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Case Study of Hotel Imperial in London

Question :

Some of the questions are needed to be answered:

1. Manage the effective management theory in hotel Imperial in London

2. Give the effective process and analysis of management,

3. Provide appropriate areas of resolution and recommendations of hotel Imperial in London.

Answer :


This case study discusses about the all the problems which are facing by the hotel Imperial in London like poor guest satisfaction, and reason of lower grading in the five stars hotel chain and the problems about room services like room cleanliness of the bathroom. Higher staff turnover with 80% of the staff leaving within one year because of the nature of superiors and poor pay levels, a negative work culture amongst the staff with high level of sick leaves and poor attendance, ineffective leadership and management by previous Heads of department and supervisory staff including poor monitoring and control procedures, front of house staff like reception, conference and banqueting and restaurant and bars poor team working and in efficient us of IT system including the reservation and property management systems, back of house staff like housekeeping , kitchen , maintenance , poor operating and control procedures in place with stock being regularly pilfered and evidence of staff not meeting basic standards operating procedures resulting in unusually high operating costs. So these are the problems of hotel above which are going tom discusses in this file. That wharf are the factors which are affecting the employees to left the job. And the major problems of staff satisfaction and expectations of the hotel from the staff. So this file discusses about all this problems.


Staff turnover is a major problem from which hotel Imperial is suffering because staff members are not satisfied form the management system of the hotel because is not providing them enough sally, incentives as well rewards. And the misbehave of superiors are affecting to staff and is the cause of staff turnover , hotel Imperial is not able to take a position in five stars hotel because of the poor staff management . Employees are changing their mind so early to feel that they are not able to survive in this condition's. That is the reason why company is not providing the best hospitality to their guests who comes from outside and different places with the expectations to experience the hospitality of hotel. All the guest who comes from the outside were not satisfied from the hospitality of Imperial because . There were many factors which was affecting the turnover of staff members.

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According to survey it has founded that guests are not happy with the hotel because there are many reasons occurs like some timers staff is not supportive for the guests they misbehave with guest and some times they are cruel. And in other hand management was poor of the hotel like all the departments and not providing their facilities like Reception facilities, there were not many members who can operate all the work on reception table so some times guests was waiting in the lines. And most of the problems was coming out from the room facilities and services that shower was not working properly, and the noise coming from the outsides, and not proper communication with reception manes telephone not working (Lashley 2001)

Guests were not happy with the housekeeping department because rooms and toilets was not clean and washed. There have been many problems about the staff of rude behaviour of them. There were many problems which were coming out from the reviews of staff and guests. Turnover of staff was very high because of the hotel staff culture, work load problem and the aggressive behaviour of the superiors. Hotel imperial was situated in middle of the London so it was very difficult for employees to come hotel from so far and afford the cost of ticket on regular basis and go to home in mid night. Results of this any staff menders has left the job and working in the competitor hotels which are providing batter pay, working environment and much facilities compare by hotel Imperial.

As the result of this hotel started new recruitments for the new staff members and providing them trainings all this procedure has taken much cost of training .so the changes in staff members was affecting the finical situation of the company as well as the guests. Exotic working culture was also playing a big and main role in the hotel , staff members were not happy with working time because previous manager of hotel was pushing extra working hours on employees. A leader plays an important role in any Nixonisation and hotel. in the case of imperial hotel previous manager has left the job in mid way. As the result high level of staff has turnover , poor sales and marketing rate , and the disappointment of guest satisfaction. Fransworth was last manger of the hotel according to him a team work always plays a big role in the success. If they have good leader so the need of the leader is essential to lead others so they can understand their responsibility and impenitence which they are contributing. Another big problem was poor team work in receptions, restaurants and bars and ineffective use of technology for the room services. Departments had many conflicts with others.

Applying Management theory of henry fayol- who has discovered 14 principles of management of function which shows that how a management structure should be look like and it should work.

Division of work according to Fayol work division is necessary because if an employees works in their own field of specialization field of area it can increase the productivity specialization working field has accuracy and speed to do work of employee.

Authority and responsibility authority is important to give orders to employees so they can live under the supervision of someone. Authority helps to employee to tell them about their responsibilities. The performance of employees has tracked by the authority on daily basis.

Discipline of work in necessary to be disciplined about work that means work should be completed regularly there should be no pending work. Employees should be honest about their work so they can be punctual to do work. Work discipline maintain the environment of company where all the employees work together and concentrated (Ogbonnaand Harris, 2002)

Unity of direction that means all the activities should be directed in the same directions. It is all about work in unity. Work of every employee should be linked with another employee. So they can inter link with each other and perform any task together. Manager also takes a participation in this kind of activity to lead their team.

Subordination of individual interest all the members in staff of Imperial hotel are working individually they all their interests different but according to henry fayol all the members should have priority of achieve the organisation objectives not an individual interests.

Remuneration productivity and motivation somehow inter connected with each other there are two forms of remunerations. Monetary and non- monetary both types of remuneration can help to employees of hotel Imperial to work together and be motivated. Monetary term refers to all they financial terms like compensations , bonus, and the non monetary term refers to all the term like compliments, to provide more responsibilities, and credits.

Degree of centralization decision making process between management system and the authority should be balanced in the Imperial hotel. According to this Principe sharing of and idea is needed from top management to bottom management. So degree is centralization is all about to balancing decision making process.

Scalar chain this chain shows the connectivity among all the departments in the hotel. That means all the lines of area should be clear they should focus on their work not to take in work of other department in Imperial hotel. Every staff member can approach their superior in the case of an urgency. All the functional area are interconnected to each other in the hotel all the staff members should be arrange in order to their specialization field of are.

 Order according to this principle all the functional areas have their rights and responsibilities and they have resources so they can function them properly. Where the matter comes about social responsibilities of the managers they can involve their participation.

Equity according to this factor of fayol all the staff members of hotel Imperial should be treated equally and fairly(Ogbonnaand Harris, 2002). Without any partiality or any nepotism the staff members can contribute their much participation. equity is necessary in the hotel because once if they feels like partial behaviour of superiors , employee would be a fried take an initiative

Stability to tenure of personnel according all to this balance between personnel , deployment should be equal from services which are hotel is providing. To reduce the turnover management should have placed right person on right post. This is the real key of success.

Initiative according to fayol all the employees should take initiatives in all the activities in the hotel Imperial so they can put their new ideas in front of authority. This encourage to take a participation in every activity. Take an initiatives helps to employees to shows theirs skill to others .

Esprit de corps it is form to create trust within departments and employee where they can trust each other. Where all the superiors are responsible for creating working , helping environment.

 Above all these are some points of the theory of management of Fayol who has discovered 14 principles to manage company and what factors are necessary to which can help to manage all the company or hotel. Staff in the hotel was turning over continuously just because of mainly two factors first is proper management and second this is need of a leader. Leadership theory helps to understand the importance and quality in leader (Staff Turnover, 2018).

So here applying TRAIT leadership theory to understand the problem of staff turnover. This theory is all about the qualities and responsibilities of leader towards his people and kingdom. All the staff members should needs a proper guidance with all these quality in leader. All these below qualities should have in the leader of staff members in Imperial hotel so staff members would not leave the hotel by influence of leader(Ogbonnaand Harris, 2002).

  • A leader should be intelligent , action oriented and judgemental
  • Eagerness to accept responsibility
  • Need for achievements
  • Courage and resolutions
  • Decisiveness
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Assertiveness
  • Emotional stability
  • Self confidence
  • Trustworthiness
  • Perseverance
  • Capacity to motivate people
  • Skill of people
  • Understanding all the followers and their needs
  • Task competence

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From the above study it has been summarised that what are the solutions to provide best hospitality to the guest for their satisfaction, what was the reason behind the staff of hotel Imperial was leaving the hotel, what was the reason of negative work culture among the staff with high level of sick leave and poor attendance , causes of ineffective leadership and management by previous heads of department and supervisory staff including poor monitoring and control procedure , what was the reason of poor team working and efficient use of IT system including the reservation and property management system, why back of house staff – housekeeping, kitchen and maintenance, poor operating and control procedure in working place with stock being regularly pilfered and evidence of staff not meeting basic standards operating procedures resulting in unusually high operating costs. And what are the reason of not providing proper guidance to staff members , and why the management was not stable to perform effectively to make a position in five stars hotels.

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