. The main objective of managing finance is to assure the best use of available funds. It...ReadMore

    15 Pages 3699 Words 8160 Downloads
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