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February 23, 2019
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List of Unique Presentation Topics to Impress Your Audience

Unique Presentation Topics

Most of us have delivered a presentation at least once in our life. Be it the academic career or the professional journey, presentations are an important part of every one’s professional life. The struggle is creating a unique presentation topic and delivering it perfectly.

Here the experts have discussed how to keep your audience engaged with your presentation and what are some interesting topics to work on.

Preparing a Perfect Presentation

Less Words

Our experts suggest, when you are working on the presentation try to express your ideas in as much less words as you can. Audience is assembled to listen to what you want to express and not read what is displayed.

Perfect Visual Aids

It is important that you use visual aids that do not distract your audience. Use relevant images with soothing colors. It would not only be eye pleasing, but let audience concentrate on your words than images.

Crisp Language

When working on your presentation, make sure that the language is loud and clear. Do not use a lot of articulated or fancy words that may confuse the audience, or take up your time while explaining them.

Engage with Your Audience

Make sure you talk to the audience and interact with them during the whole process. It is important that the presentation does not sound like a lecture, but becomes an interactive session.

Answer the Question

When preparing your presentation, always answer the question that your presentation is based on. The answer to the question needs to be very clear and loud. Do not include a lot of topics, make your work straightforward and focused.

Set to prepare a presentation?

Almost. You know how to prepare a perfect presentation, but before this, let us find a good topic. We need to have a unique presentation topic that can not only get excellent grades but keep the audience engaged too. The experts have listed a few topics here, find the most suited one for you or just ask us to prepare you presentation.

We’ll be happy to help.

Unique Presentation Topics That Would Help You Deliver Remarkable Presentation

Art and Culture

Art and culture often lend a lot of topics not only for perfect powerpoint presentations but also for other kinds of writing and public speaking tasks. Some of the unique arts presentation topics that you can consider to impress all the creative heads in the audience are:

1. Discuss Some Famous Oil Paintings That Have Myths Revolving Around Them.

2. Talk About the Famous Sculptors and the Sculptures They Have Gifted the World.

3. The Naturally Occurring Arts Like Curved Stone Bridges, Grooves, etc.

4. How with the Cultural Exchange the Amalgamation of Various Art Forms Are Emerging?

5. Street Art : A New Form of Expression


Business have always been one of the interesting and most talked about topics. If the presentation is to boost your employees and colleagues or to work on the new project, there is a lot that you need to research on. Our experts have listed a few topics that can help you ace the task without much trouble.

6. Let Your Job Be Your Passion and Not Just Profession

7. Finding a Secondary Source of Income Is a Key to Success

8. The Digital Domain Has Destroyed Physical Business or Boosted Profits?

9. Is Investing on Start-up a Wise Call?

10. Business Owners Play a Crucial Role in Development of Their Employees


If you are a student, it is important for you to work on your presentation in a very comprehensive manner. It could be that you need to prepare an assignment on the particular subject or for casual presentations. Depending on the choice you can reach to any of these topics to get your work done without much troubles.

11. How to Crack an Interview Successfully?

12. Effects of Social Media in College-Goers Life

13. Unidentified Flying Objects: Everything You Need to Know About Them.

14. Dispose Your Old Gadgets Properly

15. Green Fuel and Its Effects


The world revolves around politics, thus it is important that if you are given a presentation topic for your assignment in social science, you reach to the topic to get an interesting and engaging presentation.

16. Is Australia Doing Enough to Help Its Indigenous Species?

17. Honesty & Integrity Are Lost in Democracy

18. Do People Deserve All the Power Democracy Has Bestowed Upon Them.

19. Freedom of Speech in Democracy Is Still a Dream Away.

20. Types of Democracies, Their Advantages and Disadvantages.


With start-ups and a lot of business coming up each day, entrepreneurship proves to be one of the best fields to find interesting and unique presentation topics to impress your audience in a snap of the fingers. Some of the topics that can help you through are:

21. Basic Hard and Soft Skills Required to Be a Good Entrepreneur.

22. Hiring the First Employee: An Important Move for Your Business

23. What Do the Most Renowned Entrepreneurs Had in Common?

24. Creating a Product Idea: Everything You Should Know About It.

Preparing a Perfect Pitch for Your Small Business. How to Do This?


Another subject of practical relevance in the list. When your professor asks you to prepare a presentation for the subject, it is important that you not only take topics from the course, but also the topics that are significant in day to day lives too.

26. Budgeting: Your Firm Maybe Doing This Wrong

27. Understand Your Money with Correct Investment Plans

28. Fluctuation in the Stock Market and Its Impact on Your Money

29. Working for Profitability of Your Enterprise in a Planned Manner

30. Emergency Savings Are the Security of Tomorrow


If you are pursuing fashion, architecture or mathematics, geometry won’t be leaving your side. It is important that while working on your presentation you explain geometry with an innovative approach to ensure audience does not feel disconnected. Some of the geometry presentation topics include:

31. Geometry and Fashion Always Together

32. Understanding the Geometry of Architectural Marvels from the Past

33. How Fashion Is Highly Influenced by the Geometrical Shapes.

34. Geometry Made Simple in Easy Steps

35. Constructions in Mathematics: The Easiest Way to Excel


The ancient buildings and events have always inspired the present day culture. It would be interesting to borrow topics from the field for your presentation task.

36. How History Has Influenced the Present Day Luxuries We Have

37. The Sports from the Past That Make Us Lose Trust on Humanity

38. The Historical Events That Have Shaped the Current International Relations in South Asian Sub-continent.

39. Leaders From History That Have Inspired Us Since Our Childhood

40. The Most Historical Events in World History

International Governing Bodies

It is important to consider what the influence of different international governing bodies have in governing the world. It is important that you pick topics that not only keep you engaged but also has effect on the world in general.

41. Role of Various Sports Federation in the Sports Event Around the World

42. Role of United Nations in World Peace

43. International Court of Justice and the Historic Decisions It Has Made

44. Security Council and the Veto Power

45. The Best Governing Bodies for International Peace

Justice Topics

Justice is a major concern of the world today. Delay in the judiciary process and decisions are quite common. In such scenario, taking a topic from the field would not only impress the audience but also keep them engaged.

46. Where to Look for Justice in Case of Cyber Theft

47. Juvenile Criminals Should Face Proper Consequences for Heinous Crimes

48. Examples of “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”

49. Preventing Crime: Individuals Responsibility

50. Aftereffects of Child Abuse


If you are pursuing a course in art or language, what better than literature to lend a helping hand. Talk about books, people, etc., and keep the audience involved in your literature presentation.

51. Your Favourite Self Help Book

52. The Best Children Books Writer the World Has Ever Witnessed

53. Diary of a Young Girl : What Makes It the Most Read Book?

54. Best Books to Keep You Motivated in Your Down Periods

55. Evolution of Literature and Its Effect on the Culture


The subject is of great significance not only when you are studying it, but even after that. If you are making a career in the marketing, then it is important that you have great presentation skills to impress your clients and nail the task.

56. Marketing Like a Pro: Changing Visitors to Conversions

57. Investing in Social Media Marketing Is the Need of the Hour

58. Marketing Beyond Just Selling

59. Customer Relations a Major Marketing Tactic

60. Latest Trends to Follow for Marketing Your Product

Natural Disaster

In the era of climatic changes, it is important that you do not forget to consider the nature. Last few years have seen disastrous changes and impacts. Discuss about them and intrigue your audience to do something better.

61. Being Prepared for the Natural Disaster in Your Area

62. How Japan Is Prepared to Cope with All the Earthquakes

63. Which Disaster Is Your Area Prone To

64. Mitigation Steps for Different Natural Disasters That the World Faces

65. The Worst Disasters the World Has Ever Seen

Organ Donation

If you are a nursing student, the field would offer some interesting and unique topics for presentation to keep your audience engaged. Here are some of those that can leave your audience amazed and impressed.

66. Organ Donation : Be a Part of the Noble Cause

67. Role of Psychology During Organ Transplant

68. Organ Trafficking: The Horrible Truth in the Name of Organ Donation

69. Organs That You Can Donate When You Are Alive

70. Life of Different Organs After You Are Dead

Personal Growth

A subject that is significant for all of us. When you need to prepare your presentation for the miscellaneous subjects, what better than personal growth? Listed below are some topics around which you can frame your interesting presentation.

71. Control Your Brain for Better Productivity

72. Creating Effective Plans and Calendars

73. Preparing an Effective To-Do List

74. Healthy Eating Habits for a Happy Life

75. How to Avoid Obstacles on the Path of Productivity.

Quality Education

Since you are a part of education system, it is important that you reach to the list and get some of the most relevant topics for a short presentation.

76. Role of Google in the Education System Today

77. Are Our Kids Losing the Track of Traditional Study Methods?

78. Education or Skills : The Major Factor for Employment

79. Re-imagining Modern Day Schools for Skill Development

80. Education: The Last Weapon for World Peace

Robotics and Future of AI

With the world moving to the digital platform and the technology has almost dragged the future to the present, there is a lot in store that can be talked about. It is important that you do not miss the topic from the field while considering a presentation that has all the nerds in the crowd.

81. Rise of AI : Threatening the Employment of Experts

82. Robots with Emotional Intelligence Are No More Just a Thought

83. Artificial Intelligence Making Its Way in Various Industries

84. Artificial Intelligence : The Work of Future or the Future of Work

85. Robots and Man Workforce: The Future of Business Industries


The field has a vast margin. From health to the nanotechnology, from botany to environment the field covers all the areas that are a must while you talk about day to day lives. Here are a few topics that can give you some engaging topics for your presentation that are comprehensive and useful to talk about.

86. Marijuana: Extending Hands for Future Medicines

87. Greatest Women in Science from History

88. Evolution of Nanotechnology

89. Science and Art Evolving Hand in Hand

90. Green Technology: The Future of Reusable Energies


With the development of transportation and building up of several works, tourism has become an important part of the economy of different countries. It is important that one talks about the topic and the changes it has brought in the world.

91. Ecotourism: All You Need to Know

92. Top Countries Benefiting from Medical Tourism

93. Tourism and Travelling Know the Difference

94. Impact of Religion on Tourism

95. How Climate of a Place Plays an Important Role in Building Tourism

Virtual Reality

The advancements in the technical and other fields have made virtual reality an indispensable part of our lives. It is important that we do reach to the not so new topic to keep the tech geeks in the audience engaged all the while.

96. Introducing the Technology that Knows What You Are Feeling

97. Head Mounted Display: All You Need to Know

98. How Virtual Reality Is Revolutionizing Medical Industry?

99. Virtual Reality : The Future is Here

100. Impact of Virtual Reality in Engineering and Design

World Cultures

With globalization taking its charge, the world has changed to a village. With the travel and diversity being so indulged in the day to process, different cultures have a different influence in the ones transformation. With some adopting cultures of others to some interesting cultures being almost extinct, there is a lot the topic offers you to work on.

101. Burial Beads: The Culture of Changing the Dead to Beads

102. Influence of Religion on Culture of a Place

103. Culture and Religion Synonymous

104. The Bizarre Cultures Around the Globe

105. Cultural Exchange: Stepping in Others Shoes


The youth form the future of the society and need to be focus on the better development of the society as a unit. What interesting topic other than youth to address an audience that forms the subject. Here are a few topics that you may consider to work on your presentation task.

106. Procrastination Is Destroying the Generation

107. Working on Your Practical Skills Is Your Duty

108. Teen Suicide: Something We Should Be Worried About

109. Have Our Teens Forgotten to Move Out of Social-Media

110. The Know It All Youth: Creating Troubles for Themselves


If you are a student of environmental studies, then zoology is something that has been a part of your curriculum. It is not only about the animals but the complete diaspora that needs to be talked about. Here are some interesting topics to frame a presentation around.

111. The Prehestoric Animals That Are Still Not Extinct

112. What Is the Red Book?

113. Cross-Breeding Is a Danger to the Current Diaspora

114. Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution Process

115. Zoology: Is the Course Getting Enough Attention

Ah...That’s a Long List

Want a presentation on any of these topics or have a topic of your own? Just reach to us and let our experts prepare an impressive and engaging powerpoint presentation for you.

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