Organisational Structures and Culture


Organization culture design the frame or outline of references in which organizational structure is develop. Organizational structure is system design and define a hierarchy in a company which is develop to insure in what way an organization operates and assist its planned goal or objective which leads to future growth (Alvesson and Sveningsson, 2015). Organizational culture is a system which develop common assumption, acts, values and beliefs which direct employees and employer how to behave in a workplace.  For this assignment taken is TESCO, it is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retail which is established in 1919 and headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, England, United Kingdom.  It is founded by Jack Cohen and in 1960 they diversified into various area such as retailing of books, clothing, furniture, toys, petrol, software and so on.

In this certain topics are covered in respect of TESCO that are different management style approaches in public sector, concept of organizational behaviour and identify relationship between motivation, organizational behaviour and reflection and its impact on respective firm.


P4 Evaluate different approaches to management styles within the TESCO

Management is structure of an organization, it can be a business, non profit organization or government body. Management style is combination of policies, processes and procedures which is used in an organisation to ensure the fulfilment of task requirement to achieve goal and objective (Bortolotti Boscari and Danese, 2015). There are various elements included in management style are leadership involvement and responsibility, employee selection, placement and competency assurance, workforce involvement, communication with stakeholders, management of interface and so on . A complete or appropriate management system consider every aspects of management and aim on supporting performance management to achieve goal.  There are numerous of approaches in management system such as classical, bureaucratic, administrative, science, system, contingency, behavioural and human relations. Below is mention the approaches which is use by TESCO in their organization are :-

  • Human behaviour approach:- It is develop by contribution of Maslow, Herzberg, Vroom, Mc Cleland, Argyris, Likert, Lewin, Mc Gregor, etc. It is used by TESCO to evaluate ans analyse how their management can be effective by using knowledge of organization behaviours. Through it the respective firm management can  understand their human relations. It help in increase productivity through motivating and maintain good relationship with staffs.
  • Contingency Approach:- It is also known as situational approach, it consider the concept of management that there is not any universal application of management principles to manage organization. A company is individually different, face different situation and it required different type of ways to mange it (Cao and, 2015). TESCO evaluate and design different management plan or strategies to face or avoid the different different barriers and situation, so that it leads to effectively completion and achievement of goal and  objective.

Management Style is a specific ways used by mangers to accomplish organizational objective. It depend on manner on which they make decision, plan and organize work and how they distribute authority to employees. It vary from company to company, level of management styles and also differentiate on basis of person to person. Their are various management style, major management style use by TESCO are describe below:-

  • Visionary:- Mangers or leaders of TESCO are visionary in nature so they communicate purpose of work and direct the employees how to complete that work thus respective firm employees believe in them which help managers of TESCO to convince their team to work hard to complete or achieve their vision in effective and efficient manner (Glisson and, 2016). In this leaders of respective company direct staff about task and free their employees to do that work on their own, the managers only check employees to make sure that they are working on right track to achieve respective firm goal.
  • Coaching:- In TESCO coaching of mangers help to improve employees long term professional development by teaching and watching their employees growth. It motivate employees of respective company to deal with their short term failures which result as learning and betterment in long term such as professional development opportunities that is related to promotion or more responsibilities. By providing coaching to employees TESCO help them in developing new thing and offering career opportunities by maintaining and motivating employees relation in the organization.  

Their are various role and responsibilities played by managers in an organization for maintaining and developing smooth functioning of workplace, it also motivate employees which leads to achieving goal and objective effectively and efficiently. In TESCSO various role played by manager, some of the major of them are descri

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