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Health And Social Care Services In The Context Of Individuals


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Question :
' The purpose of this unit is to enable learners to gain their knowledge in the health and social care services in the context of individuals who have specific need. This study will help them to find out how specific need of individual’s can be defined. Develop an understanding over disability, illness, health and behavior of individual. Evaluate how health care system and services can support individual who have specific need. Examine health care intervention strategies and approaches that support individual with specific need. Describe different strategies that can aid to cope up with challenging behavior of individual.   '
Answer :


Health is one of the important aspect for the individuals to perform their daily functions in effective manner. There are many new health issues are emerged day by day which have adverse impact upon the health. It is the responsibility upon the health and social care industry to identify the specific needs of individuals while providing health care facilities for their optimum care. In this regard they have to adopt new technologies to attain competency in their functions to provide maximum benefit to the individuals of society (Morgeson, DeRue and Karam, 2010).

In the present report explain about concept of health, disability, illness and behaviour in relation to individuals use health care services, change in the perception of specific needs, impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture on the services which are provided as per specific needs of individuals, various care needs of individual with specific needs, current systems which support individuals with specific needs and approaches and interventions which are present to support individuals with specific needs. Also, different concepts of challenging behaviour and strategies which helps to work with challenging behaviour.


1.1 Analysis of the concept of health, disability, illness and behaviour

Health, disability, illness and behaviour and important terminologies which are need to understand specifically to provide optimum care to the users of health care services. This will provides the opportunity to effectively provide the person oriented services to bring effectiveness in their operations. The concept of different terminologies are defined below:

Health: It is refers as the complete well being of an individual of society in terms of mental, physical and social. This is not considered as only the situation which is in absence of disease or infirmity. It is the fundamental right of human being (DePoy and Gitlin, 2015).

Disability: It can be refers as the situation of an impairment that can be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental and physical and some combination of these. It can arise to the individuals at the time of birth or during their lifetime. This will adversely affects their life to perform their daily routine works effectively.

Illness: It is referred as the personal state of an individual where they can feel unhealthy and ill. It is not necessary that illness in an individual is related to disease. It is observed that during the situation of illness there are many aspects of an individual are get affected and diminished which includes physical, emotional, intellectual, social and development.

Behaviour: It is considered as the thoughts, views and emotions of an individual which they show in different conditions which arise in front of them during their life. It shows the ability of an individual regarding deals with different actions in optimum or effective manner.

1.2 Perceptions of specific needs which are changed over the period of time

Perception is refers as the process which includes providence of the views and impressions by the individual in respect of the things which are happen in the world (Burns and Grove,2010).  In the present report, perception is provided by the users of the health care services regarding the change happen in health and care industry in relation to oversee of the specific needs of individual over the period of time. The different factors which helps to understood that how the perception of an individual is changes over the time is defined below:

Historical perspectives: It is observed that in past era of time there is less attention is provided by the healthcare homes to address the specific needs and issues of person and services are provided through adoption of common phenomenon.

Social and political developments: UK is developed nation which provides more emphasis on the development of health care facilities for optimum care of individuals. In this regard, many legislations and regulations are established which guides in providence of person oriented functions. It becomes possible due to having stable society and political developments.

Medical and technological advances: In the current period of time, observed that many developments are noticed in the technologies  and medical equipments which changes the perception of society towards person oriented medical services. For ex., MRI, Ultrasound, PET scanners, ECG etc (Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2010).

1.3 Evaluation of the impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture over services

There are many factors which improves the ability of the health care industry is to provide the services according to the specific needs of individuals includes legislations, social policy, society and culture etc. As it is the duty of the healthcare homes is to address the provisions of such legislations and society norms. The impact of various legislations over the services is defined below:

Disability Discrimination Act 2005: The provisions of this Act provides about that there is no discrimination is made in between the patients suffering from any disabilities on the basis of their gender, religion, culture etc. It helps to provide equal treatment to all the individuals of society irrespective of their nature of disabilities and different aspects describe above.

The health and social care Act 2008: It is important Act provided by the UK government which regulates different activities which are defined below:

  • Effective health care to patients by National Health service trust
  • Effective ambulance services for effective transportation of patients from one place to another
  • Effective healthcare to patients through primary care trust

The children Act 2004: It includes the effective provisions regarding the welfare of children's and education to ensure their optimum care to attain better results (De Mooij, 2013).

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2.1 Evaluation of the care needs of individuals with specific needs

It is the duty of the healthcare organisations is to identify the different types of care needs of individuals before designing of their approaches and strategies. This will provides the opportunity to improve their internal strength and effectively accomplish their targets. The various kind of care needs which are need to address while providing their activities by care-homes are defined below:

  • Physical care: This will includes the treatment of the patient which is suffering from any kind of disease and physical impairment through application of medical approaches and equipments. It includes the services which helps the patient to cure themselves from problems and effectively perform their day to day functions (Fowler, 2010).
  • Social care: It is refers as the social work which includes the functioning regarding personal care, protection or social support services to the children's and adults while they face any kind of risk related to illness, disability, age etc.
  • Emotional care: This will includes the activities regarding building of effective bond with their patients. Here, the staff members are required to provide the care services with love and affection. It is necessary while deal with metal health patients

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