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Skills for Academic Assignment ECON 1086 RMIT Australia)

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Academic skills enable and support an individual management to grow themselves at better and appropriate manner (Assiter, 2017). This project is based on academic skills with a case study of Kelly a girl whom received a grant to organise a research for National Institute of Mental Health. She went to a village which define a malaria region and her physician prescribed her some medication to deal with such consents. She refused to perform an ethical dilemma associated with her work which tend to rise an extent of death of 4 villagers. This project will going to address and define about two major questions out of which first will going to explain about the issues in context of ethical/ professional standard. It will also going to compare and contrast about the conrneel method, mind mapping, outline method and charting method.

Question 1

Sometimes an individual determine a kind of situation where choosing the right option and thing not become possible and easy (Cameron and et. al., 2016). Such aspects could define as dilemmas where a situation arise whether the things are right or wrong. Such aspects sometimes used to enforce an individual to opt the wrong or unusual path. Kelly a student went to a village which define as malaria region and there a need to medication is must. She found that such medications not remove the malaria completely and need natural essentials to deal with that. Summarisation of issues will going to describe in this project which associated with ethical and professional standard for Kelly.

Ethical dilemma: Since she had such a large supply of medication, much more than she

needed for her personal use, should she distribute the surplus to her hosts?

As a result of broken this aspect, lead a death of 4 individuals which define as major reason behind lack of medications.

a) Whether or not ethical standard has broken

Yes, the ethical standard has broken just because Kelly have the surplus medications which she not provided just for the sake of herself. Although, she reasoned that such medications only provide a relief for sometimes and for completely exemptions a natural path need to evaluated. Yes the ethical standard has broken as Kelly is a medical student and she had sufficient amount of medication. Thus ethical standard or value define that life of a person is important thing where Kelly not provided medication to village individuals.

b) the role that Kelly in played in the deaths of the villagers

Villagers found that Kelly was a major and important victim or reason behind death of village individuals. Although, she has surplus amount of medication but she not provided them just because she found such medications only used by herself. She could be able to distribute to host just because surplus medication is much more than her personal use. As she not provided medication to village people whom suffering from heavy malaria diseases (Cottrell, 2017). Thus, this is a role which used to play by Kelly in the death of village people. As might be that was not her intention but actually a sad moment or cause used to take place.

c) how Kelly may have been able to get further help for the villagers

There are various consents get evaluated in the provided case where Kelly define as major individual behind death of such villagers. Hence, to provide further help to villagers Kelly first could have been provided medications to all individuals. Although, she had surplus amount of medications next she would like to invite her team to guide such villagers about medication and treat to malaria (García-Peñalvo, 2016). This enable them to deal out with such major cause which further facilitate in deriving better attribute.

Question 2

There is a need to understand and signify about the various academic consideration for skills enhancement. To deal with such aspect, mainly following are the attribute which related with Kelly working which enable her to derive and define the things properly as well as service could be define in better manner. This enable her to gain better knowledge and provide appropriate medication to village people. This, should be get done by comparing the four essential elements which are as follow:

Cornell method


Outline method

Charting method

It is a kind of note making system which support in define the things and work in better manner. Although, a major advantage of applying this technique is that it used to define the learning process easy which further enable in providing appropriate outcome.

It is a kind of learning or pro defining process where graphs and charts support in order to present the ideas. Although, a better and appropriate advantage of using this technique is related with analysis. It enable in deriving and analysis of information properly.

It is a most common method or technique which could be applied by many individuals in their real life context. They craft a outline of each and every work which organise information in a highly structured and logical manner of frame so that better judgement get done.

In this method, an individual used to create various graphs and charts properly by using note taking step as well. This method could be define as a combination of Cornell method as well as mind mapping. Hence, with charts and pictures, definition of aspects become easy.


It get concluded from the project that academic skills needs to enhance by learning various appropriate and suitable aspects. Although, ethical and professional standard could be determine by evaluating a case study. It is a major duty of every professional to complete their oath properly as they take it before getting the post. If they used to get failed in perform so then their ethical norms get impacted at any course of moment. Moreover, for presenting the data or information in better and signified manner. Various kinds of approaches and techniques could be estimated. There the first one of Cornell method, mind mapping, charting method and outline method. All of these enable in deriving the better and appropriate skills for academic for future growth perspective.


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