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Employability Skills

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Task 1

P1.1 – Development of a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives.

The manager is the backbone of any business because it has some specific set of roles and responsibilities which are necessary for the success of a business. In case of Travelodge the responsibilities and performance objectives are stated as below:


There are some roles and responsibilities of a manager at Travelodge which are explained below:

Ability to learn and develop within the work role: 

This is an specific responsibility of a manager at Travelodge. Since the company operates its business in hospitality business therefore it is necessary for the managers to take care of their customers satisfaction. For doing this, it is necessary for the manager to keep in mind the issues which have faced before by a customer. This will increase the capability of learning and development in the manager. Apart from that, the satisfaction level of customers also increases.


Ethics are the basic set of rules and regulations related to moral principles which are necessary for the upliftment of an employee. This is also a basic responsibility of a manager at Travelodge. The rights and values of employees should be kept in mind by the manager so that they can work for the welfare of the company. Some ethical responsibilities of a manager include communication, indiscrimination, etc. This will motivate the employees and thus their working performance also increases in favour of the company. As the manager, it is the major duty to implements these duties into the structure & hierarchical level for bringing complete achieving of the desired goals or objectives. My personal responsibilities namely as regular overview, supervision etc., would helpful in accomplishment of the desired performance for the Travelodge  hotel to effectivenes towards the customer service of this hotel organisation. These personal responsibilities would help me in managing my own time, communicating with the staff etc. 


Performance Objectives:

Following described are the some of performance objectives:

Individual appraisal system: 

This is type of system in which performance of an individual is calculated on a specific parameter. If its performance is satisfactory at that level than it should be rewarded by the manager which will motivate it for doing so in future also. If the performance is not good than the issues regarding low performance are calculated. This will make the employee to feel itself important for Travelodge and thus its performance can be increased.

Training needs:

 These are also the basic needs to the employees if their performance is found low below the standard level. The manager of Travelodge has the responsibility of providing training. The performance of an employee can be increased by providing proper and effective training by the manager.

P1.2 – Evaluation of own effectiveness against defined objectives.

As per the above objectives, the effectiveness of the manager against defined objectives are stated as below:

Effective communication: 

Although the communication skill of manager should be good and it is found that it communicates with its employees good. But when it comes to resolving any conflict-ion among the employees the communication skills of manager have a little doubt. It cannot manage the conflict-ion among the employees due to its communication skills. Therefore the weakness of manager is found in this field.

Increase in sales: 

When a customer comes into the premise of hotel than the manager is capable of convincing them in normal seasons. When it comes to the peak season when the number of customers are more as compared to other season than the performance of manager decreases. In off season it is capable of managing a couple of customers but in season it is not possible to manage more than 6 customers at a time. Thus the weakness of manager is found in this field.

Customer satisfaction:

A couple of customers can be easily satisfied from the working performance of manager at Travelodge. When the number of customers increases it also decreases the performer of manager. It is not capable of managing a good number of customers to their satisfaction level. This is the weakness of the manager at the company which should be resolved to increase the sales.

P1.3 Make recommendations for improvement

After discussion over the objectives, there are several recommendations which needs to be focused are as follows:

  • Manager should focus on enhancing the communication skills to increase the sales using its own workforce and also enhance the customer satisfaction level. Travelodge needs to look for person who is loyal, skilled and inspired to perform the managerial work .
  • Also, the manager of Travelodge needs to be ethically considered along with setting each and every workforce targets. Here, ethical consideration means following ethical values, code of conduct and regulation & policies.
  • The managerial person must establish appraisal system for every six months to enhance the productivity and performance of self and its workforce. Also, the manager is required to have ability to train & develop their employee's to raise high performance and future required skills.

P1.4 Review how motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance

Motivation is the detailed technique where person is used to be encouraged and reward to enhance the stimuli of an employee. This basically helps to raise the performance expectancy of an employee to get quality outcomes and results. Motivation generally arrived when particular need and wants is identified with the purpose to fulfil it. This creates the positive response in the mind of any person from whom motivation has been initiated. It is basically a tool for enhancing the performance level of an individual, team and organisation in an effective manner. In context with Travelodge, motivation needs to be taken in serious and utilized manner. Motivation is enriched with Maslow theory of needs, which has total five different needs to be demanded by any employee. Basic needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing, support are considered under this theory:    

Maslow theory of need hierarchy: 

Maslow has stated that people are meant to achieve certain needs and that needs take precedence over others. The theory of maslow needs hierarchy explains the needs of a employee in a specific hierarchy. Hence, theory is completely explained over this context. The theory is classified into the five different types of needs are as follows:  

Physiological needs: 

These are some biological needs for the human survival. This basic requirements are useful for human being to work, live and enjoy. For example: Air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, sleep etc. It is necessary to food to eat and water to drink for survival purpose.

Safety needs: 

Those needs who belongs to safety and security of a particular person. It involves security in the personal life, employment or any profession. For example: protection from elements, security, order, law, stability and freedom from fear.   

Social needs:

Those needs which provides the social benefits an support to particular person. The major aim is to understand their motivation connected with social benefits such as love, affection, care, belongingness and friendship etc.

Self-Esteem needs: 

Esteem needs are of two types which are internal esteem needs such as self-respect, confidence, compurgent-important matrixetence, achievement and freedom and external esteem needs such as recognition, power, status, attention and admiration.

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Self-actualization needs: 

This include the urge to become what you are capable of along with what you potential you have the potential to become in the life. It includes the need for growth and self-contentment. It also includes the desire for gaining knowledge, social service, creativity and being aesthetic. For example: self-awareness, personal growth, confidence, career etc.

This Maslow model as technique has initiated with the purpose of improving the task and performance quality of an employee. In context with Travelodge, Maslow has defined needs to understand the stimuli connected to someone's need and wants. It is helpful to motivate both manager and employee at the greater and optimized level. The positive impact of the Maslow theory is that, it would help to get motivated and raise their confidence at the bigger level. Also, it will create the common interest among them to work effectively. The negative impact is that, it will make an employee more demanding and also they will increase their needs and wants at the regular period of time.

Task 2

P2.1. Developing solutions to work-based problems

It is crucial for a manager to possess effective problem-solving skills in order to ensure a smooth running of enterprise. In service industry, problems are inevitable, and it is necessary for a manager to come up with solutions so that the management could be easier and objectives could be achieved easily. There are few problems in Travelodge which requires effective insight and problem-solving, These problems are described below:

One of the major problems in Travelodge is energy efficiency. The hotel runs on effective energy resources, however, with much inclination towards employment of eco-friendly resources, the hotel is under the pressure from the market trends as well as customers to employ such effective energy management assets themselves. The problem with their current resources is that the hotel is facing a lot of energy management difficulties and the cost of maintenance per month is also increasing. With Artificial Intelligence and Automation on the rise, there are various solutions to both of these problems. One of them is voltage optimisation. This would allow the firm to reduce energy consumption and ensure effective protection to the electrical equipments. Another one is implementation of energy management system, which would bring in AI and automation to automatically control the electrical appliances depending on the occupancy of a room.

Another problem within the company which needs an insight is the communication barrier within the company. Within the organisation, it is a challenge for employees to communicate with upper management. The communication channels and patterns does not enable to establish an effective communication between various departments.

To overcome the issue, the firm must effectively establish scheduled meetings with their employees regarding the structure and pattern of work which effectively could allow exchange of innovative and effective ideas that could help the employees to share their views about the firm's working. It could also lead to reduction in conflict and enhancement of employee engagement.

P2.3. Identifying effective time-management strategies

In a workplace setting like that of Travelodge, it is crucial that time-management is strictly followed and effectively structured to ensure  better working and improved customer service. There are various strategies for the company to follow to ensure appropriate time-management. To achieve this, urgent-important matrix could serve as a vital strategy. This strategy is mentioned below:

  • The first aspect deals with tasks with utmost priority. They are to be given utmost importance and attentiveness to ensure appropriate and proper execution of activities. Prioritisation would help the firm in achieving tasks which could majorly affect the company.
  • Then comes the activities which are important but not urgent. This element allows the firm to produce quality standards in important work effectively and ensure maximum output of an activity. Strategic thinking, problem-solving and effective decision-making could allow the company to accomplish these tasks.
  • There are various activities which are urgent but not important. These tasks deal with unusual demands, interruptions, busywork, etc. These activities require effective and spontaneous decision-making.
  • These elements deal with activities which puts the management in a rather comfortable and refuge scenario. They are stress related activities used to procrastinate. The agenda is to minimise these activities to a certain extent so that more time could be invested upon the above scenarios.

Thus, this matrix could help Travelodge achieve effective time management and better segregation of activities which would help the firm achieve tasks with utmost quality and within due time.

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