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Developing marketing objective is being stated as must for every single organisation. With the help of this, it has been analysed that company can gain competitive advantages at marketplace and it also aid in attaining desired goals and objectives. This consist of various elements or factors which needs to be considered in an appropriate manner so that to sustain at both domestic and international level. Measurable, realistic, specific, achievable and time specific are some of the approaches that can be used by a firm in order to hit their targets. Report is being divided into two parts and enterprise which is being taken under this assignment i.e. A & A Coffee shop that is a specialised chain of roasted coffee products. Firm was found in the year of 1992 in New South Wales and in current it has 22 stores in almost five states of Australia. A & A Coffee shop has a good name in all over the nation but recently a downfall has been observed into the market share (Baker, 2014). Assessment is going to put light on various strategic directions that will help firm in gaining good position at marketplace. It will also help in reviewing marketing performance and opportunities which can be grabbed by organisation. Lastly, report will include proper formulation of aims and objectives in marketing so that to sustain in Australian market.

Assesment 1

P1. Financial Management techniques

Financial management technique



Common-Size Statements

Percentage or ratio based common sized balance sheet.

A & A's financial statement in terms of ratio.

Trend Ratios

Index numbers that are relevant to financial figure.

Company consider this when it requires to make alterations.

Funds Flow Analysis

This sort of analysis helps in getting into details of changes in financial position of a concern between two balance sheet dates (David, 2011).

A & A coffee shop uses this type of ratio to plan for long term achievements.

P2. Ten legislations



· Age discrimination act, 2004

· Crimes Act 1914

· Fair work regulation act 2009

· Australian consumer act 1986


· Anti-discrimination act 1975

· Cloud computing security

· Copyright act 1968

· FOI act 1982

· Web Publishing guide

· Electronic transaction act 1999

· To remove favouritism at workplace.


· Under section 39 an individual can get behind the bars.

· Records of employees should be kept safely.


· This act was taken under in order to stop fraudulent activities.

· To stop discrimination in firms.


· To reduce risks and to keep information safe.


· To stop duplication (Santos-Vijande, López-Sánchez and Trespalacios, 2012).

· In order to guide publication of Australian government.

· To make online presence.

· In order to stop hackers.

P3. Four regulatory bodies

Regulatory Body



· The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

· Australian Taxation Office

· Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

· Reserve bank of Australia (RBA)

Promote competition



Run federal taxation system


In order to pull eyes of alien investors


Run monitory in effective way

Competition and Consumer Act, 2010.


Tax act, 1961


Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act, 1975


Reserve Bank Act, 1959

P4. Marketing evaluation concepts, methods, techniques can be used in market analysis

Marketing evaluation concepts, methods, techniques


Competitive analysis

This type of analysis is being done in order to take initiatives so that to gain competitive level.

Life cycle models

In order to gain success for a longer period of time.

Product portfolio analysis

Under this, determinations are being done so that to achieve goals (Turnbull and Valla, 2013).

SWOT analysis

To understand the internal environment.

Value chain analysis

In order to analyse the internal firm activities.

Assessment 2

Task 1

1.1 Organisation's mission, vision and values

A & A Coffee Shop has a good name in all over Australia and in almost 6 states it has stores. But, in recent times it has been analysed that firm has faced issues that are related to its marketing of products and services that they are offering to consumers. But, they are manufacturing coffee products with high quality coffee beans like Robust & Arabica which has aid them in running business in continuation way that helped in maintaining its sustainability. Away from this, in order to achieve its goals and objectives it is must for this organisation to make strategies so that desired targets can get attained in specific time of period.

Mission: A & A Coffee shops current mission is to be the “leading manufacturer and retailer of quality coffee in Australia".

Purpose of A & A Coffee Shop: There motive is to deliver quality coffee products to consumers so that satisfactory level of them can get enhanced. This will help firm in sustaining at marketplace for a longer period of time. Along with this, they are looking forward to retain market share so that distribution can be done of equipments which has been made by them. At current moment, its goal is heighten the market share under cafe retail business up to 10%.

Vision: A & A Coffee shop's management has given its employees a proper and clear vision that to grab a leading position in retail market of coffee sector in near future (Hays, Page and Buhalis, 2013).

Values: Marketing research is being done by administration of A & A Coffee Shop is to keep the consistency and reliability as well in proper manner. Firm's employees do supports each other and try to maintain the decorum so that problems can be resolved right on time so that desired goals and objectives can be attained right on time.

1.2 Directions and targets

Managers and leaders of A & A Coffee Shop has made some goals in order to attain them in specific time of period it is mandatory for administration to do proper analysis of market through qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Away from this, there main aim is that to carry a good market share so that sales of consumables that they are offering can be enhanced. Along with this, A & A Coffee Shop is also looking to increase its market share approximately at 10% into cafe retail business.

Direction: A & A Coffee Shop's management and BOD has made their coffee products with quality in order to satisfy its consumer. Market share can be enhanced through this way only by doing proper promotional activities and through making coffee's with quality beans (Jiménez-Jiménez and Sanz-Valle, 2011).

Targets: Target of this organisation is to give hard competition to its rivals like, Roasted Amigos, Mocha Del Mar, Caliente Cane phora and some others as well and to grab a good position at marketplace of Australia.

1.3 Situational analysis

SWOT analysis of A & A Coffee Shop are:

Strength: A & A coffee has already grabbed a good position in some states of Australia. According to the survey which has been done to analyse the market share of famous enterprises under coffee sector this firm have 25% under this share as they are delivering prime coffee products to its consumers. Customer base, quality, effective presence in domestic level, affordable prices are some factors that are being considered by them.

Weaknesses: Firm at this moment is less effective because they are not making alterations in their products on a regular basis according to the customers perceptions and per their needs. Some factors under this: Raise in cost of products, increasing competition, change in taste (Johanson and Mattsson, 2015).

Opportunities: A & A Coffee Shop can enhance their productivity and profitability level through expanding its business at international level. Few factors of this element is- Solid groundwork, franchises and store presentations can help in different ways in this context.

Threats: Under coffee sector, there are various famous companies that are giving good rivalry to A & A Coffee Shop. Organisations like Roasted Amigos, Mocha Del Mar, Caliente Cane phora and innovative ideas of new entrepreneurs are bringing competition at Australian market.

1.4 Legal and ethical requirements of the organisation

Legal requirements: A & A Coffee Shop keeps on considering every single alteration if it is being done by government of United Kingdom. Along with this, Age Discrimination Act 2004, Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Sex Discrimination Act 1984, Fair Work Act 2009 are some of major laws which is being considered by administration of this firm in order to keep up the interest of its employees in an appropriate manner (Morgan, 2012).

Company ethics: The A & A Coffee Shop is a member of The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) through which it has grabbed a good position of marketplace in Australia through considering the codes of it. With the help of this, it has been examined that firm has given good safety to its consumers and communicate with them in an appropriate manner so that long term relations can be maintained.

1.5 Strategic direction

Vision and mission of A & A Coffee Shop are very much clear in front of its employees. With the help of this, firm has maintained its values and made some purpose as well in order to gain good and proper advantages at marketplace of Australia so that enterprise can run its business in successful manner. To become leading manufacturer in coffee sector it is must for this organisation to consider the values of its consumers and other things as well in an appropriate sort of way. Along with this, making alterations in products like change of poor to high quality beans so that to modify the taste of coffee goods and by this, firm can hit its targets in much more effective and appropriate way. Consistency and reliability are two factors that can mostly affect the firms aims and objectives it is very much needed to consider these elements in a proper manner so that strategic objectives of marketing can be done (Kotler, 2015).

On the other hand, direction and targets are two things that put very much impact on both productivity and profitability of firm. Directions which is being given by Board of Directors of A & A Coffee Shop should be taken under by every single employee of this company so that they can attain goals and objectives of their own in shorter period of rime (Armstrong and et. al., 2014). Away with this, it has been examined that there are ample number of factors that should be kept in mind while making strategic activities. With the help of this, targets can also get set of staff members so that to attain goals and objectives of firm right on time. By this, it can be stated that market share can get enhanced which is being desired by Board of Directors of A & A Coffee Shop.

SWOT Analysis of A & A Coffee Shop can help in taking initiatives like fixing or developing the strategies in order to do marketing of products and services which they are offering at marketplace of Australia (Tomczak, Reinecke and Kuss, 2018). There are various factors of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which needs to be considered in an appropriate way in order to grab a good position at both domestic and at international level as well. It is much needed for A & A Coffee Shop to understand, keep them and take initiatives so that to resolve issues right on time and to attain objectives as well. Therefore, it is much necessary to make determinations so that to resolve issues as well.

Lastly, it is important for A & A Coffee shop to consider legal and ethical aspects through which it can gain good reputation in front of society. There are some major laws which a company cannot afford to not to consider them as government of Australia can put charges on it. Along with this, it is must for A & A Coffee shop to attain its goals and objectives so that competitive advantages can be gained and researchers should analyse the market in order to locate about problems that may create losses for this organisation. This company is also a member of The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) that looks into areas in which they can do better the experience of consumers while consuming eatables and so on (Kotabe, Jiang and Murray, 2011).

Task 2

2.1 Evaluation of effectiveness of previous marketing initiatives

Previous marketing performance: A & A Coffee Shop's administration has helped its employees to work with updated tools and techniques in order to enhance profitability of the firm. In previous years it has been analysed that performance of its employees has been great and that is why this organisation has captured a good market share in Australia with the percentage of 25. Performance of workers has been outstanding which has aid A & A Coffee Shop in sustaining at marketplace for a longer period of time. Away from this, it has been examined that from 2011 to 2015 years firm has generated huge amount as revenue which has helped them in raising its profitability.

Marketing opportunities of A & A Coffee Shop: At current moment, it has been examined that productivity and profitability level has decreased in minimal amount. Therefore, it is very much hard for A & A Coffee Shop to sustain at marketplace for long term instance. Along with this, it is mandatory for board of directors of this firm to take initiatives so that interest of its employees can be developed in specific time of period. Talented workers can help this organisation in different ways. Away from this, it is much necessarily for this organisation to do proper research and then take initiatives so that to give rivalry to its competitors (Cameron and Quinn, 2011).

Profitability of these opportunities: It has been analysed that through doing proper marketing or promotional activities of coffee products that has helped firm in hitting its targets in much more effective and efficient way. Through this, profit margins has enhanced with almost 10% as hike. Therefore, it is must for this organisation to consider these opportunities which has been created with the support of employees and their dedication has helped company in attaining its goals and objectives as well right on time. Away from this, it has been analysed that firm can attain its productivity as well in order to hit their targets in effective and efficient manner.

Positioning strategies: Positioning strategies can be formed and developed in several ways which are derived from objectives, competition, characteristics and applicants of product class. All these dimensions have an imperative approach in order to build effective positioning strategies because they all have common objective to create a favourable image in customers' mind. Following are the main positioning strategies of A & A coffee shop are stated as under: -
Pricing as a positioning strategy – This kind of positioning strategy is mainly used for product positioning. In many product categories, there are certain brand which offers products under their name and having features or performance providing higher customer satisfaction level. although, such products charged high, in order to cover this cost it is necessary that customers' have high faith on product or service of the firm (Paksoy, Pehlivan and Kahraman, 2012).

Positioning strategy based on Use or Application - This kind of positioning strategy refers with represents a second or third position for the brand, such type of positioning is done deliberately to expand the brand’s market. If you are introducing new uses of the product that will automatically expand the brand’s market.

Positioning strategy based on Product Process – This positioning strategy linked with products and its users. In this case customers can influence through a model or personality by reflecting their characteristics and image of that person is able to communicated as a product user. Along with this, this positioning strategy is resulted to high market share.
At last, Using Product characteristics or Customer Benefits as a positioning strategy is emphasised on features or traits of goods as well as customers benefits (Trainor and et. al., 2011).

Task 3

3.1 Analysation of Current products/services using SWOT

It has been analysed that coffee capsules and machinery which is being manufactured by A & A Coffee Shop can be stated as products that they are offering to consumers in much more effective and appropriate way. Espresso and coffee machinery are two products of this firm which has grabbed attention of consumers is huge number.


· They are using high quality coffee beans while manufacturing good has helped them in grabbing attention of consumers in ample number which can be stated as a strength of this company.

· It has been located that firm can grab great position at marketplace through giving good rivalry to its competitors through making rapid alterations.

· Roastery machine helps firm in hitting its targets as baking can be done of coffee beans in an appropriate manner (Ahmed and Rafiq, 2013).



· Weakness of this firm is that they do not locate alterations in customers taste right on time which delays the process modifying products like Espresso and coffee machinery.

· Espresso and coffee machinery which is a products of this firm needs changes in short period of times as per preferences of users.

· Espresso and coffee machinery is much expensive which may reduce buying interests of consumers.


· It can attract consumers in huge numbers.

· Alterations under Espresso and coffee machinery may lead to make heavy profitability.

· Competition can also be given in future to rivals like Roasted Amigos, Mocha Del Mar, Caliente Cane phora.


· Strategies of competitors may reduce both productivity and profitability of this organisation.

· Prices of products with less profit margins of competitors is another threat that can affect operations of the company (Leonidou, Palihawadana and Theodosiou, 2011).

· Substitute products: if a firm manufactures with less cost of raw materials it may be possible that firm may face heavy production.

3.2 Identification of viability and contribution to the business

It has been analysed contribution is being given by espresso and coffee machine in vast manner. With the help of this, firm has maintained its presence in Australian market. From 2011 to 2014 these two products has putted huge impact on profitability of A & A Coffee Shop. Therefore, it is must for this organisation to make alterations in these products to grab competitive advantages at marketplace.

Along with this, A & A's revenue was generated in huge amount under this phase which has helped in attaining goals and objectives of this firm. Technology has also helped in making modifications under this phase in order to hit its targets which will aid in gaining good reputation in front of society of Australia (Burton and Soboleva, 2011).

3.3 Organisational fit

There are two products which is manufactured by company is coffee machines and espresso and in context of A&A company, the most fit product is espresso which is a kind of coffee because this association is a coffee house. Manufacturing of coffee machine is a misfit product for corporation because this does not belongs to core capabilities of firm. According to conducted analysis, it is clear that A&A venture is a coffee shop chain that operates its business in Australian marketplace. As this venture is a restaurant then its core competency is to make coffee and serve that to potential customer for getting their attention. In respect to this, manufacturing of coffee machine is a secondary concept for association and this could be said that it can not fit on nature of business of A&A company.

There are some strengths and weaknesses of corporation is stated as beneath:


  • Corporation is using extraordinary quality beans of coffee in order to serve best products to customers so that they could be retain for longer duration of time.
  • This association is fascinating more number of clients which by its location because firm is located in middle of city (Lusch and Vargo, 2014).
  • Major thing that aids association in hitting all goals and aims is Roastery machine.


  • Major drawback of company's functionality is that firm does not pay attention on revulsions that are occurring in taste and preferences of consumers in order to manufacture most satisfactory items and facilities.
  • Coffee making machines getting change in shorter period of time and to sustain in market association replace old machine with new one but corporation was not able in doing this activity.
  • It was analysed that venture is not having appropriate and desirable financial resources in order to make purchases of coffee making machines.

As it was mentioned that, organisation is not paying attention to change and preferences of clients and due to this workers are working on a same path and if firm wants to change their way then appropriate training should be provided to manpower so that they will be able in understanding needs and wants of customers.

A&A company is efficiently working because it is having staff workers whom are very cooperative with each other and they are self motivated in order to attain all goals and objectives. To enhance quality of working, company should make changes according to change in needs and wants of target audiences.

Task 4

4.1 Long strategic objectives

The main strategic objectives of A & A coffee shop is to attain effective strategic growth by attaining and retaining large group of customers. Another objective of the firm is to launch new and innovative food item every year which gives delicious taste to people. In order to achieve these long terms goals and objectives the coffee shop has developed a marketing plan by considering all future situations and analyse those factors which can affect business in future.

The firm is also required to provide training and development assistance to employees as they can easily improve their existing skills and knowledge for specific area of concern. In addition, another goal of small businesses is to attain and retain new technologies so as to provide higher customer satisfaction level to employees (Wilden and et. al., 2013). Although, firms are also required to prepare SMART objectives, such as-

Specific – Be clear about what is going to be accomplished.

Measurable – Make sure that goal can be measure and can recognise if it will be achieved in an efficient manner.

Achievable – check that goal is something have the time, money and resources to meet

Relevant – Goals are not based upon assumptions, they should be realistic and can be achieved in an effective manner.

Timely – There should be prepare timeline associated with goal to ensure completion of task.

4.2 Write short range strategic objectives

Short objectives involve certain specific activities which must be completed in short term period. Although, short term goals can turn long terms, but for this purpose a well structured business plans is required. Such objectives must be sufficiently specific which to be accomplished in a certain time period. In short terms are based upon long term objectives of the company and able to deliver long term growth to the company (Theaker, 2017). These objectives can be attained in terms of short wins and accomplish high market to company.

The short terms objectives of A & A company described as under: -

  • Reduce overall budget costs by 10% by 20xx
  • Increase market share by 5% by 20xx
  • Increase revenues by 20% by 20xx
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 5 pts by 20xx

4.3 Undertake consultation

In order to attain these long and short term business objectives, management is required to conduct a meeting with all stakeholders in order to make imperative business decisions. Stakeholders provides an effective solutions ; it results small businesses will be grow and diversify in target market. But the stakeholders of the company have proper information about current market position of the firm, customers preferences, market trends, determine opportunities and threats which will affect strategic business decisions.

Along with this, administration should make proper communication with all stakeholders of the company and determine their needs and wants, then try to fulfil them in an effective manner.

4.4 Develop risk management strategy

A risk management strategy is a well structured and coherent approach hat is used in order to analyse, determining and managing risks. It creates procedures so as to update as well as review working practices and take imperative business decision. In A & A coffee shop, management has developed a risk management strategy which includes for issues – lack of skilled workforce, rapid changes in market trends, cultural diversity and ignorance of employees' requirements. In this manner, management of A & A coffee shop has set one committee meeting in order to assess these issues (Pryke and Smyth, 2012).

It is responsibility of members to control risks and facilitate the discussion. In every six month, committee members reports to entire committee towards making any changes in levels of risk faced. The committee will develop and establish a program for managing risks at the strategic level. This will include documentation of the strategic, agency and risk management context and the framework and timetable for the identification and ongoing management of strategic risks.

This step is to address strategic risks identified in the: -

  • Strategic performance review
  • Stakeholder profile
  • External and internal environmental analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy implementation

4.5 Document marketing objectives

Marketing objectives of a small business association is based upon all those internal and external factors which are based upon a which will have a great hindrance on a company's market situation (Baker, 2014). Along with this, marketing objectives can be developed for long and short term period and are large accomplishments to be had by succeeding with goals. Before developing marketing objectives, it is essential for companies to recognise target audiences, for getting long term survival at marketplace. It can be start by determining general interest, age, sex, religion, income level etc. of people. On the other hand, expand market research as research will be the foundation of marketing objectives and should involves – competitive analysis, internal analysis – assessment of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, standards to any business, Understanding buyer personas – it encompasses demographic of buyers who are targeting and personas which will be avoid.

Apart from this, management should develop effective marketing strategies so as to betterly understand buyers, it involves – defining goals, knowing USP (unique selling proposition), ensuring about an effective brand, defining your distribution, having a strong SEO strategy (David, 2011).

The prime objectives of A & A company are stated as under: -

  • To increase the number of enquires from our marketing communications activities by 15% by the end of the year.
  • To increase sales by 20% within 18 months.

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This report is summarised as developing marketing objective is necessary for every organisation so that it could establish its footprints in marketplace by enhancing brand value in the eyes of customers. To make eye candy in industry, it is required from corporation that they serve best quality products and services to clients so that more customers could get fascinated along with retention of present consumer base. By taking help of efficient manpower along with pure and non-contaminated food products association can serve best quality products and facilities so that not any health issues could be faced by any clients otherwise this action will diminish brand image of company among audiences.


  • Baker, M. J., 2014.Marketing strategy and management. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • David, F. R., 2011.Strategic management: Concepts and cases. Peaeson/Prentice Hall.
  • Santos-Vijande, M. L., López-Sánchez, J. Á. and Trespalacios, J. A., 2012. How organizational learning affects a firm's flexibility, competitive strategy, and performance.Journal of Business Research. 65(8). pp.1079-1089.
  • Turnbull, P. W. and Valla, J. P. eds., 2013.Strategies for international industrial marketing. Routledge.
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