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Unit 5 Communication Assignment London School of Science and Technology

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Communication is an essential process at every workplace which facilitate in delver better and effective delivery of services so that suitable gain could be impose (Antheunis, Tates and Nieboer, 2013). In health and social care, each and every aspect required to communicate properly so that absolute derivation of outcome could be drawn. This project includes three case studies on communication aspects where the importance of exchange of data could be evaluated in better manner. Such sections will going to reflect upon on utilisation of communication skills at health and social care. It will also define about various factors whom used to influence the communication process at workplace. Although, there will be a requirement to implement ICT at health and social care setting.

Task 1

1.1 Application of relevant theories of communication at health and social care

Anna was a lady whom got suffer from a stroke where a health and social care setting doctors not respond to much on the needs and demand of such individual. They prescribed wrong and unnecessary comments on Anna and her husband and not respond to provide appropriate diagnose to them (Bennett, 2010). Later they want to GP from where they got transfer to another hospital and get diagnose from stroke. Thus, doctors and nurses of such hospital need to understand about various theories of communication properly at health and social care setting so that effective delivery of services used to take place. Some theories of communication are:

  • Humanistic theory: In this theory, appropriate analysis of an individual is must which facilitate in identifying the major cause. Doctor required to understand the basic need of Anna and then used to provide suitable care from which they betray. This might cause the chances of death of Anna which further could be sue in nature by her husband.
  • Behaviourism theory: This theory define and signify about the behaviour of an individual properly so that a better understanding of their nature suppose to be done. Doctor of such health care practice have to analyse the behaviour of Anna properly and recognise such symptoms. Thus, if they found any deviation in report then appropriate diagnosis need to deliver to her so that her health could improve.

1.2 Use of communication skills in health and social care

Communication skills at health and social care need to be appropriate and effective in nature so that better and supportive delivery of services need to get done (Betancourt and et. al., 2016). Thus, doctors of HSC need to understand about use of communication skills properly so that Anna might got the better and supportive delivery of services. Some major techniques and utilisation of communication skills in HSC are define as follow in context with Anna case:

  • Verbal: It is really important for an individual to communicate their things properly through verbal section. As per the Anna case she was not able to speak properly but her husband could do. Although, no one listen to them properly and thus, this resulted in not providing services properly.
  • Listen: Another communication skill is to listen the things properly. It is really important so that things could be understand in better manner. As per the case of Anna doctor not used to listen a single word from Anna husband and refuse to provide services to her by saying that she has drink something and emergencies are not for such drunk individuals.

Such things define that HSC need to facilitate appropriate communication skill management whom used to understand the thoughts and aspects of patient and individual of care setting.

1.3 Methods of dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communication between individuals in HSC

Interpersonal communication is a process when message exchange between two or more individual. There are various kinds of problems could be evaluated at the time of lack of interpersonal communication (Coulter and et. al., 2014). The barriers of inappropriate interpersonal communication are breach of confidentiality, breach of trust, misinterpretation etc. Hence, all such need to improve in better manner through determine appropriate and suitable method of communication:

  • Confidentiality of information: One of a noteworthy approach through which unseemly correspondence process can be bargain out is to keep up secrecy of data. On the off chance that any kind of lack of regard get relate to trade of data then the trust whereupon mind relationship is fabricated will be lost.
  • Face to face communication: One of a major way through chances of misinterpretation could be reduce is face to face communication. Although, this could be arise a situation of inappropriate communication among each and every individual. HSC have to implement this section so that better delivery of messages could be done.

1.4 Analyse the use of strategies to support users of HSC services with specific communication needs

Sometimes, there are several number of individuals get determine whom used to evaluated as specific communication needs (Epstein and Street, 2011). Thus, to deal with such individuals, management of HSC need to craft better and effective strategies to support users of HSC services. As per the Anna case, it got found that she was not able to speak properly. These individuals got identify as aspects with specific needs. Thus, the strategies to deal with them are define and formulate as follow:

  • Alternative language: Few time, some individuals arrive at HSC whom do not able to speak local language properly. These individuals identify as person with specific needs. Thus to manage and deal with them , association need to implement an option of alternative language with translator whom used to understand such context and deliver their aspects properly.
  • Process for assessing additional support: As per the Anna case she was an individual who suffer from stroke and not able to speak properly. Thus, at such course of time, additional support is required at each and every level through which might Anna would get recover in recent course of time. This support could be in form of some more individuals and staff availability.

Task 2

2.1 Explain how the communication process is influenced by values and culture factors

In health and social care there are various kinds of individual arrive over there. Thus, communication need to take place in better and definite manner while considering all major factors and of values and cultures which used to influence the communication process (Grajales and et. al., 2014). As per the case where student nurse used to not follow her the duty of care culture properly and left patient hysterectomy all alone which used to increase the chances of risk. The various factors which used to influence get influence by values and culture factors are describe as follow:

  • Race: Sometime, a major factor which used to influence the communication process is race where a person belong to differ community. This aspect need to understand in better and supportive manner by nurse so that they could deliver their services without any kind of racism.
  • Disability: Another aspect which need to consider at the time of delivering of services is disability. Sometimes, some individual suffer from heavy cause thus, it is a duty of care practitioners to understand this section and deliver services as per the disability.

2.2 Explain how legislation, charters and codes of practice impact on the communication process of HSC

There are various charters, code of practices and legislation used to align with health and social care setting which used to impact on communication process (Greene and et. al., 2011). Thus, it is a duty of care provider to understand them in better manner and then deliver effective quality standard services. Thus, such used to related with some kind of legislations which define as follow:

  • Equality: The first legislation which need to consider by an individual is equality where each and every person need to treat in equal frame. Although, care users needs and wants required to understand properly and then communication process used to take place as per that. This quality enable in recover earlier so that better efficiency could be maintain and manage.
  • Discrimination: Another legislation which used to estimated by care providers is discrimination. Here, management have to communicate with all individuals that they have to greet all users with similar dignity and respect. Although, student nurse void this statement and thus chances of discrimination could be reduce.

2.3 Analyse the effectiveness of organisational systems and policies in promoting good practice in communication

Good practices done at workplace when each and every activity used to get operated in standard manner (Insel and et. al., 2011). At such course of moment ethics and values used to followed up in better manner. Thus, management have to analyse the effectiveness of organisational system and policies properly so that effective and better practices lead to get done in effective manner.

  • Information: Association and health and social care have to provide appropriate information to new providers. This will enable them in treat patients with ethical and value consideration so that recovery become possible. Mentor of student nurse need to define her about care users effectively so that standard could be followed up in better manner.
  • Procedure: Business have to follow a definite structure and procedure so that services used to get deliver in better manner. Student nurse need to learn such procedure as she has a duty to care about such individual and provide them better services.

2.4 Suggest ways of improving the communication process in a health and social care setting

Boundaries of correspondence are connected with commotion, specialized and so forth which empower in exchanging message starting with one individual then onto the next (Keckley and Hoffmann, 2010). Along these lines, it is basic to enhance correspondence process in well-being and social care. Woodland medicinal services need to utilize satisfactory ways which bolster them in enhancing their social care rehearses and convey quality based administrations to clients.

  • Transparency: Crate receptiveness in condition through which each care specialists can take dynamic interest in talk process for more successful outcomes and yield.
  • Investment in collaboration: Management need to centre around beginning a communication procedure which encourage each person to cooperate with high expert and in addition their colleagues
  • Influence correspondence to process more enlightening: Another type of change in correspondence process is to make the procedure more educational in which each individual need to give legitimate information about their users properly so that they will not face any sort of barrier.

Task 3

3.1 Access and use standard ICT software packages to support work in health and social care

Health and social care is a place where each and every information have to implement in better and effective manner so that appropriate working could be promoted and communicated (Kitson and et. al., 2013). Thus, with expansion and modification of time, there are various ICT software packages get identify which sued to support the work in health and social care setting:

  • Spreadsheet: One of a major thing through which health care setting could communicate things properly and made better communication is spreadsheet. There they could maintain records of their patients properly and update it on cloud so that details could be remain confidential and appropriate in nature as well.
  • Intranet: They could suppose to maintain e mails at internal level. Although, this also enable in define the roles and responsibilities properly and effectively so that better and supportive working could be estimated in better and effective manner.

3.2 Analyse the benefits of using ICT in health and social care for users of services, care workers and care

By utilizing ICT, human services association and enhance their administration hones all the more viably (Kreps and Neuhauser, 2010). Uncommon strategies and activity get made to fulfil the requirements of care labourers. A few number of advantages for timber land social insurance clients, mind labourers and care association are:

  • By utilizing data and correspondence innovation, organization can record the majority of their positive and viable results. It likewise empower in enhances mind working practices through which all advances complete in a proper way. By counselling this strategy, benefit clients end up ready to pick up advantage, since every single existing record will get use for a specific reason.
  • Diminish the quantity of disappointment which are occurring between different restorative mistakes (Moorhead and et. al., 2013). ICT make the procedure more coordinated in nature and empower to examine the records in more sufficient way. Alongside this, ICT additionally bolster in keep up a connection between partners gatherings and hierarchical conveyance framework.
  • Utilization of new innovation give advantage to mind specialists to lessen the odds of hazard and vulnerability too. At working environment, numerous new kind of caution framework get actualized which encourage to decrease the odds of unanticipated catastrophes. Video observing will bolster in dissecting the hazard in more incessant way and additionally secure the entire element at one place too.

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3.3 Analyse how legal considerations in the use of ICT impact on health and social care

There are various legal consideration could be estimated in health and social care setting properly. Thus, such legal aspects could be identify which could be made positive attribute towards health and social care as follow:

  • Health and safety: Under this act, each and every individual have to provide better and appropriate services. Under his act, management have to provide better services to not only users but also to providers. This consider under the health and safety act 1974.
  • Data protection: Another legislation where management have to estimated is data protection act. They have to follow this act under 1998 where each and every individual data could be protected properly.


As per the above report, it clearly get measure that communication in health and social care context is must and essential so that better and supportive delivery of services used to take place. There are various theories used to implied on working like humanistic, behaviourism etc. Although, they also have to determine specific needs and fulfil them in better manner. The various factors which used to influence the communication process are values, culture, legislation etc. All of them need to determine in better manner so that chances of influences could be minimise. The major benefits of ICT at health and social care setting is to deliver better quality services to all individual which used to please their needs and wants in better manner.


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