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  • Mental Illness

    Introduction To What Extent Can Schizophrenia Be Attributed to Biological Versus Environmental Factors? The World Health Organization (WHO) describes schizophrenia as a severe mental disorder characterised by distortions in thinking, perception, emotions, language, sense of self and behaviour (The...ReadMore

    6 Pages 1432 Words 782 Downloads
  • Effects of medical errors in gastrointestinal surgery on the

    Introduction Surgical teams often engage in attaining medical error while performing surgery to the patients. There are various medical mistakes that often arises in the hospital while treating the patient the common mistake is treating wrong service users as staff fails to confirm the identity of...ReadMore

    4 Pages 982 Words 1649 Downloads
  • Breast Surgery Effects: Medical Samples

    Introduction to Breast augmentation Breast augmentation is also known as mammoplasty wherein plastic surgery for the breasts is done so as to increase the existing breast size. As a primary reconstruction, augmentation procedure is applied to change the shape of breast (Alderman, 2017). A tissue...ReadMore

    19 Pages 4688 Words 5355 Downloads
  • Strategies Used by food industry

    Microbial growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria Bacillus cereus is a gram- positive, rod shaped bacterium which was cultured from the blood and pleural fluid. It is mesophilic which grows optimally in temperature between 20 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius. The organism is capable of...ReadMore

    13 Pages 3217 Words 11254 Downloads
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