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MKT201 Integrated Market Communication

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Marketing communication is considered to be as most significant which assist organization in influencing people to buy products or services of particular brand. Marketing communication is a factor which assist an enterprise in achievement of objectives such as increase in profit, rise in sales, customer loyalty etc. The objective of market communication is to make emotional appeal to customer and change their perception or beliefs about company products or services. Integrated marketing communication is defined as combining of all strategies, methods or techniques for promoting brand.

The purpose of project is to develop the understanding about role of behavior in marketing communication. It also has focus on identifying present marketing mix used by coca cola company.

Main Body

 Identification as well as analysis

It has been identified from several theories as well as models of integrated marking communication that attitude or behavior of customers cannot be recognized but understanding about customer beliefs can be gained by communicating directly with clients. According to tri component model of attitude customer buying behavior or beliefs is influenced by internal as well as external factors. Coca cola company is operating in beverage sector. An organization has introduced new soft drink which has supported business entity in attracting more number of customers. Good quality of soft drink has enable firm to gain customer loyalty. It has also provided business venture an opportunity to develop as well as maintain strong relation with client. Coca cola company has adopted the strategy of single brand (Andrews and Shimp, 2017) Objective of company is to sell healthy products. It has been analyses from the market trend that coca cola company has able to increase its market share due to launch of life brand. Due to ineffective integrated marketing campaign there was decline in sales as well as profitability of firm. An organization in order to overcome financial crisis has developed new strategy with the purpose of reducing calorie and maintaining the flavor of drink. This plan has supported business entity was able to influence customer to buy coca cola products (Patti, Hartley and Baack, 2017)


Coca cola organization has adopted multi segmentation strategy. Business entity has more than one market segments. Management team in an enterprise has created a marketing mix for every segment. Cited business venture has approx. 399 products line and 3400 product mix.

Persuasion analysis:

Persuasion is refers to as communication which is designed with the objective to positively inspire people to change their value, belief. There are several theories of persuasion. Social model of persuasion states that customer in the market make judgement about the content or information in message. Slogan used by the companies for promoting products or brand has direct as well as significant influence on customer perceptions as well as buying behavior. Marketing campaign organized by coca cola company, have been designed as per the message company wants to convey to its target customers.

An organization wants to convey a message about the satisfaction customer will get after consumption soft drink. As per the view of Kotler, effective message that can be communicated by company includes solution to the problem faced by customers. This marketing strategy and integrated marketing communication has supported coca cola company in increasing sales and profitability (Blakeman,2018)

Analysis of Present advertisement:

Advertisement is considered as non-personal communication. Aggressive advertisement strategy has been adopted by coca cola company which has helped business entity in promotion of brand, products or services. Marketing team in an organization has planned to introduce themes and has decided to use online platform such as social media sites for promoting goods as well as services. This technique of promotion has allowed company to reach wide number of customers and provide them products or services. Marketing team in cited business venture has designed attractive as well as meaningful slogan for conveying message as well as business objectives. Now an organization is planning to adopt direct marketing technique for promoting brand (Finne and Grönroos, 2017)

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Present integrated marketing practices:

Coca cola company utilizes integrated marketing communication as a part of campaign with the objective of interact directly with target group. Another purpose of integrated marketing communication is to ensure a create a closeness to customer and influencing them to buy goods or services offered by an organization. Integrated marketing communication strategy adopted by coca cola organization which intends to develop feeling as well as affiliation towards their customers (Porcu, Del Barrio-García and Kitchen, 2017) An organization has conducted this activity by participating or engaging in programs or events organized for welfare or development of society. This strategy has supported business entity in enhancing brand image and improving reputation.

It has also enabled firm to generate brand image and get recognized in the market. Marketing team in coca cola company has made effective marketing plan to reach all target customer group by emphasizing or concentrating on product value, fun and entertainment. The other purpose of integrated marketing communication is to provide customer with complete information about product and educate client about usage of particular item. This strategy has assisted business entity in increasing sales and generation of higher revenue (Fajar, 2017)


It has been concluded from the report that developing as well as implementing integrated marketing communication is important for companies in order to achieve marketing objectives. Integrated marketing communication support firm in conveying the message as well as business objectives. It as been identified from the project that , coca cola is performing well in the market , but company is still required to make improvement in integrated marketing communication strategy. Assignment has highlighted several strategies which can be adopted by coca cola for enhancing communication. Study has successfully explained the concept of integrated marketing communication.


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