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Understanding yourself and others

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Reflective Personal Development Plan Journal

Reflective Journal Entry Pro-Forma 1

What is the core skill to develop?

According to perception of Travers, Morisano and Locke (2015), it has been analysed that to have a good position or high rank in an organisation one must have Time management skill. It refers to manage time in a proper manner so that for doing every task a right time is been set. This helps a person in doing effective planning and setting targets and goals of an organisation. Moreover it makes an individual punctual.

Why is this core skill important?

Time management skill is important as it helps in delivering work on time as setting a definite time to complete a task will lead to completion of that part on time. Making use of time properly and planning activities accordingly will also help in providing a better quality of work. Planning activities will enables an individual to do important activities first with full dedication and concentration. Effective time management skills makes me more productive as well as efficient while working in an organisation. It not only benefit professional life but also helps in improving personal life as well by creating more career growth opportunities.


How competent are you currently regarding the skill?

There are various difficulties and issues faced by an individual while doing work in an organisation. Time plays a vital role in doing a task effectively and efficiently. Therefore Time management skill  helps me in allocating proper time for each activity and successful completion of my tasks. With this context, to be punctual and effective in my professional as well personal career  this skills benefits me a lot (Schmidt, 2016). It also helps me creating opportunities and development of my career.

Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis?

According to feedbacks from my colleagues and friends, it has been analysed that under certain situations I am not able be to give a good quality work to them . This failure of providing appropriate work leads to decline in productivity of my work.  

How will this skill help me in the future?

Time plays an  important role in a person's daily life. Time management skills helps to build future opportunities and development of my career. As when I will  complete my work on time and be punctual I can  earn a good reputation within an organisation. Moreover, when my seniors and managers  are aware that I always complete my projects or tasks on time they can do my promotion or increase my salaries.  Therefore, to develop this ability, I will take some time managerial classes from highly reputed training institutes.


Reflective Journal Entry Pro-Forma 2

What is the core skill to develop?

According to views of Dinkmeyer (2017), it has evaluated that today in order to present yourself in a company in positive manner, a person has to possess the resilience skill. It can be defined as a process of adapting the challenges and changes around an individual. This would help in developing dynamic personality of a person at workplace.

Why is this core skill important?

Resilience is an important skill which helps an individual in developing positive relationship with others, bringing flexibility in thinking and core of actions, making realistic plan. In order to develop this ability, a person needs to concern on four main factors- Awareness; Thinking; Reaching Out and Fitness. By noticing what is going around a person can aware itself about challenges. While by higher order thinking, people can become able to interpret the events which are going on in a rational manner. It also aid individuals in meeting the challenges by developing their mental and physical abilities.

How competent are you currently regarding the skill?

All individuals experiences some kinds of challenges, difficulties and issues while working in an organisation. Therefore, developing resilience helps in becoming able to adapt as well as bounce back in such situations. In this regard, ability to pick myself up after a trauma or weakened situations is the best skill of mine. It makes me able to develop mechanism for protecting from those situations which could be overwhelming.

Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis?

As per feedback of my peers, it has evaluated that in some vulnerable conditions where I need to be more resilient, I have failed to do the same. While working with a range of issues like isolation, depression, loneliness and anxiety, I proved ineffective in preventing myself from the same.

How will this skill help me in the future?

Resilience refers to an ability to overcome from adverse situation and bounce back from the same. Thus, by improving and developing this skill, I can become able to respond towards challenges as well as maintain a positive life. Along with this, it also helps me in managing a good relationship with my peers and support them when they face difficulties. Therefore, for this purpose, I will take some learning classes under experts who will instruct me how to develop resilience skill.

Reflective Journal Entry Pro-Forma 3

What is core skill? 

As per views of Llamas and Thomsen (2016), Conflict resolution refers to a core skill that helps in managing and developing effectively the relationship among two or more people. Ability to resolve conflicts at workplace leads to develop various benefits like accomplishment of goals and strengthen relationships as well. In addition to this, it also helps in preventing people from bullying and other abusive activities which create negativity at workplace.

Why is this core skill important? 

In order to gain a strong position at workplace, it is essential for people to develop conflict resolving skill. A person having this ability helps in negotiating with situation for solving problems and finding solutions as well. This skill also assist people to give respect to each other and bullying also so that stronger relationship can be build.

How competent are you currently?

Whenever people work in group on same project or common goal then it is natural to develop conflicts among on them. It can be developed on the basis of different background, opinion and attitude of people who work in team. Therefore, in this regard, while working with a large group, I have sometime failed to influence team-members towards a common goal. It is considered as one of my major weaknesses which I need to be improved.

Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis? 

In order to evaluate my own effectiveness in conflict resolution technique, I have taken feedback from my team-members and seniors. As per opinion of them, it has evaluated that I am much good in resolving the conflicts. As it is my habit to understand whole situation first before giving out solution for same. Therefore, this would help in reducing occurrence of such issues which can create conflicts under team.

How will this skill help me in the future?

As I am good in resolving conflicts among group-members therefore, it has given me opportunity to become an effective team-manager. To maintain this position, I have to work this skill more in order to maintain positivity among team-members. This would help in completing assigned project on time and obtain higher outcomes as well. For this purpose, to develop conflict resolution skill, I need to read some books and journals where different authors have authors have given their view point on finding solutions of specific issues.   

Reflective Journal Entry Pro-Forma 4

What is core skill?

 According to opinion of White and Gunstone (2014), it has been determined that negotiation skill is required by a candidate to present himself in front of panel during interview process. Negotiation is a process through which individuals settle out their differences. Through this a compromise is done or an conclusion is being found out while neglecting conflicts or arguments. In case if one party does not agree to another than they find out ways to come to an outcome to which both party agrees. The process of negotiation includes various stages which are preparation, discussion, clarification of goals, negotiate towards a win win outcome, agreement and implementation of a course of action.

Why is this core skill important? 

Negotiation skill is important as it helps in developing healthy and better relationships among employees. Having this ability helps a person in resolving various kinds of issues. For example: If an individual is able to reduce its overhead expenses by at least 10% through an effective negotiation, then this will lead to enhance more profitability.  

How competent are you currently?

Confidence is considered as an important part of negotiation. It helps a person in negotiating with a deal more appropriately. In this regard, my level of confidence aid me in building an effective relationship with others while negotiating with them. Through effective negotiating skills, I can reduce the chance of conflicts which may occur during signing an agreement.  

Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis? 

As per feedback and perception of people working around me, it has evaluated that while making negotiation, I have sometime proved ineffective. It generally happens due to improper communication with parties. Since for negotiations, it is necessary for an individual to possess some other skills- team-building, effective communication, planning and more. Therefore, having inabilities in any one skill will impact on result of negotiations. For this purpose, I need to work on these abilities so that effective outcomes can be obtained.

How will this skill help me in the future?

As negotiations required face to face conversation among parties therefore, it is essential for a person to develop effective communication. For this purpose, I have taken some business communication classes from affiliated coaching institute. This would help me in building my confidence and making effective negotiations on important deals with clients.  

Summary and Action Plan

  • Concept of personal strengths and weaknesses


As per above evaluation and analysis, it is observed that I have strong conflict resolution skills. It helps me to manage and develop relationship with employees in effective manner. I am able handle disputes if any occur within organisation and if it is between someone other then also I can deal with it in positive and confident manner.

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It helped me to resolve different issues happening within organisation or in personal life in positive way.


As per above analysis I have found that I am weak in time management and if I am able to manage things in time then I can achieve my goals within time. My another weakness is resilience which prevented me from maintaining relationship with others. But it is very difficult for individual to survive alone in this competitive environment. And another is negotiation skills which enhance relationship between employees but in my case I am not able to do so as I am straight forward and speak what I feel is right and wrong. I do have my own perceptions or definition about what is right or wrong. I think it is mandatory for me improve them to have better future.


Definitely I learnt a lot by analysing my weaknesses as it gave me opportunity or a chance to develop as a person and work on my weak areas. I am able to acknowledge my cons and change them into pros.


Development area






Negotiation Skills

Under this process, I seek to develop my communicating abilities.

By taking business management classes.

These kind of actions are attainable by carrying out daily practices.

This will help in making effective negotiation with clients on specific contracts.

4 months






I have to develop this skill.

By developing a strong social network.

It can be achieved by working with experts.

This will help in overcoming from adverse situations and trauma of life

6 month

Time Management

In order to complete a project, I have to develop time managerial skill.

Taking time management classes from affiliated institutes.

By working in group-related activities.

This will help me completing project on time.

3 months


It has concluded from this project in order to sustain a good life, a person requires to develop various skills. By developing abilities and level of knowledge a person can attain higher objectives and goals. This will lead to enhance their personality as well as increase their competence also. In addition to this, updating skills also help people in attaining a good position at organisation marketing and make career more bright.


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