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It is very important to for country to focus on its health status. It is because it helps in determining what is the health status of people in society. The social determinants of health shows that what services or facilities are been provided to people (Duckett & Willcox, 2015). It shows what are the factors that is affecting health of a particular society. By this t becomes easy to identify impact of factors on health of children and people. Also, it helps in taking effective measures to improve that. In this assignment it is shown that how social determinant can impact a society. Moreover, it is shown that by using cultural competence and safety concepts in developing a program people can be educated about health related issues.

Main Body:

Question 1

This social determinant of health describe the condition or environment in which a society lives (Wakerman & Jones, 2017). It includes conditions in which people live, work, grow, etc. along with this, it includes distribution of money, income level of people, resources, etc. These conditions are responsible for inequalities among health of people (Social determinants of health, 2018). It can be observed in communities, countries, etc. they usually show health status of people. In the video it is shown that people living in Kalumburu community are suffering from health problems. They are not having proper health and wellness. The children are been grown in poor environment. Men are not having proper source of income. Due to child abuse people do not communicate with each other. They do not allow their children to play with others and send them to school (Banfield & Dawda, 2017). The two social determinant of health given in this video are :-

  • Firstly, people in this region is not having proper distribution of income and resources. This is the main reason health status of people is been very low. Besides this, they are not enough educated therefore they do not know about health. Apart from this, there has a lot of child abuse crimes done by people. It is because people do not have enough money to fulfil their needs. Therefore, they do this crime in order to get money.
  • Secondly, the conditions in which they are living is very harsh and poor. There is no proper infrastructure of providing primary health facilities to people. Besides this, government has not taken any step to provide basic services to people. Along with this, the history of people is also affected by crimes such as child abuse. Thus, they do not interact with each other (Mossialos & Sketris, 2015). This shows there has been lack of trust among them. This social determinant has given need for starting this project.

Hence, it is concluded that due to poor conditions and lack of resources people are not getting primary health services. It has bounded them to live in harsh conditions. Therefore, the CIRCLE project was started by Juhi Atikson.

Question 2

In context to video given it is observed that health status of people in very low. The children growth is been done in adverse conditions. In order to provide primary health services to people the two health care principles that can be followed are :-

  • First of all people should be encouraged to get health services. This can be done by telling them the benefits of effective health (Osborn & Sarnak, 2015) It will be useful in making them aware of how health services can be used for growth and development of children. It will help in promoting health and wellness. Also, it will reduce the chances of injury and illness. Besides this, it will help in providing health care to community.
  • The second thing that can be done is organising workshops and campaigns related to benefits of having a good health. It will educate children and people to know about creating a healthy and better environment (Baum & Javanparast, 2016). By this, it will easy to determine the effectiveness of health programs that are been done. Furthermore, it will easy to provide basic knowledge of education to people.

Thus, it is cleared that principles guided in this project are related to providing educare to people. This is done to ensure that different community people get equal health services.

Question 3

The National Health Priority Area that will have an impact on will be primary health service. Government will focus on providing basic health services to people. They will identify areas where health conditions are relatively poor and people are not able to get basic services. This will enable them to increase their range and improving quality of health (Powell Davies & McDonald, 2017).

The organising of such programs and campaigns will have a great impact on health status of people. It will help them to know why children are been abused. What are reasons of this and how it can be prevented. Moreover, it will lead to educare or educating them about proper and effective health services. By communicating together people will find out solutions regarding problems. This will motivate them to help each other and improve conditions. This will create a healthy and positive environment within society. Also, it will lead to provide better quality health services to people. Children will learn different things about health. Parents will get to know how they can use resources in growth and development of their children (McLachlan, Harvey & Newman, 2017). It will result in reduction of child abuse and sexual assault. Community healing will create a base through which people will communicate with each other regarding various problems.


In the future, it will lead to awareness among people and they will let their children to go to school. By this growth and development of children will be quick. Providing educare to people will be boosted. There will be very few chances of having poor health of people. The environment of surrounding in which society exist will be improved. There will be equal distribution of resources among people (Duckett & Willcox, 2015). This will also give a proper source of income. By this people will be able to get primary health services. Moreover, there will be positive impact of educare on people as well as society. This will make health determinants better leading to healthy environment.

Question 4

It is very important to have cultural competence and safety in the society. These both play a vital role in developing program like educare. It is because it creates a platform for these programs to be held. Cultural competence means ability of organisation to deliver health services to people. It helps them to meet their social, cultural and linguistic needs. Also, cultural competence helps in improving quality of care by giving effective health outcomes (Wakerman & Jones, 2017). On the other hand cultural safety means ensuring that people respect each other culture and ethics. In this people have to respect social differences that occurs in provision of health and education services. So while developing a program like CIRCLE in given video. It is very essential to consider cultural safety and competence. These both helps in giving health services to people who are having very poor health conditions. Also, it provides

For example - In given video it both these concepts are been used. It shows how Gnidy university is able to provide health services to kalumburu community. They have used concept in which they are using mango tree to gather people of different community. Also, they spread water around in a circle that is a sign of safety (Banfield & Dawda, 2017). So this ensures people that they are safe in that circle. Besides this, they have called people of different culture so that they know each other culture and ethics. This has helped young people to discuss problems and issues. By doing this they can find solutions that will help in improving societal problems. Also, it has allowed children to play with each other. With this it will be easy to create a healthy environment within community.


From this report it is concluded that social determinants of health have a great impact on people. They affect a particular society and people. This social determinant of health describe the condition or environment in which a society lives. It includes conditions in which people live, work, grow, etc. It is very important to have cultural competence and safety in the society. Cultural competence means ability of organisation to deliver health services to people. Cultural competence helps in improving quality of care by giving effective health outcomes. By providing educare to people of kalumburu community, their health status can be improved.


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