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Seven Effective Tips for the Night Before the Exam

25 Jul 2018 8044 6 minutes
7 Effective Tips for the Night Before the Exam

It’s troublesome to cram the night before the exam, and the situation worsens when one hasn’t even opened textbooks or skimmed the notes. Students usually spend the entire night turning the pages of their course material, until the letters become blurred. It’s true that we all like to get prepared before the exam, but even the most dedicated students are last-minute crammers. But depriving oneself of proper sleep may exhaust the brain nerves and affect performance. So, in this blog, our assignment writing experts have mentioned some tips that will help you revise effectively before the paper, that too without getting exhausted.

Here is a list of given topics take a look :

1. Give a workout to your ‘sleepy’ brain
2. Employ a mnemonic technique
3. Study in different zones
4. Pop some chewing gum
5. Make final notes and read aloud
6. Drink coffee or tea
7. Get help

1. Give a workout to your ‘sleepy’ brain

It’s a fact that during sleep our brain strengthens new memories to store them for a long-term. So, when you remember new information just before the bedtime, the chances are that you will learn it easily. But you should not deprive your brain of taking rest as this will affect your cognitive skills badly.

2. Employ a mnemonic technique

It’s common to find students rote learning long lists of names, places, dates, etc., just before the exam. It’s tough to memorize them, no matter how many times you read. Well, a mnemonic technique can help in this. All you have to do is take each letter of the facts and arrange them into a name that you can easily remember or a story that you relate to.

3.Study in different zones

Educational scientists have confirmed that studying the same topic in different environments help the brain to remember the information easily. So, instead of getting confined to your room, it’s better to change your study corner every hour. By doing this, you force your brain to create a new association with the same data, which in turn helps in generating more permanent memories.

4. Pop some chewing gum

This idea may seem silly to you, but surprisingly researchers of Cardiff University have proved that chewing gum helps us concentrate and focus more. In an experiment on some students, they found that those who used this technique had quick reaction times than those who did not. In another study, it has been stated that this is a good exercise that helps our brain to relax and form new memories easily.

7 Tips for study

5. Make final notes and read aloud

On the night before the exam, rather than browsing your textbooks, you should study from the notes. And, make sure you write down the important points on flashcards or highlight them using a marker. This will help your brain to connect with the information in a better way. Another important idea is to read your notes aloud as this will create auditory links in your memory pathways.

6. Drink coffee or tea

Consuming caffeine can be useful to stay fresh during the exams. In order to understand what it does to our brain and body, you need to know how we sleep. Well, the sensation of sleepiness comes from a brain chemical called adenosine which is a by-product of cellular activities. But unlike body wastes like urea and ammonia, the body does not release it outside. Instead, our brain uses it as a sleep receptor. Adenosine slows the activities of the brain, but caffeine binds to its molecules and slows down their activity. In this way, it helps our mind to remain sharp and agile.

7. Get help

It's common to feel stressed before the exams, and there is nothing wrong in this as it helps us remain focused. But too much of it can affect your productivity and leave you burned out. If that’s the case, you should open up to a family member or a classmate about the pressure you feel. Chatting with a good friend can encourage you to think what you have already learned. And, it may be possible that they share some important questions.

Last but not least, we ask you to remember that just as an athlete has to practice properly for an important game, it’s essential for you as a student to prepare yourself adequately for the test. Make sure that you are in a healthy state of mind so that you can perform your best on the big day.

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