Type: Business Pages: 1
  • Course Code: BUS112
  • Course Title: Unit 2 Business Strategy Level 5 Higher National Certificate
  • University: The University Of Canberra
  • Country: Australia

Task 1 – The external environment.

You are to analyse the impact and influence the macro environment has on your chosen organisation and its business strategies.

In your answer you are to use;

i. PESTLE model for environmental analysis

ii. Ansoff’s growth vector matrix to analyse the organisation’s strategic positioning

Task 2 – The internal environment and organisation capabilities.

Continuing with your chosen organisation, conduct an assessment of the organisation’s internal environment and its capabilities.

In your answer you will need to;

i. Explain what strategic capability means

ii. Apply the ‘VRIO/VRIN’ model to determine the strategic capabilities possessed by your chosen organisation

iii. Identify the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses

Task 3 – Analysing the telecommunications sector.

For this task you are to evaluate the competitiveness of UK’s telecommunications sector using Porter’s five forces model. Your answer should show clearly analyse;

a. Bargaining power of buyers

a. Bargaining power of buyers

c. Threats of new entrants

d. Threats of substitutes

e. Rivalry within the market

Task 4 – Understanding and interpreting strategic direction

Using Bowman’s strategy clock model, analyse the strategic direction and options available for your chosen organisation.


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